Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I'm really beginning to hate this time of year.

As per usual, the boss at The Corporation let everyone and their second cousin take off the last week of November through to Jan. 2 leaving just a skeleton crew of 4 to cover for the entire twelve.

This has been the case the last three years.

And as usual, I'm stuck working trying to put out fires with limited resources.

But to make this year extra special, I am also the after hours on-call person, which means even when I leave work for the day, I'm potentially not done working.

I have already been paged after hours the last two nights.

And of course they weren't simple issues, either.

Which has left me cranky and stressed like a big bag of hurt.

So that is why I haven't been around much this week.

In fact, it might not be until next week that things are back to normal, so hold tight fans and readers.

At least we're not 24/7 and have to work the actual Holiday-days anymore.

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Blogger James said...

That sucks...

If you run into the boss, tell her I'm thankful they laid me off. Ha!

November 25, 2008  

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