Thursday, March 20, 2008

Death and Taxes

Claystation asked me a tax question, and it made me think of something my tax prep person mentioned, but I didn't clarify.

Can you claim bus passes and car rentals for work as deductions?

Since I don't own a car, I have to mass transit it.

Or rent a car if it's out in the boonies [we have training in campus way down in South Suburbia].

Anyone have any accounting/financial adviser friends?

There has to be some sort of tax break on that, right?

I crunched the numbers and I pay almost 2 grand a year just to get to work!

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Blogger Alan said...

I don't think you can deduct those, since the rest of us can't deduct a portion of our car expenses for commuting.

Getting to and from work is not a business expense. If you were renting a car, or taking the bus, for a valid business purpose, and your company did not reimburse the cost of your transportation, then you would be able to take those expenses as an unreimbursed work expense.

I'm no tax professional, nor do I play one on TV.

March 20, 2008  
Blogger Alan said...

But, I found an exception that may help you. Those training sessions that take place at a location other than your normal work location MAY be deductible.

"If you have one or more regular work locations away from your home and you commute to a temporary work location in the same trade or business, you can deduct the expenses of the daily round-trip transportation between your home and the temporary location, regardless of distance. "

"Examples of deductible transportation. The following examples show when you can deduct transportation expenses based on the location of your work and your home.

Example 1.

You regularly work in an office in the city where you live. Your employer sends you to a one-week training session at a different office in the same city. You travel directly from your home to the training location and return each day. You can deduct the cost of your daily round-trip transportation between your home and the training location."

March 20, 2008  

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