Thursday, October 30, 2008

I wonder if that would be enough to get out of your lease.

Standoff suspect left notes saying he owed money

'DENVER - The man who took hostages after an extensive crime spree was planning a violent end to his life.

9NEWS sources say 39-year-old Steven Stewart left a will and suicide notes behind detailing that he owed a drug dealer money and would kill that person or himself.

Denver Police say Stewart took his own life at the end of the more than six-hour standoff at the Peachtree Apartments near Kendall Street and Hampden Avenue.

Police say in a 12-hour span on Tuesday, Stewart stole a motorcycle, carjacked three people at gunpoint, kidnapped and released a person and then started the standoff, holding at least one woman hostage.

The standoff began after 6 p.m. and police were able to rescue the hostage just after 10 p.m. Police then threw gas into the apartment and once they went inside they found Stewart dead.

Police released a picture of Stewart from 2001, which could indicate a previous criminal record.

Police are investigating if Stewart was responsible for six burglaries in the Coventry neighborhood in Littleton and Bow Mar on Sunday where he may have also stolen two vehicles.

According to records with the Colorado Bureau of Investigation, Stewart had 16 aliases and had been arrested more than 25 times since 1986. He faced a number of charges including theft, drug possession and selling, DUI, fraud and vehicle theft.

Shantel Rivas lives in an apartment two floors above the unit where Stewart allegedly held the family hostage. Rivas tried to protect her two children by putting them in what she thought was the safest room in their apartment.

"After they fell asleep, I put them in the bathtub and tried to stay in the bathroom," she said. "Just hearing he had a gun, I was afraid of what might happen."

Rivas and other neighbors say they heard glass breaking periodically during the standoff.

"I heard a lot of glass breaking and a woman screaming," said a neighbor who identified herself as Melinda. "I was so scared for her because she's our neighbor and they have little kids."

Police would not release the names of any of the victims involved. However, family members and apartment managers were seen Wednesday afternoon taking the family away from the apartment complex and to an area hotel. Workers have boarded up the windows of the apartment in which police say Stewart held the family hostage.'



Blogger James said...

My cousin actually lives at that apartment complex and had to be evacuated. Creepy.

October 31, 2008  
Blogger James said...

Also, I heard this guy did this because he owed money to a drug dealer? Dude....

There's a real easy way to fix that problem. Call the cops.

October 31, 2008  

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