Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Dave Matthews Band - 'Ants Marching'

It's funny how songs can totally capture a period of your life like a mental cache file.

When this album came out, there was no escaping it.

Where I worked at the time [retail] we had Muzak and had the 'Alternative' channel.

So over the course of a shift, I would hear this song like 20 times.

I hated this song.

But now when it infrequently pops up it totally brings back not only a mental flashback of that period of that time, it brings back the smells from this era as well.

Like the smell of the coffee shop I worked at, the smell of Autumn as it descended upon the CU campus, the funky smell of that first apartment in Boulder, etc.

The brain is pretty amazing in that it can not only hold cognitive memories, but sensory ones as well.

And even though it was one of the best and worst periods in my life, now, filtered and tempered through 'nostalgia', I kinda miss that period.

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Blogger Digital Fortress said...

Dave Matthews Band has a big part in a portion of the soundtrack of my life too...I love how music can bring up so many memories.

October 28, 2008  
Blogger Big Daddy said...

I wasn't really that in to them but they were always in the background somewhere.

So it's like sub-conscious nostalgia with them.

October 30, 2008  

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