Friday, July 11, 2008

I used to play Dr. Scott.

'Eddie/Wise Up Janet Weiss'

Dr. Scott: We came here to discuss Eddie.

Columbia: Eddie!?!

Dr. Scott: That's a rather tender subject.

[Audience participation]

Audience: That's a rather tasteless joke.

Dr. Scott: Another slice anyone

[Columbia screams and runs out of the room]

Columbia: Nooooo!

[Audience participation]

Audience: What's the matter Columbia? You've had Eddie's meat before. Just not with gravy.


Janet: 'My feet! I can't move my feet!!'

Dr. Scott: 'My veels! I can't move my veels!!'

[Brad is pulling at his socks/feet]

[Audience participation]

Audience: My socks. I can't move socks!


Brad/Dr. Scott: You're a hot dog [up the] but you better not try and to [squirt her with your - twelve - inch] Frank-Furter!


Ha ha.

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