Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Blurb Car Review - 'Toyota Yaris'

I always though the Yaris was kind of cute and had it on the short list of potential vehicles, but it's off the list after the rental place gave me one today.

While it's cute and actually quite peppy, the interior horribly screams 'economy car'.

The speedometer and stuff, is all centerd in the dashboard.


I'm used to having it right behind the steering wheel.

There's no storage at all in between the front seats except these tiny deep pockets that could only fit an iPhone at best, and a miniscule space in the arm rest which couldn't even hold a CD case.

And good luck if you have a beverage.

There's only one cup holder, on the left side of the steering wheel in a fold out pocket that obstructs the side view mirror.

I have no idea what the designer was thinking when they fleshed out the interior.

The acceleration is good, but the brakes suck.

I don't know if they're just worn out, but they're not as tight as on other cars I have driven.

Plus, even though it's not a high profile vehicle, I swear to god it feels like I am going to roll it when I take a corner.

The air conditioner sounds like a jet engine getting ready to take off if you turn it past '2', and it completely drowns out the stereo [which also sucks] if you turn it all the way up.

I was expecting more for a Toyota product.

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