Friday, March 31, 2006

As long as it is George Clooney as Batman

I'm okay being his 'Robin'.

Snuff Film

Just watched 'Wonderland'. It's the story of the Wonderland murders in California that questions the involvement of porn star, John Holmes, in the incidents leading up the bodycount.

At first I couldn't get in to it. The movie didn't seem to have a focus and you really don't care about any of the characters. Then the plot begins to unravel.

What I liked about it is how you get to see three [well 2.5] versions of the incident. The director did a good job of creating a dirty 1980 vibe. Thankfully, using the hot stickiness of an LA summer allowed for scenes of Josh Lucas to be shot shirtless. I am a big Josh fan.

I must say he is a badass in this movie. Except for being an a*hole in 'American Psycho', I don't remember him ever playing a bad guy. Good job. Oh wait, he was a bad guy in the 'Hulk'.

The interesting thing is in the extra features of the DVD, they show the actual crime scene video tape. Dead bodies and all. It was interesting as you usually don't get to see that kind of stuff.

It wasn't as graphic as I thought. The movie makes it look like the victims were gutted and their bits and pieces were thrown around. While watching it though, I did feel like I was watching a snuff film. At least it gives me a reason to post another Josh Lucas pic.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Why I Love Site Meter

Someone found my blog by doing a Google search on:
"space planes" "hydrogen bombs" "parking lots"


The last thing I think of Madonna is being 'too British'. The guy's a flack who wanted press. Plus, the album sucks.

'Madonna’s latest tunes haven’t been a hit in the U.S., according to folks in the U.K., because she’s become too British. “The fans subconsciously know she’s away shooting grouse in her country manor somewhere” U.K. Music mogul John McLaughlin told the Scottish Daily Record.'


Call this number 972.898.0691


See this from Consumerist:

'Telemarketing Chiropractor's Cellphone Called

Yesterday we told you about Dr. Kirtland Speaks, a back-cracker who's suing for his right to telemarket to accident victims, using phone numbers from public accident reports. He's alleging that preventing this marketing plan violates the First Amendment.

We also published his celllphone number. Beth, a Consumerist reader, called it.'

Fun With Corporate Websites

I like to see how company's web sites respond when you contact them. Remember Nyquil? Here's the response from Michelina's after I wrote them after having the fettucine for lunch:

From: brando
Sent: Wednesday, March 29, 2006 2:36 PM
To: Consumer
Subject: Michelina's Fettucine Alfredo

:: A Note to Michelina's ::<

Customer Information:

Message Body:
I just wanted to say 'Yum!'. I love your Alfredo entree. It's a great deal for
the price.


From : Consumer
Sent : Thursday, March 30, 2006 4:10 PM
To : brando
Subject : RE: Michelina's Fettucine Alfredo

We're so pleased that you have taken the time to compliment our entrées, providing quality products at a value. It's marvelous to discover that some still care about quality as well as convenience. With our thanks, please forward us your mailing address so that we may send you some coupons good for a variety
of our products.

We hope that you will continue to use and enjoy our products in
the future.

Michelina's Inc
Consumer Relations Department

What a nice up-beat response. I don't really need coupons on something that costs less than a dollar, though.

That sucks

So my work just let James go. We knew it was coming, but they have their weird policies and term'd him today instead of next Monday.

At least he gets to leave work early and not work this weekend. He was my work IM buddy. Gave me someone interesing and funny to talk to to make the day go quicker. Blegh.

I feel like I just came off a bender with Whitney Houston

I have been up since 3:30 AM and I am feeling it now. The coffee has worn off and now my eyes are red and dry, my nose is running, my face feels like it looks like a meth-head's. My skin feels dry and itchy. Blegh. Can't wait to go home, shower, and crawl in to be with a movie.

Tom Shane

James says:
I miss the old liturgy. "Open Monday thru Friday till 8, Saturday and Sunday till 5."

James says:
Now it's all "He's dullllll but he's brilliant."

Brando says:
its still not as bad as 'it can only beeee JARRRR-EDDDDD'

James says:
Yeah, that's horrible.

Breathe - Melissa Etheridge

So the line in the song that goes 'I'm all right, I'm all only hurts when I breathe' cracks me up. If you're in pain every time you take a breath, you need to go to the ER. Not sing about it.

Soundtrack Association [songs being associated with a movie or product]

The O'Jays 'For The Love Of Money - The Apprentice

Jonathan Heder - Nerd/Mormon

'Giant magazine gives "Napoleon Dynamite" star Jon Heder the cover this month - and I found out that the kid is from Colorado.

Seems he was born of strict Mormon parents here, then raised in Salem, Ore. That's why he says "freakin' idiot" instead of, well, you know. He may be a Hollywood movie star, but he's a strict Mormon who values the purity of his body, as do I. According to Giant, Heder "does not drink, do drugs, smoke, or, excluding the occasional Dr. Pepper lapse, drink caffeine. Beneath his regular clothes he wears the ritual long underwear."'

Bill Husted

'So Co' doesn't make sense and 'The Fax' is just gay

Instead of 'SoBo' or 'SoCo', that area should be called 'SoBro' . Why? Because it more accurately shortens 'South Broadway' and it reflects the mentality of the 'burbanites who flood that area on the weekend.

It's like Denver's version of BNT people [Bridge and Tunnel for those who don't know - a derogatory term coined by Manhattanites for people who live in the other burroughs].

SoCo? NoDo? RiNo? They ain't LoDo

NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH - Branding the 'hood

Tonya Tiscanni never wanted to needle a sleeping giant.

But the former South Broadway bar owner acknowledges she felt stung by Regas Christou's new "SoCo" campaign.

"I was like, what? That's kind of a rip-off," says Tiscanni, who once operated the Baker neighborhood watering holes 60 South and ZooDenver. Both bars are closed now.

Tiscanni has long endorsed the neighborhood acronym "SoBo," and still operates the website to promote South Broadway as an entertainment destination, particularly as it's one of several central Denver neighborhoods that have seen rising real estate prices and new residential construction alongside the Baker neighborhood's already healthy night-life scene. Then, last year, the marketing machine behind nightclub magnate Regas Christou started producing fliers, stickers, e-newsletters and websites meant to brand the blocks around his businesses "SoCo," for south of Colfax.

As Denver's urban neighborhoods develop, city folk seem to stumble over new acronyms all the time. Realtors pick up on them quickly as a way to market hot new areas to homebuyers.

The latest? The Fax. That's the catchy new moniker adopted by businesses along East Colfax Avenue between Colorado Boulevard and Yosemite Street - a branding attempt that coincides with this year's first Colfax Marathon in May, and the accompanying "Feast on The FAX" festival.

Full Story Here: Denver Post

A Pit Bull named Prada

Cop Wrestles Pot Bags Out of Dog's Mouth

BOSTON (AP) - This Prada's bag was no designer purse. A Boston detective searching the apartment of a drug suspect wound up wrestling a sack containing 108 bags of marijuana out of the clenched jaws of a pitbull named Prada.

The dog was running around carrying a tan-colored bag Tuesday as police were searching the apartment, where they had already found a loaded gun, $1,000 cash and 14 bags of marijuana.

Prada did not give up without a fight.

When an officer tried to grab Prada's bag, the pooch pulled back. The plastic tore, and police said could they could see bags of marijuana inside the sack in Prada's mouth.

``All 108 bags were recovered from the dog's mouth after a vigorous struggle,'' police said in a written statement.

Officers locked Prada in a dog crate. They also arrested three people at the apartment.

Red Bull and Vodka? How 1997.

Red Bull May Not Nix Alcohol's Effects

Study: Alcohol Drinkers Still Impaired if They Also Drink Red Bull

March 27, 2006 -- If you drink alcohol, don't count on energy drinks such as Red Bull to keep you sober.

In a new study, young, healthy men reported feeling less drunk when they drank vodka mixed with Red Bull. But those impressions were misleading.

"The person is drunk but does not feel as drunk as he really is," says researcher Maria Lucia Souza-Formigoni, PhD, in a news release.

"People need to understand that the 'sensation' of well-being does not necessarily mean that they are unaffected by alcohol," Souza-Formigoni says, warning drinkers not to get behind the wheel. "Despite how good they may feel, they shouldn't drink and drive. Never."

Full story here: Netscape

Condi 'Hey there. What you doing later?'


I need a Site Meter intervention


my malaysian fan linked me - 'i'm big in malaysia'


Hahaha. That's funny. I got a visitor from Qatar yesterday.


MSNBC linked me too....


I'm all obsessed about it now.


It's sad.


i know site meter is evil - i think i need an intervention


i got linked by 'celebrity hookups online' - how funny


I wonder how I ever lived without it.



and it's not even my story - i blogged it from ny daily news


Dude that story was funny. Where'd you find that anyway?



its hidden halfway down


so yesterday was my highest traffic yet


I think it was mine too.....I had several people check it out because of my Defamer comment. And then that MSNBC link.


I'm at the top of the pack on that one.


wheres the msnbc link?


Woah.....34 visits so far today.


My average is at 106 now.



Now I'm second though.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Just got off the phone with Booty Call

He made a remark on that was self-depricating and I tried to tell him that it was silly and not true. So he was talking about having to go out of town this weekend for a dog show [yah, I know - but they are Great Danes, not some little girlie dog] and I asked 'Oh, are you in it?'.
Realizing the self-depricating comment I tried to clarify, 'I didn't mean that as a joke, I mean the dogs.'
I should think before I speak sometimes. I found it funny.
For the record, he doesn't look bad. He's like a cuter version of Mike from 'The Blair Witch Project'.


Whitney's Crack Den

[Click to enlarge]

I'm thinking if it is crack, it would be a little more clean. You tend to get a lot of energy and become very task-oriented on crack , so I'm told.

Via Gawker

Um, doy. Who didn't see this coming [and where it's going]?

Brangelina's trouble with dates - Ben Widdicome - NY Daily News

'Is there trouble in Paris-dise for Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie?

The world's most gaw-geous couple had a bit of a blowout in their apartment in the French capital, according to sources. The problem? Brad wants to set a wedding date, but she doesn't want to talk about it.

<> After the fight, pregnant Angelina apparently scooped up Maddox, 4, and Zahara, 14 months, and stormed out of the apartment, taking four hours to calm down. "Brad says it's like he can do nothing right these days," a source tells Star magazine.

"They argue about everything, from his cigarette smoking to world politics to how much he loves her! And apparently Angelina has told him she prefers the way he was when they first met — independent and masculine — and that she's getting tired of his whining and possessiveness."

Brad, buddy — there's a reason why this gal goes through men like Kleenex.'

'Nuff Said

'Don't switch the blade on the guy in shades, oh no
Don't masquerade with the guy in shades, oh no
I can't believe it
You got it made with the guy in shades, oh no'

Bronski Beat

'Small Town Boy' - Wow. Reminds me of how they used to show this video on Channel 12 here on a show called Teletunes. What's funny about Bronski Beat is it reminds me of high school, even though it came out when I was like 9. That's because of KTCL [who used to rock] and Teletunes.

My buddy Craig C is actually working with Jimmy Sommerville on a new project.

Cheap Trick

'The Flame' reminds me of 8th grade at Laredo Middle School. [Free association blogging via stuff I hear on the radio].

Songs I Loathe 3

'Don't Worry Be happy - Bobby McFerrin


By Duran Duran always reminds me of Sparkle Motion in Donnie Darko now. Keeping in line with my previous post of songs that get associated permanently with a movie.

150 Speakers? Wow.

'The Harkins Northfield 18 will feature a flagship auditorium called the Cine Capri, named after an Arizona theater that was razed in the late 1990s. The giant auditorium melds the design of an older, curtained
The Cine Capri at the new Harkins complex will try to blow customers away and draw them back with a giant screen and a 26,900-watt, 150-speaker sound system. (Post / Brian Brainerd)
theater with a giant screen and 26,900-watt, 150-speaker sound system.'

Denver Post

Anything for publicity

Last week it was snubbing Bush. Now it's adoption. She's really trying to spin her whore-itude:

Jessica Simpson wants to adopt children

LOS ANGELES (AP) - Jessica Simpson has babies on the brain.

The 25-year-old singer filed for divorce from Nick Lachey last December but her publicist says Simpson is looking at adoption.

"Nothing has been finalized yet" as to when and how Simpson will adopt, her publicist, Rob Shuter, told The Associated Press on Tuesday. But he added, "It is true that she's exploring options."

"I think Angelina Jolie has done amazing, amazing things, and the international adoption rate just since her has skyrocketed," she said. "It's unbelievable."

Simpson is best known for starring in the MTV reality show "Newlyweds: Nick & Jessica" with Lachey, who gained fame as a member of the boy band 98 Degrees.

Strikes me as funny the way it is written

Crazy Cat Terrorizes Connecticut Town

FAIRFIELD, Conn. (AP)- Residents of the neighborhood of Sunset Circle say they have been terrorized by a crazy cat named Lewis. Lewis for his part has been uniquely cited, personally issued a restraining order by the town's animal control officer.

``He looks like Felix the Cat and has six toes on each foot, each with a long claw,'' Janet Kettman, a neighbor said Monday. ``They are formidable weapons.''

The neighbors said those weapons, along with catlike stealth, have allowed Lewis to attack at least a half dozen people and ambush the Avon lady as she was getting out of her car.

Some of those who were bitten and scratched ended up seeking treatment at area hospitals.

Animal Control Officer Rachel Solveira placed a restraining order on him. It was the first time such an action was taken against a cat in Fairfield.

In effect, Lewis is under house arrest, forbidden to leave his home.

Solveira also arrested the cat's owner, Ruth Cisero, charging her with failing to comply with the restraining order and reckless endangerment.

Lay Low

Betcha he is going to have a hard time staying on the down low:

KABUL (AFP) - An Afghan Christian who avoided the death penalty after converting from Islam left Afghanistan for Italy where he has been granted asylum, the Italian embassy said.

"He has left and he is expected in Italy by tonight," an embassy official told AFP hours after Italy's cabinet offered Abdul Rahman asylum.

The official would not say exactly how and when Rahman, 41, had left Afghanistan.

Italy decided to offer him asylum at a cabinet meeting Wednesday, Labour Minister Roberto Maroni said in Rome.

"The decision has been taken. The matter has been resolved," he told reporters after a cabinet meeting.

The premier of Germany's Saarland state, Peter Mueller, had also said Rahman would be "warmly welcome," the German daily Die Welt reported.

Rahman was freed from jail in secret on Monday night but was kept under tight security at an undisclosed location after calls for him to be put to death in line with Islamic Sharia law.

He was arrested around a fortnight ago under Sharia, which says he should be sentenced to death unless he reverts to Islam.

And who uses 'fortnight' anymore?


I agree

4 Reasons to Stay Single

By Laura Snyder

These days we feel less social pressure to marry, can get laid without walking down the aisle, and aren't seen as crazy for staying single longer.

Which is exactly why we think you should hang on to that single status while you can.

Need more convincing?

Single Celebration #1: Time Is On Your Side

Thanks to the evolution of the modern relationship, there's less pressure to marry young or marry for convenience or financial reasons. So you can afford to wait for Mr. or Ms. Right. By staying happily single, you can take the time to wander around the dating field, picking and choosing who you want to play with, instead of going on a frustratingly single-minded search for The One.

Single Celebration #2: More Opportunities.

Let's fact it: single people have more options and opportunities offered to them just because they're less tied down than committed couples. You can get away with spontaneous adventures, try new things and go new places more easily. Partying 'til dawn is a lot easier on your own!

Single Celebration #3: You Can Focus on the Financials

Okay, maybe it's not a sexy reason, but when you're single it is easier to build up a great career without the drain of a serious relationship on your life. You can move across the country for that great job, work long nights if you need to, and take business trips to exotic locales without a second thought. Plus, think of all the money you're saving by not having to think about engagement rings, mortgages and a college education for a kid.

Single Celebration #4: You Never Have to Compromise.

Rather sleep in that have brunch with your family? Do it. Want to have Cheetos and ice cream for dinner - again? Go for it. Rather watch The O.C. than the NBA? Fine. Single, you can go wherever you want whenever you want, do what you want anytime. And no one will tell you not to. It's 24/7 self-indulgence without guilt! Why would you want to give that up?


Oldies But Goodies

Sky FM just played Kim Wilde's 'Kids In America' and it showed it as being from 1981. It's odd to realize that that song is 25 years old! I was just thinking the other day that Eric B and Rakim's 'Paid In Full' is from '87. That's 19 years ago! 'Paid In Full' is a modern classic. One of the first dance remixes to use rap and samples.

I remember as a kid thinking 'oldies' were songs from the 50's and 60's. It's odd to think we are now listening to 'oldies' when we hear stuff from the 80's and 90's.

Unusual Words Of The Day

1) puist puust (adjective)
: in comfortable circumstances

2) orgulous or guu les (adjective)
: proud and haughty (humorous)

From Gopher Central 'Word Of The Day'

Last Night's Dream

I converted to Judaism and I was heckling my rabbi. That didn't go over so well.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Scientology's Silent Birth

Had to look up the thought process about why 'Tologists practice the silent birth thing:

'Tom and Katie are likely to follow the church's "silent birth" guidelines during delivery, which means no music and no talking during the birth, which also means no screaming during the pains of labor.

The doctrine also states that newborns cannot be poked or prodded for medical tests or even spoken to for the first seven days of their lives, believing that babies go through so much pain during the birth, they shouldn't have to experience any further discomfort or sensory experience that could return later in life to haunt them. '



Advertising Works!

Via Gawker

If I was still in high school..

I would SO ditch the rest of the day. It's amazing outside. Not too hot, not too cold.

It's Hip To Be A Square

It's amazing how a movie can make you associate a certain scene with a song on it's soundtrack Everytime I hear that Huey Louis and The News song, all I see is Christian Bale hacking Jared Leto to bits and pieces in 'American Psycho'.

Same with Stealers Wheel's 'Stuck In The Middle With You'. That will always be associated with Michael Madsen cutting off the ear in 'Reservoir Dogs'. I wonder what the artists think about that.

A New Take On The Urinal

[click on image to enlarge]

Received from Dave:

'We all know that women have been held back and underpaid in the work place. Edge Designs is an all women run company that designs interior office space. They had a recent opportunity to do an office project in NYC. The client allowed the women of this company a free hand in all Design aspects.The client was a company that was also run by all women execs.............The result............well.......

We all know that men never talk ...never look at each other....and never laugh much in the restroom....The men's room is a serious and quiet place............But now ...with the addition of one mural on the wall......lets just say the men's restroom is a place of laughter and smiles...'

Famous Last Words

"My first reaction was 'Wow, a moose!"' she said of the March 12 incident near her weekend home. "But the look in its eyes, ... I turned and started to run."

The moose knocked Shoemaker to the ground and began trampling her, she said, but a policeman on a snowmobile approached and scared it off.

"They are a majestic animal," said Shoemaker, who professes a love for the animals. "I just didn't realize they were so dangerous."

Denver Post

People eat Moose meat?

'Chuck Heckert even joked that when his father regains his wits, he will wonder why they didn't place the butchered moose in his freezer. Actually, the DOW donated the meat to a local food bank. '

Denver Post

Reflecting the demographic, maybe?

'XM is dropping channels devoted to Christian music, soul, Latin jazz and one with jam bands and progressive rock'


Honesty, or sarcasm?

"I feel a lot of hope for Iraq," he said. "The Marines and soldiers there feel very positive about what they're doing. They feel very confident about the future of Iraq.

"With the exception of those that shot at me with mortars and rockets, threw a grenade (at me), did an IED (improvised explosive device), they all were very courteous."



If this is the case, I wonder what else on the list of National Historic Landmarks, the Brady Brunch house?

Elvis' Graceland Becomes National Landmark

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (AP) - The home of the King of Rock 'n' Roll joined the homes of presidents past and present in becoming a National Historic Landmark Monday.

Graceland, where Elvis Presley died in 1977, joins the White House, Mount Vernon and Monticello in receiving the country's highest designation for historic properties.

Talk about being a Whopper

'PALMDALE, Calif. (AP) - Four burgers at his neighborhood Burger King cost George Beane a whopping $4,334.33.

Beane ordered two Whopper Jr.s and two Rodeo cheeseburgers when he pulled up to the drive-through window last Tuesday. The cashier, however, forgot that she'd entered the $4.33 charge on his debit card and punched in the numbers again without erasing the original ones - thus creating a four-figure bill.

The electronic charge went through to George and Pat Beane's Bank of America checking account and left the couple penniless. Their mortgage payment was due and they worried checks they had written would bounce, Pat Beane said.'


He's as bad as Tancredo. I can't believe he is comparing migrant workers to terrorists:

'The bill's next step is the full Senate, where Majority Leader Bill Frist, R-Tenn., is negotiating with other senators on how to handle the committee's bill and his own proposal, which focuses more on punishing employers who hire undocumented workers.

``The situation along our Southern borders now ranks as a national security challenge, second only to the war on terror,'' Frist said Monday. ``Every day thousands of people violate our frontiers.'' '


At least....

our religious fanatics are not this extreme [so far]:

'On Monday, hundreds of clerics, students and others chanting ``Death to Christians!'' marched through the northern Afghan city of Mazar-e-Sharif to protest the court decision Sunday to dismiss the case. Several Muslim clerics threatened to incite Afghans to kill Rahman if he is freed, saying that he is clearly guilty of apostasy and deserves to die.

``Abdul Rahman must be killed. Islam demands it,'' said senior Cleric Faiez Mohammed, from the nearby northern city of Kunduz. ``The Christian foreigners occupying Afghanistan are attacking our religion.'''


Archiving this to see if it comes true

Forecasts: Northeast Due for Big Hurricane

DOVER, N.H. (AP) - New England could be in for a big one. Meteorologists say conditions - including warmer temperatures in the Atlantic Basin and cooler temperatures in the Pacific Ocean - are ripe for the Northeast coast to be hit by a whopper of a hurricane this season.

Ken Reeves, a senior meteorologist at the AccuWeather Center in State College, Pa., said that when the Pacific is cooler, it ``essentially drives the storm track further to the east in the Atlantic Ocean basin.''

He predicts the East Coast north of the Mid-Atlantic states could see a Category 3 hurricane, a storm that could resemble the devastating systems that hit New England between the 1930s and 1950s.

``There are some eerie similarities to the pattern of the 1938 hurricane,'' he said.

A 1938 storm known as the ``The Long Island Express'' remains the region's worst hurricane. Its 121 mph winds gusted to 183 mph and caused massive flooding, power outages and wind damage throughout the region, leaving 600 people dead.

During recent decades, New Englanders mostly have experienced only the remnants of storms that hit other parts of the country, such as Hurricane Gloria in 1985 and Hurricane Bob in 1991, which brought heavy rains, localized flooding and power outages.

If a big storm did hit, the New Hampshire coast might be spared the worst of the damage because it is sheltered compared to areas like Cape Cod, Portland, Maine, and Long Island, N.Y., Reeves said.

Lourdes Aviles, a Plymouth State University assistant meteorology professor, said Reeves' forecast sounds right. That New England hasn't had a strong hurricane in 50 years could signal the region's luck is running out, she said.

John Jensenius, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Gray, Maine, said his group has been concerned for years that a strong hurricane could strike New England's coast.

Hurricane activity tends to be cyclical, he said. Every 50 years, a pattern develops that increases the potential for a major storm. But that doesn't mean a storm is imminent.

``The chances of one happening this year is no greater than it was last year,'' Jensenius said.

Information from: Foster's Daily Democrat,

03/27/06 22:27

Monday, March 27, 2006

Better Pics

I'm lovin' the fact that he has Hebrew on his shirt in the last pic.

Hubba Hubba 6

Scott Caan - Not the best pic. Even though he is kind of meathead/Mongoloid looking, he still gets a Hubba Hubba.

Songs I Like 2

Pat Benatar - 'Love Is A Battlefield' - Now that I am getting ready to leave from work, Jack FM starts playing better music.

Her style too.

'1:30 am: I come home to my apartment, only to run into Crystal in the lobby. She is in the middle of a valiant struggle to open the wrong mailbox with our house key.'

I got my roommate really drunk this weekend at Logged Hours

Fresh Pepper

Something about his writing style I really enjoy:

'I also told the girl about the amazing sets designed by the Met that make the audience gasp when the curtain is lifted. Of course, that was before I realized that I took her to an opera that takes place in a prison.

I told her, "They're probably saving the super-impressive scenery for act II."

Act II was in the basement of the prison.'

Fresh Pepper

George Michael gay? No way!

So how no one knew in the 80's that George Michael is/was gay is beyond me. Look at these. Have to be the gayest double-entendre lyrics, ever.:

I'm Your Man

Call me good

Call me bad

Call me anything you want to baby
But I know that you're sad

And I know I'll make you happy

With the one thing that you never had

Baby, I'm your man (don't you know that?)

Baby, I'm your man

You bet!

If you're gonna do it, do it right - right?

Do it with me

So good...

You're divine

Wanna take you, wanna make you

But they tell me it's a crime!

Everybody knows where the good people go

But where we're going baby

Ain't no such word as no!

Baby, I'm your man (don't you know who I am?)

Baby, I'm your man

You bet!

If you're gonna do it, do it right - right?

Do it with me

Come on baby,
(ooh, take me home
Please don't leave me here, to do it on my own...)

First class information

I'll be your sexual inspiration

And with some stimulation

We can do it right...

So why waste time

With the other guys?

When you can have mine

I ain't askin' for no sacrifice

Baby your friends do not need to know!

I've got a real nice place to go
I don't need you to care

I don't need you to understand

All I want is for you to be there

And when I'm turned on

If you want me-
I'm your man!

If you're gonna do it, do it right - right?

Do it with me

Now listen

If you're gonna do it - you know what I say?

If you're gonna do it don't throw it away

Don't throw it baby


I'll be your boy, I'll be your man

I'll be the one who understands
I'll be your first, I'll be your last

I'll be the only one you ask

I'll be your friend, I'll be your toy

I'll be the one who brings you joy

I'll be your hope, I'll be your pearl

I'll take you halfway 'round the world!

I'll make you rich - I'll make you poor

Just don't use the door

Do it with me...


So my hair product smells like an apple and fig aromatherapy candle. Sometimes that's a good thing, but bad at other times.

Davines Matt Pliable Putty No. 5

Please say it is Clive Owen.

'Which British heartthrob film star has been secretly dating a male New York City ballet dancer?'

Page Six Blind Item


'After having unprotected sex with a green beret and trolling the web for the finest young men available, Clay Aiken is now looking for some female company. If only Penelope Cruz were available.'


Songs I Like

Finally, a good song on Jack FM:

'Over The Hills And Far Away' - Led Zeppelin

Songs I Loathe 2

Linda Ronstadt - 'When Will I Be Loved?'

Songs I Loathe

Courtesy of Jack FM.

'Sexual Healing' - Marvin Gaye.

The Church

I think it was either Judge Jules, or Pete Tong who said The Church was their favorite club to play here in the states. From the Post:

'Speaking of the Winter Music Conference, Denver once again is represented well in the Club World Awards, which will be announced tonight in Miami. The awards are presented by Club Systems International, a club industry trade mag.

Among the expected nominations for hot spots in Vegas, NYC, Miami and Hollywood, our little not-such-a-cow-town boasts two of its own. The Church (1160 Lincoln St.) is up again for Best Club (it won the award in both 2003 and 2004), and Monarck lounge (1416 Market St.) and interior designer Jeffrey Elliott are up for Best Interior Design.'

The Church is pretty cool, except for the crowd, and the music is touch and go depending on who is spinning.

Denver Post

Maybe he was on Ambien?

NEW DELHI (Reuters) - A Muslim couple in India has been told by local Islamic leaders they must separate after the husband "divorced" his wife in his sleep, the Press Trust of India reported.

Sohela Ansari told friends that her husband Aftab had uttered the word "talaq," or divorce, three times in his sleep, according to the report published in newspapers Monday.

When local Islamic leaders got to hear, they said Aftab's words constituted a divorce under an Islamic procedure known as "triple talaq." The couple, married for 11 years with three children, were told they had to split.

The religious leaders ruled that if the couple wanted to remarry they would have to wait at least 100 days. Sohela would also have to spend a night with another man and be divorced by him in turn.



Hotel Wal-Mart

'WINDSOR HEIGHTS, Iowa - Skyler Bartels kept looking over his shoulder. It's a habit he picked up living at the Windsor Heights Wal-Mart for three days.

Really living there. Eating, sleeping, checking out the DVDs, never leaving. The plan was to spend his entire spring break there. Under the radar.

Like real life, you can't get everything at Wal-Mart (new slogan: Not a Hotel). Bartels couldn't get a shower or a bed. He couldn't find one of those miniature bottles of shampoo.'

Full story here KUSA

Seattle Shooting

Maybe he got a hold of some bad drugs and freaked out over the 'zombies'.

'Police say the victims met Huff, 28, at a rave called "Better Off Undead" Friday night and invited him back to an after-party at their rental home on Capitol Hill.

Some 500 people attended the rave -- parties that attract young people to dance to thumping, bass-laden electronic music. People often dress up in Halloween-like outfits and paint their faces.

Huff left the after-party at about 7 a.m. and returned wearing bandoliers of ammunition and carrying a 12-gauge pistol-grip shotgun and a handgun. He fired on the 30 young partygoers gathered in the house before walking out and killing himself when confronted by a police officer.'


Chevy HHR

This is the rental car they gave me this weekend. I used to think it ugly but it grew on me. I would actually buy it.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Odd dream

So last night's dream played itself out over three vignettes. First up was me on a road trip with some people out in the sticks. It was Pueblo in the dream, although it looked nothing like Pueblo.
At one point, the GMC Jimmy [yeah, I know], broke down and I got in to a fight with the other occupants. So being me, I threw attitude and stormed off, leaving the group to do what they want. I then had to figure out how to get shelter for the night, and get back to Denver.
Luckily, I kind of remembered where the bus station and motels were in Pueblo. Then the dream changed.
Next thing I know, I am in a situation that resembles that movie 'The Apple' that I watched last weekend. There was a group of people who were acting like a fascist state, and getting people to assimilate to their ways [of the BIM]. Eventually, I, and others, determine that BIM is actually a group of aliens determined to make humans their slaves [again, yah, I know].
So me, and the others who choose to become the 'resistance', play a cat and mouse game of surviving and trying to overthrow the BIM. Like in the movie, the BIM sticker becomes the source of their control. Anyone wearing one would follow BIM.
Blah, blah, blah, the BIM started killing those who refused to be a follower. I manage to escape to New York and......
end up working on a TV show. I was a grunt working behind the scenes. But as timed past, I realized that the others in my department were slacking off and disappearing, leaving me to do all the work. This, of course, pissed me off and I slipped out as well. Then it ended with me, in the rain, going from building to building in search of something [I don't know what].
Yah, so there it is. I don't know where that dream came from. Although, I was really tired from this weekend's activities. Plus, I did eat kind of late. Maybe that was it.


So among my many accomplishments this weekend, I was able to take digital photos of the scale model I had to build from my drafting floorplans for my 3D Modeling class for my portfolio. It is a two-story McMansion. The scale looks funny because I made the ceilings so high [14']. Plus, it was my second quarter of school.
I am still pretty happy with it as it it comes apart in three pieces. Plus, my teach asked to keep it so they could display it. After two and a half years, I was able to bring it home. It was blood, sweat and tears to get it done since I am such a perfectionist.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Blind People

So blind people bum me out. Like my buddy James and his missing limb thing, I have a weird reaction when I see a blind person. I had left work last night and was happy because the day was over, tomorrow was Friday, and I had no plans or obligations for the weekend.

Then I saw her.

There was this little [like 4'6"] Asian girl on my bus who got off at the Market Street station stop like me. I walked up and out to where the shuttle picks you up. Out comes Asian girl wandering around with her cane. She veered off the direction she needed to go like three times.

Finally, she gets to where the shuttle picks you up but she was on the opposite side of where it stops. The shuttle doors open and everyone gets on. She hears the shuttle and turns and tries to scurry over with the help of her cane.

Knowing that the shuttle people wait for no one, I didn't want her to miss it, so I rushed over asked if she needed help and she said 'yes'. I grabbed her arm and helped direct her on to the shuttle. There, I did my good deed as a citizen for the day.

But she bummed me out. I feel scared for blind people because I know not everyone in this world has the best of intentions. I dread to think of someone like her being, well, kind of easy prey for malicious people.

I know that handicapped people are not defenseless and in need of assistance. In fact, I admire them because they can live with an impediment. I'm a big wuss, I can readily admit that. But, I would kill myself if I lost my sight. I don't think I could deal with it.

Every time it snows and there is ice on the ground, I wonder how the blind people get around. I can barely keep my balance sometimes and I have sight. Blegh. Bless the blind people, but they sure make me worry about them.

Don't eat before going to bed

I made that mistake last night and ended up having funky dreams. One of them involved a young, better looking Robert Deniro trying to hit on me.

Second one was of me and Matt getting in to a shouting match with a co-worker.

Third was this one where I had to stay late at work in order to help throw a public speaking event. I had to set up the food and bartend, and at the end of the night I made a big cocktail as a reward. The cocktail? Vanilla Absolut, cream, and soda. I guess it's a variation of a White Russian, but I haven't actually tried that in real life. I wonder if the Vodka would curdle the cream? Guess not because a white russian has cream.

Last dream was I came home to find that my, and 2 neighbor's condos had their front doors busted down. Supposedly the fire department came and needed access. I used a portable red Hoover vacuum to clean up the broken glass that was on the floor as well. Yes, the last one was that detailed and random. I don't own a portable vac.

Any thoughts on meanings of these?

Barney Rubble

Didn't know Barney liked Jazz:


Name Barney Rubble
Nickname Barney Boy
Address 303 Cobblestone Way, Bedrock
First Appearance September 30, 1960


Gender Male
Age 35
Hair Blonde
Eyes Light

Marital Status Married/Betty
Children Bamm-Bamm (Adopted)
Pets Hopperoo (aka Hoppy)
Friends Fred and Wilma Flintstone

Work and Hobbies
Occupation Several careers including :
Quarry Worker, Rock Heap & Quarry Construction Co.,
Pebbles Co. Rock and Gravel, furniture repossessor,
travel agent, co-owner (with Fred) of "The Drive-In," and
(again, with Fred) private investigator.
Hobbies Lodge : Royal Order of Water Buffalos
AKA The Loyal Order of Dinosaurs and
The Loyal Order of Water Buffalos

Favorite Phrases "Uh, I don't know about this Fred," and "Uh, Gee Fred"
Likes Bowling, Jazz
Dislikes None Notable

A Flinstone's World

Who this?

Kinda cute. Looks like Peter Brady all growed up.

'Violinist Vadim Repin, who performs Wednesday in a Friends of Chamber Music concert at DU, specializes in Russian and French music, as well as 20th-century and contemporary music.'

Denver Post

Everything's better with pepper

'Black pepper (Piper nigrum)stimulates the taste buds in such a way that an alert is sent to to the stomach to increase hydrochloric acid secretion, thereby improving digestion. Hydrochloric acid is necessary for the digestion of proteins and other food components in the stomach.

When the body's production of hydrochloric acid is insufficient, food may sit in the stomach for an extended period of time, leading to heartburn or indigestion, or it may pass into the intestines, where it can be used as a food source for unfriendly gut bacteria, whose activities produce gas, irritation, and/or diarrhea or constipation.

Black pepper has long been recognized as a carminitive, (a substance that helps prevent the formation of intestinal gas), a property likely due to its beneficial effect of stimulating hydrochloric acid production. In addition, black pepper has diaphoretic (promotes sweating), and diuretic (promotes urination) properties.

Black pepper has demonstrated impressive antioxidant and antibacterial effects--yet another way in which this wonderful seasoning promotes the health of the digestive tract.

And not only does black pepper help you derive the most benefit from your food, the outer layer of the peppercorn stimulates the breakdown of fat cells, keeping you slim while giving you energy to burn.'

World's Healthiest Foods

Pepper Eye Medicine


'Black peppercorns figure in remedies in Ayurveda, Siddha and Unani medicine in South Asia. The 5th century Syriac Book of Medicines prescribes pepper (or perhaps long pepper) for such illnesses as constipation, diarrhoea, earache, gangrene, heart disease, hernia, hoarseness, indigestion, insect bites, insomnia, joint pain, liver problems, lung disease, oral abscesses, sunburn, tooth decay, and toothaches.[16]

Various sources from the 5th century onward also recommend pepper to treat eye problems, often by applying salves or poultices made with pepper directly to the eye.


Interesting comparison

From the US Census Bureau and

Population of Iraq[CIA] about 25 million
Population of US [2005 estimate] about 283 million

Iraq is almost equal to the size of Idaho -

Population of Idaho [2005 estimate] - almost 1.5 million

People with HIV/AIDS in Iraq - Less than 500 [.1% of population]