Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I hate pigeons.

To me they're nothing but filthy flying rats.

And to top it off, one of my idiot neighbors throws bread crumbs out for them in the parking lot by my building.

Which has made them take up refuge nearby, which sucks because I can't stand to hear their incessant cooing every morning out my window.

One of them actually tried to set up shop on the light fixture out on my balcony.

To get it to go away, I would spray it with a water bottle.

It worked but it kept coming back.

Luckily, I found an old broken wrought iron candlestick that I put on the fixture that seems to have solved the problem.

And now today, while I was out on break, there was this lazy pigeon laying down in the main area where cars drive in the parking lot.

So I'm sitting there watching it as this big-ass Ford truck comes along.

I was expecting the pigeon to move out of it's way last minute, but nope.

I was also expecting the driver of said truck to swerve to miss it, but alas, he was on his cell [of course].

Welp, the front tire plows on through and over the pigeon.

'Whoa', I thought.

Then the rear tire rolls over the pigeon which was now laying on its side.

The truck ventures on without stopping and the pigeon gets up looking stunned, but walking around.

I'm surprised it wasn't crushed.

But I'm glad it wasn't because I don't know if I could handle seeing a pigeon have its guts squirted out in front of me.

You know, for supposedly being such smart birds, they are kind of dumb.

I have seen them fly in to windows before.



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