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Blurb Movie Reviews - 'Soldier's Girl'

So this being a gay-themed movie about a soldier falling for a drag queen/transgendered person, you pretty much know how it's going to turn out. But what was great about this one, are the performances by Troy Garity [the soldier], Shawn Hatosy [his bunkmate], and Lee Pace as the tranny.

Lee Pace does a really convincing job of portraying someone who is in the middle of re-assignment surgery. You see shades of masculine and feminine in the same character. A tricky task to pull off when playing a tranny.

Troy Garity as well, does a great job of showing the evolution of the character, as he falls in love with 'Calpernia'. You really get a sense that his character falls in love with the person Calpernia actually is. It is interesting too, that Calpernia, is ex-Navy, so they have a military background in common.

Shawn Hatosy, who I haven't seen in a while, is great as the conflicted 'battle buddy' of Troy's character. You see him try to hook up with a tranny at Calpernia's club, but then later, sets in motion, the gay bashing that ends the story.

What is haunting about the movie, is that it is based on a true story.

Side note:
Watching this movie, made me think of my favorite drag queen names.
My pal Helen came up with 'Anita Dickinside'.
I talked about how there should be a drag queen punk band named 'Gena Lotrimin and The Monistat Three'.
I also like 'Flotilla De Barge'

Blurb Movie Reviews - 'The Frightening'

Typical David Decoteau fare. As usual, there is a cast of buff teen boys, walking around shirtless in boxer briefs, taking long showers, and pervy shots of the cast. It's as if Abercrombie and Bruce Weber, decided to go into making B horror movies.

Part of the reason I like Decoteau's movies is because they are so bad. There is always lightning and thunder anytime there is a night shot. He usually has tons of fake smoke masking most of the scenes. He censored himself on this one, with that. And his plots, usually have simple stories, but still manage to have plot holes.

So 'The Frightening' is about a new kid, Corey, starting at a new school. He is torn between joining the wrestler jock types [Decoteau had to get some homo-erotic wrestling in there somehow], and the alterna-kids, who all like to dress in corresponding colors. One of the alterna-kids, Mason, is actually first shown wearing a chenille sweater with the sleeves cut off. Two words: gay, and retarded.

So over the course of the movie, each of the non-desirable kids get killed by the wrestlers. The whole time, the new kid is trying to figure out what is going on.


At the end, you find out that Corey, is actually already dead, and that this 'school' he went to, is in fact, the afterlife's waiting room. The wrestlers are 'bouncers', of sorts, and kill off people to send them to their final resting place.

Knowing that the 'new kid' had supposedly killed someone in real life, they wanted him to become a 'bouncer' too. He declines, and the school disappears.

It's completely laughable, but enjoyable if you like so-bad-they're-good horror movies, that objectify teen dudes, instead of teen girls.

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Blurb Movie Reviews - 'Chumscrubber'

This is a unique little movie. It's kind of like "Desperate Housewives' meets 'Donnie Darko'. It is the story of a community of people living in suburbia and how their lives touch each other through fate.
From IMDB:

'The Chumscrubber is a dark comedy about the lives of people who live in upper-class suburbia. It all begins when Dean Stiffle (Jamie Bell) finds the body of his friend, Troy. He doesn't bother telling any of the adults because he knows they won't care.

Everyone in town is too self consumed to worry about anything else than themselves. And everybody is on some form of drug just to get
themselves through the day.

After Troy's death, local drug dealers (Camilla Belle, Justin Chatwin, Lou Taylor Pucci) at the school run out of their stash.

They convince Dean to get Troy's stash or they are going to kill his brother that they kidnapped, but they grabbed the wrong kid.'

I am really blown away by Jamie Bell I saw him in 'Undertow' and like his work. He really makes you identify with the character and is totally believable. It will be interesting to see what kind of future projects he will do.

I guess he was the Billy Elliot kid, but I never saw that one. He is at that point where, as he ages, he is either going to turn out uber-hubba hubba, or inversely, Abe Vigoda-ish. We'll see.

What is best about this movie is the notion that our action and fate, bring about results we would never imagine. Good point.

Although, the computer game, 'Chumscrubber', that is supposed to be an allegory for the film, fits wonkily in the course of the story.

They should have either embedded it more in to the story, or removed completely all together.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Dental Vacation

I just got back from having my wisdom teeth pulled, and I am kinda medicated. I wanted to let all 5 of my loyal readers, and those passing through, that I shall resume posting on Tuesday May 30th.
That is unless I feel better [yay! for Hydrocodone] and get bored laying about like a sack of taters. Than I may being posting to kill boredom. You can only watch so many movies. Wish I had got the first season of Lost in Netflix, instead of my bad horror movies. Oh well.


Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Cruisenfreude - Goin' Back To Ohio

Too bad, there's still 4 years left on The Contract.

Is there trouble in TomKat land?

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes reportedly got into a big fight that ended with Holmes deciding to take baby Suri to Ohio to introduce the infant to family and friends. Tom, who is rumored to have a rocky relationship with Holmes' parents, won't be joining them, according to Life & Style Weekly.

'He told Katie he wasn't going, considering the bad relations between him and her family,' an 'insider' told the mag. 'Katie was really happy he said that, because she'd been afraid to admit to him that she didn't want him to go.'

The couple allegedly had a 'huge argument' which ended with Katie declaring, 'I'm doing this and you can't stop me.' Her rep denies the story.

Cruise reportedly decided to fly his fiancee and tot to Toledo, drop them off and fly back to pick them up.

The episode, however, may be giving Holmes second thoughts. A 'confidant' of hers told the mag: 'Katie's very unhappy and beginning to realize she may have made a major mistake being with Tom.'

Mariah/Whitney - 'Not Insane'

Hell To The Blow! - Whitney Ruins The Classics

'Fishes run free, I'm Abe Vigoda'

So I have this parody song version of Shakira's 'Objection [Tango]' stuck in my head. MadTV did a spoof on her making fun of her Spanglish, and bad grammar. I can't believe I can't find it anywhere on the 'nets.

I can't even find the lyrics. I remember it started off: 'I can not help that I'm no understandable.'

When there's the breakdown, she goes 'This is hermetic, and pathetic....'

Eh, so this one will have to do.


From the Consumerist regarding data mining:

'I was having a discussion with my boss when the NSA stories first started coming out. He’s a more experienced data miner who came onto this project from a Homeland Security thing, and he's got clearance, so he's been around a bit. He reminded me that when the US was training the Afghan people to fight the Soviets, they did something very stupid - they not only taught them how to fight a land war, but they gave them a translated copy of the CIA counter-intelligence manual. Some asshole essentially gave Al-Qaeda the CIA playbook.

Ergo, Al Qaeda knows better than to use the phone or email to communicate.

It follows that there is NO VALID REASON for the NSA to gather phone data - no terrorism is going to be fought with it, unless you count (cue that scene from 'Fahrenheit 9/11') people who go to peace activist groups and sit around munching on homemade cookies. The only reason for them to gather data is the one you fear - that they just want to spy on their own citizens.'

Holy Moley

Taylor Hicks is only 29? I thought he was late 30's. Wow.

American Idol

Useless Info - Pistachios

'When the fruit ripens, the shells split open partially (see photo). This happens with an audible pop, and legend has it that lovers who stand under a pistachio tree at night and hear the nuts popping open will have good luck.'

'The shell of the pistachio is naturally a beige colour, but it is sometimes dyed red in commercial pistachios. Originally the red dye was applied by importers to hide stains on the shells caused when the nuts were picked by hand.

However most pistachios are now picked by machine and the shells remain unstained, making dyeing unnecessary (except that some consumers have been led to expect red pistachios).'



If this is a recent picture, Jake's not looking so hot these days.

Plummer issued summons in road rage incident

ENGLEWOOD - Denver Broncos quarterback Jake Plummer was issued a summons for what witnesses described as a road rage incident.

Plummer faces a misdemeanor charge of injury or destroying property for an incident that happened April 20.

An alleged victim told police he was stopped at a red light in Englewood south of Denver in the area of Highway 285 and S. Downing Street, and had been involved in a road rage-type incident.

Cuppa' Tea

I never thought I would end up a tea drinker, but I have. And looks like there is some benefit:

Is This the New Anti-Aging Beverage?

One drink--more than any other--will keep your brain young. And that drink is tea. Green tea or black tea. Hot tea or iced tea. It doesn't matter. Tea may be the brain's fountain of youth.

Regular consumption of either green or black tea seems to reduce the risk of age-related degenerative brain disorders, such as Alzheimer's disease, according to researchers from the Douglas Hospital Research Centre at McGill University in Canada. That's right. You may be able to protect your brain later from the ravages of dementia by drinking tea now.

How does tea do this? Catechins, an antioxidant in the tea, actually prevents neurons from dying, combating an underlying cause of Alzheimer's. Led by Remi Quirion, the team used cultured nerve cells (also called neurons) and exposed them to amyloid, a protein believed to cause Alzheimer's disease.

This molecule was toxic and caused cell death in the cultures; however, cell cultures that received the deadly amyloid followed by an administration of tea extracts and catechins were rescued and survived.

Bok. Bok.

ARKADELPHIA, Ark. (AP) - The exotic chicken that was saved from drowning by mouth-to-beak resuscitation more than three months ago has died, her owner said.

Boo Boo, the chicken who was revived after she was found floating face down in the family pond in February, died recently, said owner Jackie Calhoun. The fowl's story was featured on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and the Animal Planet network.

'She had seizures,' Calhoun said. 'I've come to the conclusion that's what put her in the pond in the first place.'

In February, Calhoun said he removed the chicken from the water and his sister Marian Morris blew into its beak, causing its eyes to pop open. Morris, a retired nurse, said she hadn't used cardiopulmonary resuscitation in years. She said she was glad that the chicken she saved was exotic and not just an ordinary chicken.

The chicken, who was named Boo Boo because she was easily frightened, lived to lay three eggs before dying, Calhoun said. Until then, Calhoun said he didn't know if the bird was male or female.

'We incubated one of her eggs, and it hatched,' Calhoun said. 'The chick has black and white markings like Boo Boo's.'

Nick Lachey - What's Left Of Me

So Nick has a good voice, but boy oh boy, is the new single lame. The lyrics are so sappy, and makes him sound like a wuss:

Watched my life pass me by -- in the rearview mirror
Pictures frozen in time -- are becoming clearer
I don't wanna waste another day -- stuck in the shadow of my mistakes -- yeah


Cause I want you -- and I feel you -- crawling underneath my skin
Like a hunger, like a burnin -- to find a place I've never been
Now I'm broken, and I'm faded -- I'm half the man I thought I would be
But you can have -- what's left of me.

(Verse 2)

I've been dying inside -- little by little
Nowhere to go -- I'm goin outta my mind
An endless circle -- runnin from myself until
You gave me a reason for standing still


And I want you -- and I feel you -- crawling underneath my skin
Like a hunger, like a burnin -- to find a place I've never been
Now I'm broken, and I'm faded -- I'm half the man I thought I was
But you can have -- what's left of me.


Fallin' faster -- barely breathing
Give me somethin to believe in
Tell me it's not all in my head
Take what's left of this man
Make me whole once again


Cause I want you -- and I feel you -- crawling underneath my skin
A hunger, like a burnin -- to find a place I've never been
Now I'm broken, and I'm faded -- I'm half the man I thought I was
You can have, all that's left, (yeah, yeah, yeah) what's left of me


I've been dying inside you see
I'm goin outta my mind (outta my mind, outta my mind, outta my mind)
I'm just runnin' in circles all the time
Will you take what's left? x3 -- of me
I'm just runnin' in circles in my mind
Will you take what's left? x3 -- of me
Take what's left of me

Lit - My Own Worst Enemy

1.FM just played that song. Haven't heard it in ages. Wonder what they are up to? That song totally reminds me of the late 90's and KTCL.

I'm callin' it

I don't watch American Idol, but it was on in the background last night while I was doing stuff. All I have to say is that McPhee chick's debut single, stunk. Ballads? Ick. She couldn't get some of the notes right.

And what is up with this Taylor Hicks dude? No offense, but he seems kinda old to be on 'Idol'. I can't picture how they are going to market him when he wins. His performances last night were a biit stiff, but better than McPhee's. So yah, I think Taylor will win.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

A poem for Britney, ya'll.

'Britney's greatest crime,
Deserving of the finger,
Is mooing all the time,
Pretending she's a singer.'

Word Verification is getting outta control

What the hell? Is that a 'u' with two dots over it? An 'i'? A 'j?

It's worse than an eye test, geesh!

Gran'ma Tara

'You're lucky my mom's here.....'

or I would SO kick your ass'. - Jake G.

Nicole 'Skeletora' Ritchie

Yikes. Cell phones as guns.

Could be great to use on those annoying people, always on their phone, while commuting. There are also cell phone stun guns and pepper spray phones.

'Beneath the digital phone face is a European-made .22-caliber handgun capable of firing four rounds in rapid succession when the numbers 5, 6, 7 or 8 is depressed.

Although .22 pistols are considered "light weapons" that do not have the stopping power of handguns firing larger bullets at higher velocities, they're among the most popular guns in the world.

Users range from Navy SEALs - who favor the Ruger MKII model - to Mafia assassins, who appreciate the way a .22 round has enough penetrating power to enter someone's skull without exiting, causing maximum brain damage when fired at close range.

Joseph Green, a spokesman for the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, said news about the nefarious gizmos have circulated within law-enforcement circles for several years, although none are believed to have surfaced domestically.

"To the best of ATFE's knowledge, none have been recovered in the United States," said Green, who termed the NYPD warning a wise preventative measure.

The decoy phone guns - which don't light up like ordinary cellphones - have been circulated throughout the European underworld, with caches of them uncovered during drug and arms busts in the Netherlands and Slovenia. '

NY Post

Maybe her semi-celebrity has gone to her head.

'Food Network diva Rachael Ray was in Denver in February to shoot her program "Tasty Travels." She reportedly was unpleasant to just about everyone she met - but turned on the charm when the cameras started rolling.

Her Denver adventures will be on the Food Network 7:30 and 10:30 p.m. Friday.

You'll see her climbing the wall at REI, eating gnocchi at Ristorante Amore, shopping at Decade Home, trying the masa fried oysters at Deluxe and ending up at Vesta Dipping Grill for seafood, meats - and dips.'

Bill Husted

Real World Denver - Update

They're moving in soon, it sounds.

'MTV's "Real World" house at 1920 Market St. is some fancy pad. But we won't get to see the insides until the show airs in the late fall.

By that time, it will probably be for sale. Heritage Bank, which took the deed to the property from the former owners of B-52 Billiards in lieu of foreclosure, sold it to the show's production company in March for $2.7 million.

Workman have been transforming the 21,927-square-foot club into a cool pad for weeks now. The kids are due any day.

After filming, insiders imagine that the place will go on the block again. It still has a liquor license. Rock Island's David Clamage is "babysitting" it so it'll be there at sale time.'

Bill Husted

Been there, seen that.

She needs a new gimmick.

Madonna Blasted for Concert Crucifixion

LOS ANGELES (AP) - Less than 12 hours after Madonna crucified herself on a mirrored cross, the Catholic League expressed its discontent with the concert stunt.

The controversial diva wore a crown of thorns and sang while hanging from a cross during Sunday night's opener of her "Confessions" world tour at The Forum in Inglewood.

"Knock off the Christ-bashing," Catholic League president Bill Donohue said in a statement Monday. "It's just pathetic."

IM Fun! - Married Couple

Matt says:


Brando says:


Matt says:

How was Dave’s birthday?

Brando says:

Totally random - bunch of people i haven't seen in a long time were there - and i ended up meeting some random dude and went to his place for after-hours

Matt says:

Cool....though random dude part of Dave’s gaggle? Or just at the bar?

Brando says:

Just at the bar - he's an Aries - clicked right away

Matt says:


Matt says:


Brando says:

Having a good buzz helped. You know how friendly I get when I go out.

Matt says:

I can imagine

Matt says:


Matt says:

Will you see him again? (romantic) or was it platonic?

Brando says:

Platonic - he has a boyfriend

Matt says:

I was hoping, break your happy singleness

Matt says:

You're already boring :-O, you should be married now ..;) heh

Brando says:

I already feel like I'm married - to Dave

Matt says:


Matt says:

Perfect, your just like all other married couples ! ;)

Matt says:


Matt says:


Brando says:

As long as I have Dave and a booty call - I am pretty much set

Friday, May 19, 2006

'Watch out for my drink, y'all'

Down came the baby.....

Check out her right hand.

All Hail Xenu!

NSA Phone Company Law

Looks like someone found legal docs about the issue here

Britney needs to lay off the hooch, y'all.

Britney Stumbles -- Almost Drops Baby Sean

Britney Spears stumbled this afternoon as she was leaving a New York City hotel and almost dropped little Sean Preston.

We're told Britney was holding a drink in her left hand and Sean in her right as she maneuvered through a crowd of onlookers. Britney moves through the crowd and then she suddenly trips, the baby's head goes backward and his hat flies off his head. Britney regained her balance and the baby seemed ok.

'A watch doesn't really go with this outfit, daddy'

True, how true.

Clueless Test

Kenny Be's Hip Tip Of The Week - Bird Flu

[Click For Full Size]

Jouez c'est disque, monsieur DJ!

Bored with listening to 60's and 70's music this week, decided to listen to some house instead.

Shoutcast brought me to this neat-0 online French radio station. So far, it has been amazing. No commercials, and the bumpers are all in French. I have been trying to refresh myself on the language of love.

They had an amazing mix of Peter Heller's 'Big Love' and the acapella mix of Aretha Franklin's 'Depper Love'. It worked.

Living In A Box

How weird would that be? Living in a mall.

Flatiron may get hotel

The owner of FlatIron Crossing in Broomfield is considering filling the vacant Lord & Taylor space with a hotel or condos.

Santa Monica, Calif.-based Macerich Co. bought the 120,000-square-foot store in 2004 after May Co. announced its plans to close its three Lord & Taylor stores - at the Cherry Creek mall in Denver, Park Meadows mall in Douglas County and FlatIron Crossing - as part of a divestiture that included 34 store closings and 3,700 job cuts.

"We wanted to have ownership so we could explore the options," said Heather Drake, senior marketing manager for FlatIron Crossing. "The trend in shopping centers now is to have mixed use."

Stapleton Development

Retail plan announced for Stapleton

Developer Forest City Stapleton has announced additional tenants for the Main Street segment of its Northfield retail development at Interstate 270 and Quebec Street.

The 1.2 million-square foot open-air center will be anchored by a previously-announced Macy's.

My take on Stapleton:

Last week I went driving around Stapleton to check it out.

It's huge, and I really love the fact they are trying to make it more pedestrian and park oriented.

But I was blown away by how Montview is a blatant boundary between the shiny new yuppy-ville, and the older East Colfax burg. It is also a big racial divide, as the old Aurora neighborhood is mostly Latino and African American, and by what I saw of Stapleton, that area is mostly young Caucasian families.

I haven't lived over there since '86, and it was hard to remember what was there and what remains. It was interesting to see that they kept one of the hangars.

There used to be a row of them where private jets used to be stored.

The old view tower and the parking garages are all that's left of the old airport. The tower is right next to a HUGE park that they are building which I think they are going to call 'Central Park'

It's a great re-use of land, but I am too much of a townie, to ever live out there.

I bet classes were interesting that day.

Pot laced muffins put teachers in hospital

The suspect who delivered the muffins could face federal charges if he is caught.

DALLAS - The FBI has confirmed that a batch of muffins delivered to a high school was laced with marijuana.

The muffins were left in a teachers lounge and eaten by school employees who later complained of nausea and feeling lightheaded. A total of 18 school employees got sick. Some of the teachers were hospitalized.

The man who brought the muffins can be seen entering the school on surveillance video.

If the suspect is caught, he could face federal product tampering charges. The charges carry a 10-year prison sentence.

Real Big Fish

'Ben Noel said the enormous fish dragged him around the lake before it finally tired out and he could reel it alongside. May 18, 2006.

The fish turned out to be a grass carp almost 4 feet long. It weighed 44 pounds, 8 ounces which would be a new state record for the species once it's certified by the Colorado Division of Wildlife.'


'Nuff Said

Stole this from a funny blog: J'adore Joey

Jamie Oliver and the Fat Kids

Thanks to Jamie Oliver's School Lunch, I am noticing fat kids everwhere these days. It's sad. I was in a hurry and ran into McDonald's today for a fish fillet combo, and there was a bunch of kids on a field trip having lunch. All were eating Mickey D's, and only about 3 of the 20 or so kids, was height/weight proportionate.

Thank god my mom didn't allow us to eat junk food or sugar as kids. I have good eating habits now. We are going to have a bunch of fat/diabetic/sick young adults when these kids of today get older. [That last statement made me sound like an old fogey].

Fermez la bouche!

My French teacher in high school used to say that to me a lot. We were always getting her to talk about her personal life, instead of teaching French.

So I use the word 'maw', a lot and was wondering where that term came from. So for today's bit of useless info:


  1. The mouth, stomach, jaws, or gullet of a voracious animal, especially a carnivore.
  2. The opening into something felt to be insatiable: “I saw the opening maw of hell” (Herman Melville).
Word Origin:

From Old English: 'maga' meaning "stomach" (of men and animals), from P.Gmc. *magon (cf. O.Fris. maga, O.N. mag, Du. maag, Ger. Magen "stomach"), perhaps cognate with Welsh megin "bellows," Lith. makas, O.C.S. mosina "bag, pouch."

Thursday, May 18, 2006

'Prove Your Wit - Caption Contest'

I think this one should have won:

"Mr. Butterworths said...

From the SCU yearbook:

Nell, class of 2006.
Basket club; Track.
Quote: "Affa chickabee collashg, Nell stan li a t'ee inna win, reckon, t'ee inna win graddaday"


'Do you think Lindsay's bodyguard just asked her out? Or maybe vice versa. Either way, we really feel for both of them.'

Gilded Moose Post Of The Day

'Carmen Sandiego Spotted in Miami!

Last seen at the Miami Airport. Suspect is known to change hair color frequently. Exercise extreme caution'

Elijah, not a good pic, buddy.

And you're smoking? What kind of message does it send to the kids?


Mercedes With Diamonique Applique

Oh, Snap!

'The two also talk about the other in-house trainwreck, Tawny Kitaen, and both suggest she was high on something.

Andrea says, 'Obviously Tawny is on… well, you know,' but refuses to say more. Maven says, 'I've met a lot of drug addicts in my life, and most of them are functional. Tawny isn't one of them.'

I'm thinking it was pain killers, the way she was slurring her words. She probably stole them from Maven.

Reality Blurred

Oh man, here we go again.

So Season Four [The Ex-Factor], I totally got in to Big Brother[USA]. And as I read this, I have mixed emotions this year. Last year was intense. I don't think I have ever hated someone on television as much as I did Ivette, Crappy, Maggie and April. As the show unfurled, we witnessed some pretty heinous and childish behavior from these four.

The show was like crack. You had to watch it, but you felt strung out and icky afterwards. So with the announcement that America is going to be allowed to pick six of the houseguests, I get full of a sense of dread.

I am hoping that Ivette, Crappy, April, and Maggie do not get in the house. I can't stand to see Scott, or Jase, from season 5 back in the house, either. Their egos made them come across as pompous asses.

Funny side note: during that season, Scott and Jase, and ick, The Four Horsemen, would talk about how popular and famous they were going to be once they got out. They would immediately be pursued by Hollywood to be in films and commercials. If they could just make it through the show, America would be throwing themselves at them.

Well, it's two years later, and Jase supposedly went back to Decatur immediately after the show. And as for Scott, even though he had previously appeared in Playgirl, the only thing I saw him do after the show was compete on this season's Surreal Life for a chance to live in the house.

He was promptly voted out of the running, after he stripped to his skivvies [yellow bikinis....grody], and turned to reveal skid marks. For those of us who read updates, and watched the feeds, we all knew of Scott's lack of hygiene. He wouldn't use toilet paper in the Big Bro house; instead used his hand, and rarely washed afterwords. Sick. I know. So Surreal Lifers, consider yourselves lucky.

The only people I would like to see go back in the house are Nakomis [she was the most talented player coming up with the Five Finger Plan to get Jase out of the house], Marcellus [he probably knows the most about the game after playing and hosting a talk show on it], Kaysar and Janelle [they played the game the smartest, and most ethically of the whole bunch last season].

Jun from season 4 would make an interesting addition to the house. While she is not necessarily ethical, she's not mean spirited either. Plus she's pretty smart at playing the game.

So I am torn between getting caught up in it again this year. I was heartbroken when Maggie and Ivette made it to the end. I didn't even watch the finale because of them two. It's sad that I am such a geek, and get so emotionally involved in this stupid show; but I do. We'll have to see who the cast is.

This diatribe inspired by this post:

Only six of the 12 all-star Big Brother cast will be chosen by viewers to ensure a good vs. evil "showdown"

'Excellent news: We don't have to wait until July 6 to experience the joy that is Julie Chen hosting Big Brother. That's because she'll reappear in prime time for a one-hour special on June 21 at 8 p.m. to reveal the 20 candidates for Big Brother 7: All-Stars.

How exactly Julie Chen will fill an entire hour all by herself isn't clear, but there will probably be clips involved, and perhaps live appearances by the 20 candidates. After the show, according to, voting begins, and will stay open for one week, until 11:59 p.m. ET/8:59 p.m. PT on Wednesday, June 28. We'll be able to vote online.'