Wednesday, August 27, 2008


This morning at work, while I was in the kitchen getting my breakfast ready, a worker from another department that I call 'Bootius Maximus' [because he has a total big ol' male J Lo booty - in a good way] said something that kind of struck me as odd.

Now, we have never even said as much as 'hello' in passing, to each other.

Well, while I was digging in the fridge, and he was next to me getting ice, he asked where I got my shoes.

I must admit, they are pretty sweet shoes, and one of my fave pairs which do happen to get a lot of compliments. [Not pictured above.]

So I tell him where and then he goes:

'Cute shoes.'


Now, I had always suspected he was 'family' after a co-worker once mentioned that he thought he had seen Bootius at The Big Gay Club.

To look at him, you would just think he's a big burly straight boy with some inkling of a fashion sense.

He's far from looking all Metro.

But, his use of the phrase 'cute shoes' totally has me thinking he's a big ol' 'mo.

Or am I wrong?

I personally have never heard a straight guy use the term 'cute' to describe a piece of fashion.

Much less to another guy.

I could see a straight guy saying 'cool' or 'sweet', but not cute.

So what do you guys think?

Friend or 'family'?

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Blogger vivavavoom said...


no straight guy says 'cute' shoes. if he says 'great' shirt next time...he totally wants you!

August 30, 2008  

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