Friday, September 19, 2008


How much coverage is the mainstream press given to the Palin email hack story?

It doesn't seem like much, and I read at least 3 news sites a day.

The only place I have seen a big stink about this is in the blogosphere.

Seriously, that is some f-d up shite if she was using personal email to work around the government whilst doing government work.

[She did this because all government emails and communication are required to be archived and available for investigation in case something shady happens.

Which we know Governess Ignoramus McBiznitchenhausen is being investigated for.]

Palin Email "Hack" Was Hardly a Hack at All

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Blogger James said...

Yeah, der! Yahoo for official business? Gimme a break.

I've only seen this story on the right-wing blogs, too. It's a bigger deal over there than the bailout. Ridiculous.

September 21, 2008  

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