Friday, June 30, 2006

The Kooks - 'Naive'

This one gets stuck in my head.

Hard Fi - 'Hard To Beat'

Another one of my favorite CD's recently.

Goldfrapp - 'Ooh La La'

I dig this album. It reminds me of stripper music.

Oldies But Goodies - Deftones 'Minerva'


Andy may disagree with me, but I think this Gehry building is ugly. While I like that it is not just another box shape, it looks like a hodge podge of Gehry projects, hastily thrown together.

It looks like the Webb building!

Not sure what I think of this.

[Click image to enlarge]

I'm glad that parking lot is being infilled, but the building is kind of plane Jane modern.

From Denver Infill

'June 30, 2006. I am very pleased to be able to present today a rendering of the new Sugar Building, officially known as Sugar3 or Sugar Cubed, which will break ground this fall on Block 019 at the corner of 16th and Market in Lower Downtown.

This project is very significant in that it replaces not only a surface parking lot Downtown, but one that is located on the 16th Street Mall.'

'The Brangelino - Homerus Wreckerus'

[Click image to enlarge]

From Gallery Of The Absurd


From Gawker:

'Though the financial details have yet to be settled, Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson are a very short stone’s throw from becoming legally divorced, freeing Jessica to marry her father.'

Cool thing Gawker does

I have been seeing these weird ass pics on their sites. Finally figured what it's all about:

'Gawker Media offers free exposure in its remnant ad space to artists at its discretion. Please submit your work to for consideration with these specifications.'

This place has a great view

It used to be a restaurant called "Top Of The Rockies' back in the 80's. It had a 360 view, and used to have a glass elevator on the outside of the building that made you feel like you were floating up in the air.

DENVER - A downtown developer is asking renters to name their own price for apartments.

The developers of the new 1600 Glenarm Building on the 16th Street Mall didn't know how to price the rent for the luxury penthouse, so they're letting prospective residents decide

"This particular building is very different than anything in Denver, because the lifestyle doesn't exist in the rental community," says Jared Miller of Red Peak Properties. " You have to look at the for sale options in the city of Denver, but as a rental community it is very rare."

The minimum bid for penthouse rent starts at $2,000 per month. The rent includes a 24-hour concierge and room service.

The auction starts July 7 and finishes at midnight on July 12.

See, I do actually work during the day.

From: Edward
Sent: Friday, June 30, 2006 10:28 AM
To: Brando
Subject: Our Stories: New 1600G Network Installed

Brando, way to go man. It’s nice to see you recognized for your hard work.


In regards to this:

'And, now, thanks to a number of employees a new 1600G fiber backbone network is up and running between Sacramento, CA, Portland, OR, Boise, ID and Salt Lake City, UT. The network build accomplished two key objectives: Customers who ride the new backbone now have more reliable service and has additional capacity for growth.'

Snapple 'Real Fact' 117

'The starfish is the only animal that can turn its stomach inside out.'

You know how I know you're gay?

You're rooting for Benji on 'So You Think You Can Dance'.

Random Dream

So while waking up this morning, I was still in dream mode and had a funny dream.

Ashton Kutcher and I were were in high school, and we decided to get drunk and stoned before class.

We were heading in to the building when he said something to me that I didn't hear clearly, and I responded, 'What? You want me to pee on you?'.

We both busted out laughing, being drunk and all, and thought it was the funniest shite, ever.

I think Ashton showed up in the dream because yesterday, I saw a pic of him and Demi, and was kinda skeeved out by it.

Real World Denver - Davis Web Searches

Wow. So I have been getting a lot of site hits from searches on 'Davis' from the Real World Denver. He's pretty popular. Especially, in New Jersey. I have had like 10 hits from there alone. Wonder if any of them are his family, or his boyfriend?

French Lesson Of The Day - 'Tot'

French: tot

English: early


Example Phrase Using Today's Word:

French: J'irai a Paris demain tres tot.

English: I will go to Paris very early tomorrow.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Fake Transformers Trailer



I was reading your article 'Hollywood Casual, Down to Their Toes' in the Thursday Styles section online when suddenly, out of nowhere, I hear a voice say, 'Millions of men have had problems getting or keeping an erection...'

Working in an open office such as mine, I hope you can imagine the shock and embarrassment I felt as I quickly navigated AWAY from NYTIMES.COM. Upon closer inspection, it appears the offending culprit is a Pfizer ad that is rigged to play video with a simple rollover.'


Dish Food Review - PF Chang's

Their wonton soup is grody. They add spinach, which gets all soggy, which is like eating the skin that appears on gravy. Plus, they use chicken, instead of beef, which is ok, but beef is the preferred meat in wonton soup.

Plants Kill

Kmart victim was looking for plant

The woman, who remains in critical condition, was on a shopping trip in the incident, which killed a store employee.
Claudia Nunez, 30, survived after being shot in the back Sunday at a Kmart.

Kmart shooting victim Claudia Nuñez merely wanted a houseplant for her Littleton apartment. The shopping trip led to the 30-year-old, single mother being shot in the back Sunday as she was entering the Englewood store.

"All she wanted was a plant," neighbor Manuel Dominguez Jr. said that Nuñez's relatives told him. "Why would anyone shoot someone for just walking to the store?"

'RTD: We WILL Hit You'

Seriously, I have seen bus drivers play chicken with pedestrians. Especially on the 16th St. Mall. I'm surprised there aren't more deaths/injuries. Granted, there are some dumb ass people on the mall who deserve to be hit. It would be our way of culling the herd.

Bus hits woman during illegal turn

A woman was in critical condition this morning after after an RTD bus struck her while making an illegal turn, police say.

Bus driver Bill Roether was cited for turning from the wrong position and not excercising due care, according to Damon C. Landingham, the officer who investigated the crash.

The woman, whose identity has not been released, was taken to Denver Health Medical Center with head injuries following the 7:25 a.m. collision, Landingham said.


Metro Denver Health and Wellness Commission formed

DENVER - Obesity has become a part of Denver's economic development plan. Companies looking to relocate are starting to ask economic development officials for obesity data before making their final decision about where to move.

Obesity is a big contributor to heart disease and diabetes, among other health problems, which impact a company's bottom line significantly.

Tom Clark, president of the Metro Denver EDC, says the group will develop a 10-year strategic plan with a goal to make metro Denver the country's healthiest city.

Colorado currently has the lowest obesity rate in the country. As a result, insurance rates in Denver are about $400 cheaper per year than across the U.S. People in the metro area, however, are about ten pounds heavier than they were a decade ago and the average weights are trending upward.

IM Fun! - 'Worst Gay Movie Ever'

Matt says:

Matt says:

don't' think i've ever seen it

Big Daddy says:

Big Daddy says:
from imdb:

Matt says:
I think Bollywood and vine was the worst i've seen

Big Daddy says:
'Luster is a refreshingly funny and sexy look at unrequited love. Jackson, a cute, lanky, blue-haired poet who works in a record store, is at the center of Everett Lewis' twisted black LA comedy. He's got a crush on the sexy young blonde, Billy, who he met at an orgy the other night. But Billy's not into him he's in love with Sonny, a musician into SM. And although Billy doesn't want Jackson'

Big Daddy says:
to seriously contemplate the technicalities of incest. Before he can do anything about it, though, Jed is seduced by Jackson's lesbian artist friend. What's a boy to do?

Big Daddy says:

Big Daddy says:
two other guys do: Derek, a clean-cut record store customer, and Sam, the straight record store owner. Into this mix is thrown Jed, Jackson's hunky cousin, which leads Jackson to seriously contemplate the technicalities of incest. Before he can do anything about it, though, Jed is seduced by Jackson's lesbian artist friend. What's a boy to do?

Big Daddy says:
it looks like it was shot with vaseline and sand on the lens

Matt says:
geesh ... literally a cast of thousands

Matt says:


Matt says:

still giggling about the concept of a movie shot so badly that it looks like it was shot with vaseline and sand on the lens

Big Daddy says:
:) - i heard somewhere that before filters were invented - they used to put vaseline and/or gauze over the lens to give it that blurry effect - like on those barbara walters specials - to hide her wrinkles

Big Daddy says:
'For example, you can apply Vaseline to the lens, the classic way to film aging Hollywood stars. (In even earlier versions, some filmed through very thin cheesecloth or voile.)'

Matt says:

wow...thank goodness for filters and good lighting

Big Daddy says:

yah, and they usually say the camera is very forgiving - so imagine what she must look like in real life

Matt says:

hatchet face!

Matt says:

maybe THATS why she gets people to cry all the time on her show

Big Daddy says:

:) funny

Matt says:

she lets the phantom mask slip a little and ...bam...waterworks

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This is scary.

Authorities warn of wireless cyber pirates

DOUGLAS COUNTY - The Sheriff's Department says it's going to start warning computer users that their networks may be vulnerable to hackers.

"If someone is driving by on the street they could easily use your internet access to commit a crime, whether it's fraudulent credit card transactions or surfing child porn or something else," said Brian Radamacher, a member of the Douglas County Sheriff's Special Investigations Unit.

Wireless computer equipment sends out signals that sometimes broadcast for up to a mile.

Other computer users can home in on those signals and use them to access the internet.

Radamacher says hackers can use stolen Internet access to make fraudulent credit card purchases or bank transfers.

He also says hackers can upload or download such things as child pornography.

That activity would be completely invisible to the legitimate owner of that network.

However, it could make innocent computer users vulnerable to having their computers confiscated during police investigations.

She just hooks up with all her co-stars, doesn't she?

Jessica Simpson heats up love life with Dane Cook

Dane Cook and Jessica Simpson reportedly 'couldn't hide their feelings' for each other at a Hollywood hotspot, even though the two maintain that they’re 'just friends.'

While her ex hubby Nick Lachey has been linked with her former friend Vanessa Minnello, Simpson is reportedly getting hot and heavy with comedian Dane Cook, her co-star in their forthcoming flick 'Employee of the Month,' according to Life & Style Weekly. 'Sparks flew' during the filming of the movie over the winter but Cook was still with his longtime girlfriend Racquel Houghton.

It's about time.

Justices say Bush went too far at Guantanamo

5-3 ruling says military trials would violate U.S. law, Geneva conventions

WASHINGTON - The Supreme Court ruled Thursday that President Bush overstepped his authority in ordering military war crimes trials for Guantanamo Bay detainees.

The ruling, a rebuke to the administration and its aggressive anti-terror policies, was written by Justice John Paul Stevens, who said the proposed trials were illegal under U.S. law and international Geneva conventions.

The case focused on Salim Ahmed Hamdan, a Yemeni who worked as a bodyguard and driver for Osama bin Laden in Afghanistan. Hamdan, 36, has spent four years in the U.S. prison in Cuba. He faces a single count of conspiring against U.S. citizens from 1996 to November 2001.

Marine in 'Fahrenheit 9/11' killed in Iraq

DETROIT - A Marine and one-time recruiter who appeared in Michael Moore's documentary film "Fahrenheit 9/11" has died in a roadside bombing in Iraq.

Staff Sgt. Raymond J. Plouhar, 30, died Monday of wounds suffered while conducting combat operations in Iraq's volatile Anbar province, the Defense Department said Tuesday.

"It's better to get them when they're in ones and twos and work on them that way," he says in the film.

Although Plouhar willingly appeared in the movie, which is critical of the Bush administration's actions after Sept. 11, his father said Plouhar didn't realize it would criticize the war.

British Slang Word Of The Day - 'Lairy'

French Lesson Of The Day - 'The'

French: the

English: tea


Example Phrase Using Today's Word:

French: Un the et un cafe, s'il vous plait.

English: A tea and a coffee, please.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Whitney And Bobby's Christmas Show

Gemini's Twin - 'Damn, My Dixie's On Fire'

Never saw this one. Used to love these skits.

'Do not taunt Happy Fun Ball'

One of my favorite SNL skits:

Today in 'Gallery Of The Absurd' - 'Star Jones'

This guy's quick. [Click to enlarge]

WTF is Jake doing?

He is the one crouching. [Click to enlarge]

I think I found my own version of hell.

I am going to be stuck, for all eternity, working with my notoriously slow work application while sleep deprived, and with chronic neck pain, that gets worse every time I turn my head.. With my luck, there will probably be crying babies and wasps flying around, included in my windowless, hot, cube farm.

Face To Face - We miss ye.

You ever feel like maybe you have TOO much music? I got bored with 1.FM for the week, so I am listening to some ska channel on Shoutcast. They just played 'Ordinary' by Face To Face, and I totally forgot I have their CDs at home.

Something in Trever Keith's voice makes me feel funny, in a good way. I go through stages with music, and watch, now I'll probably go back on a ska/punk kick. Too bad they broke up.

Yikes. Boy George today.


'A far more fitting punishment to raking leaves would have been 100 hours of forced bathroom attendant labor at any celebrity-infested nightclub, where the former pop star would learn the true definition of humility handing out paper towels to more famous cokeheads, -with the added degradation of having to nod along politely when Paris Hilton or Lindsay Lohan make small talk about their intentions to cover "Do You Really Want To Hurt Me."'

Mean, and sad, if it's true.

Maury harasses a pickle-phobe

Spider Man 3 Teaser Trailer

Yay! Venom is in it.

For kids.... yah.

'Daddle: The Kid-Sized Saddle For Adults'

'The Daddle is a child-sized saddle (with accompanying knee-pads) intended to be strapped onto a grown-up's torso to formalize horsey rides.'

Barb Walters on Star Jones... Nice

"We'd hoped she'd leave with dignity. But Star made another choice."

UPDATE: Barbara Walters Scrapes Star Jones' Remains From Couch

Random Info - 'Wax on fruits and apples'

From my comment over at this post on The Consumerist:

'As you probably know, conventional fruit receives a light application of shellac wax that increases the shine and seals the apple to help reduce shrink. This process is required by the retail buyer to enhance the appearance of the fruit.

For fruit to be certified organic, post harvest waxes are not accepted by the U.S.D.A. There are U.S.D.A. inspectors on site while the fruit is being packed to monitor the process. '

Real World Denver - Cast Profiles - Update

From Get Real Denver and the Spy Network operatives:

a.k.a. Stephen Nichols
22 years old
straight, from Sacramento, Calif.
attending Howard University in Washington D.C.

From Rochester, New York

From California

Tattooed, punk-looking guy, was clean shaven when I met him. Seen canoodling with 'Colie' at Foxhole 6.25.06

A.k.a. Nicole
From East Brunswick, New Jersey
Recently graduated from Tulane University

Davis [a.k.a 'Jeremy' for the show]
From Marietta, Georgia
Attended Stetson University in Florida
Working at JR's

a.k.a. Brooke Jackson LaBarbera
23 year old
from Nashvegas, Tennessee, moved to LA in Feb. 2006
graduated from Hillsboro High School in Nashville
graduated from Belmont University in Tennessee
named 'Nashville Party Girl 2005'

Going To The Dentist - Observations

- I don't like the taste of Latex

- I should just get all my teeth replaced with crowns, or veneers, so I don't have to fuss with them anymore

- My dentist, Dr. Steven Law, is awesome. He explains everything, has the perfect 'dental chair-side' manner, and doesn't bleed you dry, unnecessarily for money.

- Has a hottie staff. [Only benefit of going to dentist a lot recently.]

Blurb Movie Reviews - 'Hostel'

May contain spoilers!

Over the top with the gore and the sex. Almost to the point where it becomes laughable. This bordered on being a bad B-movie, but the escape scene towards the end redeemed the movie for me.

Side note: The guy who played Josh, Derek Richardson, was in the Strangers With Candy Episode, 'Jeri's Burning Issue'. Jerri gave him a 'raging case of syphillis'. I couldn't get that out of my head anytime he was on screen.

French Lesson Of The Day - 'Tableau'

French: tableau

English: blackboard


Example Phrase Using Today's Word:

French: Allez au tableau, Jean-Pierre.

English: Go to the blackboard, Jean-Pierre!

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Gallery Of The Absurd - Lindsay Lohan

[click to enlarge]

Good Idea

'In an effort to appease patrons and etiquette police, restaurants, bars, movie theaters and libraries are carving out spaces to separate yakkers from other customers.'

French Lesson Of The Day - 'Saucisse'

French: saucisse

English: sausage


Example Phrase Using Today's Word:

French: Maman, tu sais que je n'aime pas la saucisse.

English: Mom, you know I don't like sausage.

Real World Denver - Confirmation

So I got confirmation this weekend that this is indeed Davis/Jeremy. At Pride on Sunday, Julie and I were walking around when I saw this guy with a camera-man and sound person following him down Broadway.

As Julie and I approached, I yelled out 'Davis!'. Out of natural habit, he turns around to see who is calling him. So we go over to him and I ask, 'Aren't you Davis?'. He sheepishly says, 'no, sorry', then looks for an exit. I then ask the sound chick, 'you guys are with the Real World, right?'. She also lamely says 'no'. They're not good at lying.

Me and Julie get a good laugh at this, and wander off as Davis and crew attempt to disappear.

Later at the Foxhole, Davis and two other members of the cast show up. Only a few of the people there knew who they were, and what was going on. Some people showed interest, but most were indifferent. While grooving out, the blonde chick and the tattoo guy end up by Dave and I.

I ended up introducing myself to those two, while Davis appeared to be avoiding acknowledging I was there. He must have remembered me from earlier.

The blonde chick [Nicole or something like that, will have to look it up later], and the tattoo dude were cool. They seemed into each other. They made out occasionally. There was also a black guy hanging out with them, but I don't know if he was 'cast' or not. He also had tats.

After interacting with them, I felt kind of sorry for them. Briefly. It must be annoying to have people come up and bug you, but then again, they knew what they signed up for.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Real World Denver - Davis/Jeremy Pics

Get Real Denver has some more pics of Davis/Jeremy here:

'Real World Denver cast member Davis and an alleged boyfriend'

Gilded Moose Post Of The Day - Sandra Bullock/Jesse James

In honor of Pride and Superman Returns

From commenter 'Worker 3116' on Defamer:

So...Superman is a Topp.'

Unfortunate name

Unfortunate photo

Real World Denver - An Outsider's View

From Reality Blurred:

'I admit that when I heard the next Real World was going to Denver, I thought that producers had basically run out of cities. But it's rapidly becoming clear that being deprived of oxygen inspires great art. That's because Denver has reacted to the show like no other city. Seattle and Chicago may have had protests, but Denver is leading with its innovative and informative approaches to the show's presence.'

'First, the Denver Post broke journalistic ground by covering the show round-the-clock with a blog. And now, the city's alternative newspaper Westword got into the game by assembling a fake cast to fool the city's residents.'

'Their performance was so great, or people's expectations were so low, that they inspired a rash of cast and crew sightings. But best of all, they fooled Holly from Road Rules, who spotted the crew, came over, and introduced herself. 'It's funny. I don't recognize any of the staff,' she said.'

Denver newspaper assembles fake Real World cast and crew to fool the public

Hell to the blow!

My buddy J'adore Joey came up with this clever little game. Which prompted me to rearrange the lyrics below:


We just came up with the FUNNEST game EVER over here at the J'Adore Joey offices. We were lazily listening to the first CD of Whitney Houston's Greatest Hits Box Set, and we don't really know what happened, but all of a sudden we started replacing words in her songs with the word CRACK....and hilarity ensued!

Below are some of the titles to the songs we came up with. You can totally try this at home with the kids! It's a game the WHOLE family can play.








and our personal favorite duet with Enrique Iglesias.....


So the new version of 'Greatest Crack Of All' would go:

'I believe that crack is in my future,
I'll use it well,
and let it guide my day,
show me all the crack pipes you got inside.
I've got them a place to hide,
and 'hell to the no!',
get on up - out my way'

French lesson of the day - 'Rosbif'

French: rosbif

English: roast beef


Example Phrase Using Today's Word:

French: Pourquoi ne fais-tu pas un rosbif et une salade?

English: Why don't you make roast beef and a green salad?

IM Fun - 'Strangers have the best candy'

Brando says:

so i told you about that random dude i met at lipgloss and went to an after party right?

Matt says:

er...don't think so

Brando says:

ah - dave's bday - he got hammered and wandered off and i ended up meeting these guys - went back to their place afterwards [no funny business] - just thought it was funny how i meet a stranger and go home with them

Brando says:

anywho, so i haven't heard from him since then and today i get an email asking me to go to lipgloss

Matt says:

yah really ... bad you could have ended up in a bad crowd or slice/diced by some serial-killer

Matt says:

how funny

Matt says:

str8 dudes?

Brando says:

when i called him to get directions i actually said 'you're not going to rape or mug me are you'?

Matt says:

you and your powers

Brando says:

2 gay 2 str8

Matt says:


Brando says:

he didn't find my question funny

Brando says:


Matt says:


Matt says:

he's the str8? one?

Brando says:

nah, gay. he's an aries

Matt says:

oh wait! you did tell me ...heh

Brando says:

i don't know any aries besides myself

Matt says:

cuz I remember that he was an aries

Brando says:


Matt says:


Brando says:


Brando says:

oh duh - andy is aries

Brando says:


Yo momma

Sorry for all the 'yo momma' jokes, but I heard that song by The Pharcyde recently, and my notoriously slow program at work, is working as fast as molasses in winter.

Final 'yo momma' joke of the day is the classic:

' Yo' momma's so poor, when I saw her kicking a can down the street, I asked what she was doing, and she said "Moving!"'

Yo momma's so old....

she's blind from the 'Big Bang'.

Yo momma's so old.....

her driver's license is written in hieroglyphics.

Yo momma so skinny....

she has to fight the current in the bathtub.

Yo momma so skinny...

when she jumps out the window, she falls up.

Caesar in the hole!

Just had one of my brilliant moments. I was shaking up my salad to get the dressing evenly dispersed.

Well, the to-go container lid came off, and I sprayed chicken, romaine lettuce, and caesar dressing all over my desk. It looked pretty funny. Like some bad culinary drive-by. Wish I had my camera.

Side note and useless info: The caesar salad was invented in Mexico:

'Caesar salad was invented in 1924 by Caesar Cardini. Cardini was an Italian restaurateur and chef in Tijuana, Mexico, living in San Diego but working in Tijuana to avoid the restrictions of Prohibition. There are several stories about the specifics of the salad's creation.

The most common is that it resulted from a Fourth of July rush depleting the kitchen's supplies, and Cardini made do with what he had, adding the dramatic flair of a table-side tossing. Another is that it was created for a group of Hollywood stars after a long weekend party.

Most stories say that Cardini had to whip something up from what he had left in his kitchen, and the Caesar salad was the result. The Hotel César still exists in downtown Tijuana, where the original dish is still served.'

Wikipedia - Caesar Salad

Yo momma's breath so bad....

when she speaks, people around her get 3rd Degree chemical burns.

Yo momma's so cross eyed.....

she can see around corners.

Yo momma's teeth so bad.....

it looks like she has a mouth full of wild rice.

Yo momma's glasses are so thick...

when she looks at a globe, she can see people waving back at her.

Yo momma so stoopid.....

she asked for a price check at the 99 Cent Store.

Yo momma's like a board.....

she's flat, and she get's nailed.

[From Clay]

Is it just me...

or isn't just a tad bit funny that the colors for the 'Gay Leather Flag', are black and blue?

Happy Homo Day To All.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Yo momma so white......

even the Sun can't look directly at her.

Yo momma so old.....

she knew the Burger King, when he was a prince.

Yo momma so old.....

she served the wine at the Last Supper.

Real World Denver - Faux Cast And Crew

Why didn't I think of this? Westword staffers went out and pretended to be the cast to see what would happen.

'And then it hit us: We could make up our own seven-person cast, with a TV crew and producers, and then spend a night out raising a spectacle.

A fake Real World. Oh, hell yes.'

Celeb OD Watch - Natasha Lyonne

Yikes! From Gawker; sightings of an apparently degrading Natasha:

'June 18th:

I keep seeing her in my neighborhood-chelsea! I sat and watched her for awhile. It is so sad. She looks like she could die any minute. She was sitting on a step with her drug needle literally falling out of her hand as she started to go into her heroin sleep.

Then she would wake up and try to itch her face. What is wrong with her face? She looks like she has a huge tumor or maybe she has been beaten up or has some sort of infection but it is red and swollen and bleeding.'

AOL and Dead People

Found this customer service story over at Consumerist:

'My mom had AOL, but on February 21st, she was killed in a car accident. On February 23rd, I called AOL to cancel her service. I wish I could have recorded the conversation for you.

It was unbelievable. After explaining that my mother was killed in the accident, the rep told me that he was sorry that my mom was unhappy with the service. He then suggested lowering the number of hours per month to reduce the bill.

I said "she was killed." The rep then said, "I understand what you are saying, I'm just trying to come up with a solution." He actually got snippy with me. AOL finally told me that my mom would have to call and cancel the service herself (even after I provided the coroner's ID number for the incident, etc.).

I told them that if they could reach her that they should let me know how they did it.'

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Real World Denver - Fun At JR's

Recent sighting from Get Real Denver:

'There were four of them one guy and three girls. Everybody at the bar just stood around and stared at them. One of the girls spilled her drink on the pool table because a bug flew in and she dropped it.

Then there's this upstairs balcony and the whole thing was packed. When they were leaving one of the girls bit it on the sidewalk and everyone erupted in laughter and pointing and clapping. There were probably five production people and a cop, and one guy walking around having people sign release forms'