Thursday, June 26, 2008

I wish we could turn up the thermostat 4 degrees...

My office is like a walk-in freezer during the summer.

Mayor, governor strip down to save energy

'DENVER - The temperature is rising and Denver is dressing down in a bid to conserve energy.

Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper and Governor Bill Ritter were among the first to take part, by removing their ties and jackets Thursday in front of the Denver City County building.

The mayor, governor and local business leaders launched "Cool Biz." It is a new summer energy-saving program that aims to cut energy in the Denver government office buildings by raising thermostats four degrees.

Businesses throughout Denver and Colorado are also invited to participate in "Cool Biz," an initiative designed to help reduce the amount of energy needed to cool Denver's buildings during the summer.

At Thursday's press conference, Mayor Hickenlooper said city employees are invited to remain cool and comfortable throughout the summer by removing their ties, sweaters and suit jackets whenever possible and by wearing short-sleeved shirts and blouses and open-collared shirts instead.

Governor Ritter added, "Local and state governments must demonstrate every day that we are serious about conserving energy, saving taxpayer dollars and protecting Colorado's environment. Being more energy efficient and energy smart is something we all can do together."

Hickenlooper invited area businesses to join the "Cool Biz" movement. He noted two of the state's largest employers - Coors Brewing Co. and Qwest Communications - have already signed on. The Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce and Downtown Denver Partnership have also encouraged their member businesses to participate in "Cool Biz" this summer.'

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