Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Scenes From Public Transportation

'Pixie AKA Molly Ringwald'

If I get sick in the next few days, it will be because of her.

She sounded like she was coughing up a lung.

I tried to not breathe to catch her sickness cooties.

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Blogger Emrose said...

This must have been on the 15...

November 18, 2008  
Blogger Big Daddy said...

Ha ha.

It was on the 2 actually.

If it was the 15 it would have also included baby strollers, drunk people, people OD'ing on heroin....

[Once on the 15, there was this guy falling in and out of consciousness whilst his fly was wide open, and his pants were slowly sliding down.]

November 18, 2008  

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