Friday, December 19, 2008

Truth In Adevrtising

'The under carriage guard is missing.

More accurately, it was lost during a night of blackout drinking.

Also part of the front passenger side wheel hub was lost that same night.

I drove the car a distance of 5 miles without a front passenger tire and the sparks from my rim scrapping the road, lightly singed the paint on the front fender just above the wheel.

Honestly this is just a theory as I was drinking that night as well.

Rubbing compound and elbow grease should make it look a lot better.

On the bottom of the drivers side door there’s a small gash where I hit a broken cinder block a few years back.

There’s a matching gash in roughly the same spot on the passenger side.

That one just seemed to show up one day.

Again, I recommend rubbing compound.'

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