Monday, January 30, 2006

Editors - Munich

I am totally digging on this song right now by Editors, a band from the UK. The song is 'Munich' and is in rotation on BBC1. At first, I though it was The Bravery. Go to their site and you can check out the video and songs [full length].


Wow. So also managed to watch 'Happiness' this weekend. I forgot how Todd Solondz can be so unflinching in his work. This was one of those movies that makes you feel 'icky' at points. I'm surprised he 'went there' in regards to the dad being a chester molester.

What was hard to watch, as well, as the actor who plays the dad Dylan Baker [what's with this being a Baker weekend?], also played a preacher on an episode of 'Strangers With Candy'. Plus, I know I have seen him in other stuff.

It's kinda funny because the Strangers episode he was in [Is Freedom Free], deals with Gerri taking a risque photo and the preacher strong arms the school to get it taken down - from being displayed from the 'Freedom Cage' no less [love Strangers With Candy!].

Anyway, the movie is just depressing, yet intriguing to watch. The Cathryn Manheim plot line is kind of unbelievable, but it goes with the tableau of the movie I guess. The story of the parents was also dragged and I actually had to fast forward through their scenes. Oh, and Joy, man she needs to grow a pair, or at least go on a heavy round of meds. Her 'woe is me' attitude was labored to watch. She almost deserved what she got in my opinion.

Overall though I think it is an interesting work. Some people may find it offensive and hard to watch.

Hubba Hubba

Watched Land Of The Dead this weekend, and while it was good, it wasn't great. I think the remake of 'Dawn Of The Dead' was much better. And I know Romero was trying to be funny at some points [like with the clown zombie chomping down on innards], but 'Shaun Of The Dead' was far more successful. Like at the end of Shaun when they have clips of the zombies being assimilated in to society [the lady on the talk show who was married to a zombie, and the one zombie who collected grocery carts]. That's funny and social commentary.

I know Romero wanted to have Kaufman be a symbol of George Bush and the administration, but it wasn't strong enough, in my opinion. The one thing that bugged me about 'Land Of The Dead' was the actor playing Riley. He looked familiar and it drove me crazy. I was too lazy to IMDB it until today. Well, that guys is Simon Baker. I guess I had seen him before in 'Book Of Love' and 'The Ring II'.

From what I remember, 'Book Of Love' was pretty decent. It's the story of a couple who befriends this teen that they feel sorry for, but then the teen ends up hooking up with the wife and things get all complicated [obviously]. Simon is kinda girthy in this one, but still kinda hot in a weird way.

Second movie was the 'Ring II' where he played the owner of the newspaper. I remember thinking he was kinda hot with his stubble action. But it was cool to see him play a lead in 'Land'. Hopefully he gets more roles like that.

I can't believe It won

'Crash' - It was okay, but nothing award winning. It won best film ensemble Sunday at the 12th annual Screen Actors Guild Awards

I agree - he should win

Tom Cruise front-runner for worst acting award

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Tom Cruise may have survived a Martian attack in last year's remake of "War of the Worlds," but he has failed to elude Hollywood's movie police.

The actor was among the contenders announced on Monday for the annual Razzie Awards, which "honor" the worst achievements in film.

Cruise will compete for the year's worst actor award with Will Ferrell ("Bewitched," "Kicking & Screaming"), Jamie Kennedy ("Son of the Mask"), Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson ("Doom") and Rob Schneider ("Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo").

The nominees were announced by The Golden Raspberry Award Foundation, a tongue-in-cheek organization that claims more than 700 voting members.

Foundation head John Wilson said in an interview he did not think Cruise's portrayal of a working-class man in "War of the Worlds" was particularly credible.

While there were arguably worse performances, Cruise's off-screen antics, either in support of Scientology, or in the throes of passion with new girlfriend Katie Holmes, ensured he made the grade, Wilson said.

Indeed, Cruise was nominated twice in the new category of most tiresome tabloid target, which salutes "the celebs we're all sick and tired of," Wilson said.

Cruise is already a Razzie winner, sharing the honor with Brad Pitt for worst screen couple in "Interview with the Vampire." He was also nominated for the film "Cocktail."

Actresses Jenny McCarthy and Jessica Simpson also picked up three nominations. McCarthy was cited for worst actress, worst screen couple and worst screenplay for "Dirty Love." Simpson will also vie for worst screen couple, as well as worst supporting actress as Daisy Duke in "The Dukes of Hazard."

"Son of the Mask," a sequel to the 1994 Jim Carrey hit, led the nominated films with eight mentions. Unfortunately for the producers, Carrey did not reprise his role in the new film and no one went to see it.

"Dukes of Hazzard," which did well at the box office, received seven nominations.

Winners will be announced on March 4, the day before the Academy Awards. Last year's announcement was attended by Halle Berry, graciously taking her lumps for "Catwoman."

Aw man! He left SNL - Rob Riggle

He was one of the few remaining funny guys on the show - I have totally stopped watching.

Wow, and he was a marine. Who knew marines could be funny.

This is kind of awesome I think actually

Fresh Direct to NYC Singles: Fill That Void With Ice Cream

2006_01_ARTS_FDAY.jpg"We, like so many others in this city, depend on Fresh Direct to bring us delicious things to fill our cabinets and fridge. They don't judge us if we order too much wine or not enough vegetables. They don't complain about the 5 flights of stairs they climb to deliver us our groceries. But now, our lovable little grocer has delivered us a "Brokenhearted Menu" for the upcoming Valentine's Day.

That's right all of you New York singles, Fresh Direct has what you need - even when nobody else does, and they've conveniently sub-categorized it into sections titled: Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and Acceptance.

The best part is the text which prefaces the selections:

Is Valentine's Day simply a stinging reminder of singlehood, like a coarse-grained sea salt rubbed into your painful, wounded heart? We've got a few ideas on how to ease the suffering a bit. Just check out our handy selection of our favorite items for the brokenhearted. From bitters (to match your mood) to thyme (said to heal all wounds) these items might cushion the bumpy trip from blind denial all the way to a newfound acceptance of single life.

Coarse-grained sea salt rubbed into your painful, wounded heart?! Who is writing this copy, Sylvia Plath? So order lots of alcohol and ice cream, singles, Fresh Direct will deliver it right to the door of your bell jar."

From Gothamist:

Whatever. Like we're better off now:

Bush will use State of the Union to preview midterm campaign themes and paint optimistic portrait; speech avoids “ambitious” proposals. Senior administration official: “America ought to be leading the way, working to shape events. We're always better when we're out there shaping events, rather than being shaped by them.”

Republicans are so ass-backwards

From Wonkette:

'We will have a Jesse Jackson piñata, a dunk tank where you'll get the chance to sink my wife who will be dressed as Hilary Clinton, and a special guest appearance by my uncle - Rep. Timothy V. Johnson who will be giving away “Proud to be G.O.P.” American Flag windbreakers. Bring a side dish if you like. We will have burgers, hot dogs, chili, and pizza, but nothing vegetarian! This party is family friendly, so feel free to bring children. It's never too early to get them involved!'

Friday, January 27, 2006

I'm a little freaked out

So I received a call from my school from some lady who just said to call her at an 1-800 number. Wonder if it has to do with my email to 'Worst teacher Ever'? Could they suspend me? It has to be related. Which I don't get, it's my money and I am the consumer. I am the one calling the shots.

Comment regarding NYC's 'Mystery Smell':

"Perfect headline for Time Magazine to run once the biological-agent being tested angle comes out and people reprt some symptoms five or six years from now like Flaneur was mentioning.

I can't believe last summer's terrorist strike hype/warnings included tips like "Remember: deadly biological agents often smell sweet, inducing targets to breathe them in. If you smell an unexplained sweet aroma, be suspicious." And now everyone's like, "Yaaaayy! I love the sweet, sweet syrup smell hovering over New York City!'s my birthday! I'm getting waffles! God loves me so he gave me a waffle cloud to smell! Yaaaay!"

Happy waffle smell, standby for babies born with flippers."

British Word Of The Day

whinge (hwnj, wnj)
intr.v. Chiefly British whinged, whing·ing, whing·es
To complain or protest, especially in an annoying or persistent manner.

Bufugly if you ask me:

From the Denver Post 1.27.06:

55-story condo tower joins skyline-transforming rush

By Margaret Jackson

Denver Post Staff Writer

Rendering depicts the planned 55-story condo tower. (Special)

A Toronto company on Thursday announced plans to build a 55-story, 200-condominium residential tower in downtown Denver, adding to a frenzy of development proposals that could dramatically alter the city's skyline.

Great Gulf Group said it plans to spend about $165 million on the building east of Larimer Square at 14th and Lawrence streets, near Lower Downtown.

It would be among the city's tallest buildings.

The company on Wednesday purchased the 25,000-square-foot site from Denver-based Westfield Development Co. The sale price was not disclosed.

"I think it's the best location in Denver," said Gary Switzer, Great Gulf's executive vice president. "We're on the border of the central business district where the zoning changes in LoDo. It's the last opportunity to do a tall building and a very dense building without being restricted by the height limits of LoDo."

Some real estate skeptics doubt whether all of the proposed buildings will be built. But one competing developer praised the recent moves.

"I think it's good that we're finally starting to pull the residential base into the downtown core," said Michael Geller, who hopes to build a 31-story condo tower near 14th and Speer Boulevard. "The lack of a residential base is something that's been holding this downtown back. The more people we have downtown, the better chance we have of bringing better-quality retail. I strongly applaud any of those kinds of project that will start to bring people into downtown."

John Huggins, Denver's director of economic development, said he thought there's demand for at least the 1,000 or so downtown residential units now on the drawing board.

"Perhaps some of those proposed projects may change as they move to fruition, but I believe they all will be built in one form or another," he said.

Founded in 1975, Great Gulf developed a 36-story tower in Toronto, as well as a number of single-family subdivisions in Texas and Florida. Its Ashton Woods Homes subsidiary developed The Pinery, a 771-home development in Parker.

The company's proposed Denver tower is a few blocks from the Denver Center for the Performing Arts, across the street from a proposed Four Seasons

hotel and condominium complex, and adjacent to the Larimer Square Historic District.

However, the site is not part of the historic district. Its zoning is consistent with the rest of downtown, so the project's height should not be an issue, said Julius Zsako, communications director of community and planning development for Denver.

The Four Seasons, proposed by Hotel Teatro developers Michael Brenneman and Jeff Selby, is expected to be about 50 stories tall and include 140 condominiums atop 20 floors of hotel rooms.

Asked about the plans for a competing residential tower across Arapahoe Street, Brenneman cautioned that Great Gulf needs to be sensitive "when you're backing up to Larimer Square. That's truly one of our gems. It's a very old brick block, and it needs delicate handling."

Also in the works

Other downtown projects announced recently:

  • A 41-story tower near the Colorado Convention Center from Clayton Lane developer Randy Nichols.
  • An age-restricted condo tower near the convention center by developer Charlie Woolley.
  • Osborn Development's 31-story One Lincoln Park.
  • Geller's 31-story condo tower.

    Geller's site was part of a land swap in which Mayor John Hickenlooper's administration gave up the land in exchange for property it needed for the justice complex.

    Geller has been seeking a boundary change that would put his property out of the historic district and allow the tower.

    Councilwoman Judy Montero has convened a group of stakeholders to work with Geller on plans for the site.

    "The tower is still being talked about, but we're also talking about what it would look like if he developed it within the historic district," said Kim Kucera, a Montero aide.

    Geller said he also is considering several 55- to 85-foot shorter buildings interspersed over the site.

    Units in Great Gulf's tower, designed by Peter Clewes of Toronto-based architectsAlliance, are expected to range from 1,200 to 7,000 square feet, with prices starting around $550,000. The building's amenities will include a doorkeeper, concierge, valet parking and on-site recreational director.

    "I think there's a really strong market for those units from people who are living downtown in dated high-rises and on Cheesman Park," said Dee Chirafisi, broker/owner with Kentwood City Properties who is marketing the project for Great Gulf. "Fourteenth and Lawrence has the advantage of location. People who are looking for the high-rise lifestyle generally want to be right in the middle of everything."

    "Working on a hunch"

    The Denver project is somewhat of a gamble for Great Gulf, which is betting on people selling large houses to relocate downtown.

    "We're working on a hunch because of what we've seen in other cities," Switzer said. "They really want to be downtown and close to shopping and have walkability. They don't want to get in their cars."

    Whether all the projects will be built is a great debate in real-estate circles.

    When plans for another of the proposed towers came to light in December, an official from the Downtown Denver Partnership said then that the flurry of proposed high rises was a testament to the demand for housing but warned not all could be built.

    "The feasibility of all of them coming to fruition depends on the assemblage of land, financing options and all the different pieces that have to come together for development. That will probably weed some of them out," said Kate Peterson, housing program manager for the Downtown Denver Partnership.

  • Thursday, January 26, 2006

    I Love The Commenters on Gawker Media:

    "I watced about ten minutes of this DVD last night called Groovin' with the Groovaloos, Vol. 2: Groovin' at the Beach-Learn the Hip Hop Grooves, Not Just the Moves!. I don't think they had a licensing budget, so they were just groovin' to what sounded like the "hip hop" programmed-rhythm on a K-Mart synthesizer. Anyway, all of the dancers had little nicknames like "Shooz," and "Boogie Man." One of them was named "Crumbs"!

    Point being anything named Crumbs is apparently the gayest thing ever.

    This is in response to a post about the creator of the new Fred Savage/Jane Curtain TV show 'Crumbs', being outed in front of his family at an awards show.

    This parody is dead on...

    From my friend Heidi in DC.

    [Would reference the creator/originator but I received it on email with no info]

    Wednesday, January 25, 2006

    Lame Today.

    Today's post - a West Coast version of the Narnia Rap:



    Depressing Celebrity News Day Today

    About Natasha Lyonne - the chick from 'American Pie' , ' Slums of Beverly Hills', and most recently 'Blade III':

    She was busted last year for freaking out on her neighbor and threatening to molest their dog and breaking things, supposedly all f'd up. But what's depressing is this Gawker Stalker sighting:

    "I saw Natasha Lyonne on 14th between 2nd and 3rd at about 7pm. She was walking and eating a hot dog and was wearing ripped dark clothing. At first I didn’t recognize her b/c she currently weighs about 90 lbs at most and had sores/scabs all over her face especially near the nose area - but since she was so out of it I decided to move closer to her and confirmed."

    I hope we don't hear of her showing up dead in some alley way sometime in the near future. I think it's worse to be semi-famous and have a very public downfall of shame, then to not be famous at all.


    Chris Penn

    Sad that he passed away. Especially as if one report stated that his neighbors saw him recently degrading in health and sobriety. If this picture is any indication, looks like it may have been a health issue. Forgot he was the guy Kevin Bacon showed how to dance in 'Footloose'. He was a good actor. I remember him the most from 'Reservoir Dogs', 'Too Wong Foo', and 'Corky Romano' [hey, it was on Comedy Central when I was doing homework].

    A comments post from Gawker on the UPN/WB merger:

    "I'm looking forward to the Moesha & Reba buddy cop show"

    Kinda' harsh, but oh well

    Email I sent to possibly the worst teacher I have ever had:

    From: Brando
    Sent: Wednesday, January 25, 2006 4:15 PM
    To: [Teacher]
    Subject: Speech Class 1.24.06


    If you did or did not notice last night, I walked out of your class. It was either that, or cause a big scene as I was thoroughly upset with the behavior you showed during the speech of the student who was going to discuss perspective using the whiteboard. It was never stated to us verbally, or in the syllabus, that the whiteboard was not to be used.

    What disgusted me about this incident, was how you flippantly told him that it was not to be used with no explanation. You could see by his expression that he was thoroughly upset and embarrassed; which was interesting, as we had just spent time prior to the speeches learning anti-anxiety techniques to deal with public speaking. Not only did you embarrass him in front of the class, you proceeded to make a comment under your breath [although, I, sitting in the back row] heard you say sarcastically 'well, you should have been prepared'.

    This incident incensed me because not only had you made this student endure this embarrassment, but because you made no mention of not being able to use the board. I was going to use the board as well, and as it turns out, I was doing a speech on perspective too. What doesn't make sense to me is the previous class you made it a point to go through each of our thesis statements and speech topics; which as a result, students said they had to stay past 10' clock. Therefore you should have known if there were duplicate speeches to be done, you should have advised those doing the same topic to maybe change the subject [there were 2 speeches on shoe polishing, and there would have been 2 on perspective had I decided to stay and attempt to present].

    So all of this, coupled with the inordinate amount of time that you wasted in class doing things that could be consolidated, left me no option but to leave your class. Your time management skills are highly ineffective, and I am not the only student who feels this way. On smoke breaks, other students in my class made less than positive statements about how you require us to sign in, do role call, and sign in assignments individually as well. There is no reason that one acknowledgement of a student's presence in class should be sufficient.

    Additionally, while offering extra credit is noteworthy, spending a half hour discussing each and every play or movie is again a waste of time. You should state extra credit is available, and offer to make the information available during breaks.

    For all of the reasons above, I am glad to say that I will not be returning to your class. I have had poor quality teachers at AIC, but never one that has actually forced me to leave and drop a class. I hope you take note of this email as a courtesy that you need to take a closer look at the way that your egocentric-obsessive compulsive personality is leading your classes.

    I look forward to never having to be in a class you teach in the future.



    Friday, January 20, 2006

    Doubt this will ever make it to air...

    From Defamer:

    'We’re looking to cast five young male talents age 10-18 to act as FAB5 protege’s on an episode of Queer Eye!

    If you consider yourself fairly knowledgeable on any of the following fields: food, fashion, grooming, culture or design. Then send us your photo for consideration. This is your chance to strut your stuff and make over one of our straight guys!

    If this is not you, but know someone who fits the bill, then nominate him! E-mail us at Include applicants name and phone number.'

    Thursday, January 19, 2006

    Stuff I'm Sad To Say I Know....

    From the IMDB Message Board:

    If you do like it..please tell me ur fave ep, if u dislike please tell me why you dislike thanx for your time!

    Re: Fairly Odd Parents - Who Likes/Dislikes?
    by - brando7604 3 days ago (Mon Jan 16 2006 17:49:29 )

    The one with the boy band singer. Real life dude from NSync. But the parents are all in to him, as well as the baby sitter. There's a song he sings called 'Icky Vicky'. Like the episode because of how the parent's have such a crush on him. Kinda creepy, but kinda funny.

    Re: Fairly Odd Parents - Who Likes/Dislikes?
    by - Fairly_Odd_Teenager_2006 3 days ago (Mon Jan 16 2006 18:06:40 )
    That eps called 'Boys In The Band'. Is Chip Skylarks voice REALLY from a real life N*Sync guy?!

    Re: Fairly Odd Parents - Who Likes/Dislikes?
    by - brando7604 9 seconds ago (Thu Jan 19 2006 18:18:53 )

    Yep, it was the Chris guy from N'Sync. Chris Kirkpatrick. Sad to say I know that.
    "The Fairly OddParents" playing "Chip Skylark" (voice) in episode: "Boys in the Band/Hex Games" (episode # 2.2) 1 March 2002

    Ah! It Was Pete's Dragon!

    Plot Summary for

    Pete's Dragon (1977)

    In New England in the early 20th century, Pete is a nine-year-old orphan escaping from his brutal adoptive parents, the Gogans, with his only friend, a cartoon dragon named Elliott. Pete and Elliott successfully escape to Passamaquoddy, Maine, and live with Nora, a lighthouse keeper, and her father, Lampie. Elliott is sought for medicinal purposes by the corrupt Doctor Terminus.

    Medicinal purposes? Guess he wasn't purple after all.

    Things I Have Learned About The British This Week

    Cup O' Noodles or Ramen is called Pot Noodles [cool packaging]:

    Cotton balls are called cotton wool:

    The Geek Will Inherit The Earth

    So, while watching Project Runway, I was channel surfing during commercials and came across 'Beauty And The Geek'. Didn't plan on watching it. Hadn't planned on watching it instead of the 'Project'. But it was actually kind of interesting. Some of the geeks are in serious need of help. And yes, Josh looks like Waldo or Sideshow Bob, while Karl is a doppelganger for Napolean Dynamite. Here is actually a funny recap of the show

    Last note, I hate to admit Brandon is actually kinda cute in a weird way. Although the above image isn't flattering.


    The Thinking Man's Crooner

    Was listening to on a channel created off of Michael Buble, and alternately, they played Bobby Darin and then a Rat Pack song. It hit me that Bobby Darin is the 'Thinking Man's Crooner'.

    The pleibian population can enjoy Sinatra, but the alterna-seekers can imbibe themselves on Darin's far more impressive range and swagger. I actually can't stand Sinatra now that I have discovered Buble and Darin.

    Michael Buble rocks as well. I like his version of Van Morrison's 'Moondance' even better than the original. Wonder how popular he is.

    Friday, January 13, 2006

    Nip /Tuck

    Suddenly I am all chatty. Damn! Blogging is the new porn I guess. Speaking of, so Dave got me to start watching Nip/Tuck and I am currently on the second season DVDs thanks to Netflix. A few things about the show:

    - Reminds me of Six Feet Under, but more trashy.

    - The actor who plays Matt [the son] is good, but he freakishly looks like a cloned Michael Jackson. He makes the show hard to watch and I hate to be superficial about someone's appearance, but couldn't they have hired someone a little less Jacko?

    - There are plot holes. Whatever happend to Matt's girlfriend that was a result of the three-way?

    - I don't think the Druglord plot could have tied itself up that cleanly in real life. If he was the head of a cartel, I'm sure the rest of his goons, maybe even his replacement Druglord, would still know where they work and live.

    - The guy who plays Sean Mcnamara looks really familiar but according to IMDB I haven't seen him in anything else.

    - I wonder how many people have thought about getting work done after watching the show? I think I would actually do botox for crow's feet now because of the show.

    Jack FM

    Damn Jack FM. 105.5 has made me like acts I hated before when I was a kid. I can't believe I am a closet Huey Lewis, Genesis, Styx fan. Blegh.


    Was working and hadn't been outside since the sun was still out and seeing it be dark threw off my whole space time continuum. Yikes. My clock is all out whack, especially with this working four 10 hour shifts.

    So I reached the end of the internets early today and checked out Kristin's and Shenanigan's blogs. It's weird to think I don't know the Shenanigans guy personally; yet I know personal info from his blog that I stumbled on. It's amazing how people have no qualms about posting that kinda stuff online for everyone to see. Probably going to be weird if I run in to the guy somewhere.

    Kristin's take on King Kong was pretty spot on as well. I had some funny thoughts as well but don't remember them. Although, one thing I thought was stoopid was Kong and Naomi Watts were playing on an ice pond in one scene, and later that day, they are on top of the Empire State Building. At that height in the winter, they would have been Kong-sicles with the wind and cold.

    Brokeback Mountain was decent. Dragged a bit too slow for my taste and Ennis was hard to understand since Heath mumbled a lot. It was after the movie set in a day later, that I realized how heavy and depressing it was. Not as bas as Dancer In The Dark though.

    I wish Gawker would shut up about the James Frey scandal. Blegh. Just like Judy Miller.

    A punk cover band should re-do Carly Simon's 'You're So Vain' as 'You're So Lame'. I betcha someone already has. Need to look that up.