Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I don't get this photo...

It's located in the stairwell [at the top of some pretty steep stairs with limited landing area] at work.

Having studied interior design, I have to ponder what the point of putting this sign here.

It's a rather heavy door, with no auto-handi-cap opener button, from the office side.

You would think there would be a sign on other side of the door warning it's not a handi-cap exit, so a person doesn't get trapped on the side with the button and the stairs.

What do handicap people do in multi-floored buildings if there's a fire and the elevators can't be used, anyway?

Anywho, don't you think that once the handicap person opened the door and saw there were stairs, they wouldn't enter?

But then again, people are dumb.

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