Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Good Or Bad?

I was watching this 'The Acid House' and has to slap on subtitles because of their thick Scottish brogue, and it got me to thinking about how I can almost identify which area or what type of an accent a British person speaks.

This is due listening to BBC Radio 1 for years, in addition to all of the British TV and movies I watch.

My fave DJ's on Radio 1 are Sara Cox and Vernon Kay.

I wonder if it's because they're both from Bolton?

When different presenters come on to do the news, weather, and such, I always try and figure out which accent it is.

Also, some of the callers they get in to the show are hysterical because they are so regionalized.

[Weird. Google says 'regionalized' isn't a word. But the dictionary does.]

It's like the our variations over here when you can totally tell if someone is from the upper Midwest, of from Cajunland down deep south.

Any-ho, this guy does a pretty good job recreating the different accents, even though he's a tad annoying.

His Bolton and Manchester accents crack me up because they're spot on.

Oh, and here's a link about American English videos from a documentary called 'American Tongues'.

I still think it's funny I supposedly have an Northeast accent.

I think N'Orleans/Cajun accents are my fave American ones.

[Man, I'm such a geek, I could study this stuff all day.]

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