Thursday, March 20, 2008

That's it!

So, I have been having this recurring dream that usually involved me in some business situation [nightclub, restaurant, hotel] where I am in charge of things and no matter how much I try and keep everything tidy, something or something comes along that is out of place and has to be addressed.

It was actually kind of stressful and I wondered what was possibly generating this dream out of my sub-conscious.

Well, this morning while garnering the effort to get out from the covers, I had a breakthrough.

Part of my job function is to monitor an email inbox and distribute it to the right people or group.

If the issue doesn't have an issue, than I take ownership of it to resolve/research.

Well, now that we are getting back in to Spring/Summer, a lot of projects are beginning and thus our workload has increased.

I realized that these dreams were pouring over from the fact that much like a postal worker, when it gets busy at work, and I have resolved/identified everything that has come in, a whole big pile of shite comes in again.

I'm one of those people whose work ethic is such that I can't leave for the day without everything resolved.

I like to start with a fresh start in the mornings.

So the steady, yet inconsistent bursts of work really harshes my melon.

And that carried over to my dreams.

Which I totally think are our body's/brain's way of dealing with stress so we don't freak out.

Or go Postal.

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Blogger Lioux said...

OMG!!! My original comment was going to be..

"I hope you don't go postal."

Unit I got to the end of the post and ended with that.



I, too, like a fresh start in the mornings.

March 23, 2008  
Blogger sexy said...









March 17, 2009  

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