Friday, September 29, 2006

Inspiration for 'Strangers With Candy'

This is the lady who inspired Jerri Blank. She's crazy. She gets released from prison, has her dealer meet her, and shoots up in the Detention Center's phone booth!

Florrie Fisher

'Following her initial success, Fisher sank into obscurity, with her public service announcement being the arguable high point of her career. Despite her crusade to get young people to learn from her mistakes, Fisher herself soon jumped back into old habits; Miami, Florida police reports indicate she was charged with narcotics possession in 1971 and possession of stolen property in 1972.

She and Bacalad disappeared from the public eye entirely sometime in the mid-1970s, with unsubstantiated rumors claiming that she was either dead after relapsing, or that she and Bacalad were involved in a cat burglar training venture in Miami. In the early 2000s Internet rumors claimed that she was responsible for a burglary at the condo of mafioso Meyer Lansky in 1979.

As of 2006, the fates of Fisher and her husband remain unknown, although her lifestyle combined with her age has led many to assume that she has probably died. At least one internet source claims that in her last years of life she attempted to flee her sordid past by settling in the small town of Sidney, Montana, where she died in the late 1980s.'


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