Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Is it just me....

which it probably is, because I have a dirty mind, but there's something in the latest Stanley Steemer commercial that caught my eye.

The new ad shows various things that can cause you to have dirty carpets and touting the Steemer as the solution.

Well, the second one they show is a teen sitting in a chair who all of a sudden shoots his soda out in front of him from his lap.

Now that wouldn't be that bad in itself, but while that's playing, the voice-over yells dramatically 'TEENAGERS!?!'.

Furthermore, the look on said teen's face looks like it could be his 'Oh Face'.

It totally looks like an in-joke about masturbation.

I thought it was just me watching it the wrong way one time, but every time it comes on now, I have to think it might have been intentional.

Stanley Steemer has been know to try and use humor in their ads before.

I wish someone would post it so you could see what I was talking about.

I wonder if Stanley Steemer knows that their namesake has been slang-jacked?

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