Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Winter Weight

So last year I opined that us humans probably sub-consciously pack on extra weight for the winter due to our innate caveman instinct about sparse food sources during the winter.

Well, I have been thinking about it this week as I have noticed a definite up-tick in the amount of food I have been craving.

This weekend I had an overwhelming craving for pork chops.

I never crave those.

Well, maybe just once a year, but it hit with a vengeance.

Also, lately I have had major hankerings for veggies and grapefruit juice.

Ooh, and hot chocolate and dairy products.

Top it off with the fact that as of Saturday, it has been rather chilly and dreary out, I really think we do pack on the poundage.

And considering the post on this last year was relatively around the same time, I think there's some merit to my hypothesis.

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