Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Dave Pwns Lauren!

'Maybe you're the problem.'

Ha ha.


Ok, so speaking of Lauren and the ilk, I don't know to think if it's cool or sad that I even know who these boobs are.

When I find something like funny like this, and try to explain it to someone else my age that has no idea what the Hills, or 'pwned' or even Hulu is, I feel like a person trying to translate/explain some weird mysterious American concept to a fresh-off-the-boat immigrant.

Is it a good thing because I am still up on popular culture and young at heart, or a sign that I'm a big immature geek?

I like to think both apply.

It's like the disparity of friends on Facebook who do and don't update their status and check it daily [if not hourly].

It's so weird to think that people in my age group have begun acting like old fogeys.

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Blogger Lioux said...

I LOVE being the problem.

October 29, 2008  

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