Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Holiday Shenanigans

Today on Sara Cox's show, she was talking about the BBC office party and listeners texted in with things not to do at the Holiday party, specifically, getting drunk and doing stupid stuff.

This got me to thinking about what the worst thing I ever did at a Holiday office party.

Well, it wasn't really an office party, it was for the club I bartended at.

One year, I ended up getting fub'd and ended up making out with my boss's boyfriend.

I believe it was one year later, same thing happened, but instead of the boss's BF, it was one of our straight bar-backs.

In front of his date.

His girlfriend.


Anyone else want to share?

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Blogger ayem8y said...

Not really embarrassing but tacky manners. I went to a Dirty Santa Christmas party hosted by and attended exclusively by gay men. I asked a girlfriend down on her luck to go also. When we had been there awhile she became bored when the dirty Santa games kicked in. I opened a gift of rare gay literature from the 1950’s that everyone had their eyes on they were sure to have taken them from me but the girl I was with suddenly grabbed my hand and made me leave taking the gift with her. I never spoke to her again and all the queens hated me through the year. I wasn’t invited back.

December 02, 2008  
Blogger Big Daddy said...

That's kinda harsh being blacklisted.

December 02, 2008  

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