Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Man. Some people.

'"I have kind of a general feeling of near panic on occasion," says St. Gelais, a 48-year-old McCain supporter in Ormond Beach, Florida.

"The thought of Obama winning right now is scaring me to death. ... I'm just anxious and even a little depressed."

St. Gelais, like many, says she's not sleeping well, is watching television nearly all day, and "lives on her computer," following all of the polls and the latest news. If Obama wins, she'll be devastated.

"I would equate it to a death," she says.'

Dems, GOP agree on something: anxiety

Now she knows what us felt like when Bush won a second term.



Blogger Kevin (Is The New Shirley) said...

I don't understand. I just can't figure why or how a republican can still be a republican after the last 8 years.

Scared of Obama? Cracker.

October 28, 2008  

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