Monday, December 01, 2008


Speaking of Apple, it has been a month and I have given up on the iPod on the iPhone.

It sucks.

I am going back to using my mp3 player.

Reasons why the iPod sucks:

- You have to use iTunes to update your playlists/libraries.

I much prefer the ability to drag and drop on my player.

I can update my player, which I do frequently, on any computer with a USB hub.

With the iPod, you can't.

- The shuffle function isn't that random.

I had almost 900 songs on it, and when using 'shuffle', it always wanted to play the same 30 songs.

Just playing songs in alphabetical order on my player is much more random.

- It's not very user-friendly.

Since the iPhone relies on human skin to complete the circuit to make the phone/player run, it's a pain in the arse in cold weather whilst in transit because you have to take off your gloves.

Also, you can't just immediately pause it, or skip a song.

You have to stop, push the one button, slide the doohickey, and go to the iPod if you happen to be on a different screen then the iPod one.

[They could fix this easily by putting a third button on the side where the volume is to quick pause with one click and skip with two.]

- My player has a real equalizer.

The iPod has presets which sound like shite.

- My player has FM radio.

Which is nice if I happen to be sick of my music library.

I'm just going to stick to surfing the webs and playing with the apps on it instead.

In summary: not a fan-boy.

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Blogger Claystation said...

Fan-boys drive me crazy. They just can't see that it's not perfect.

Jeff is one of them and he thinks Apple's perfect and always works.

Except his iPhone stopped working while we were in Texas. We had to go to an AT&T store to get it fixed.

December 02, 2008  

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