Thursday, January 31, 2008

David Beckham's Underwear Campaign

So wrong....

Hubba Hubba

Viva Laughlin

Which was inspired by Viva Blackpool:

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How She Move

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Oi, Rough Night


Kenny Rogers Psychic Hotline

Kenny Rogers Duets

I heart Will Sasso.

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Bill Maher and KT Tunstall

I was watching Real Time with Bill Maher recently, and he was talking about the songs the candidates chose for their campaigns.

I guess HIllary chose 'Suddenly I See' by KT Tunstall.

Maher had no idea who that was.


That song was friggin' everywhere.

It was used for pretty much in every chick-flick and rom-com trailer last year.

Not to mention ABC using it on every one of their dramas like Lame's Anatomy.

[I liked the show up until the Ferry accident where Grey was killed and brought back to life. That was the el jumpo el shark moment for me.]

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I heart Jonny Lee Miller.

But even I am surprised he got his own show.

We'll see after tonight if it's any good.

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The Original Village People

Bar Flies

R.I.P Coca Cola Blak

The Ting Tings - 'Great DJ'

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Adele - 'Last Nite'

A cover of The Strokes song.

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Oh Mah Gawd Shoes Mash-up

Ha ha.


Today in Random Web Searches:

'Who is Lennord, the big black security guard with the afro and hook hand, hooking up with?'

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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Better Ingredients, Better Big Daddy.

Scenes From Public Transport

When Will The Guido Haircut Finally Die?

I Got's Ta Pee

Hubba Hubba

Return Of I-Need-Conditioner Boy

Jesus Is My Co-Pilot

So I See Futures In Pork Bellies Are Down Again

Latino Yuppie

Cute Older Gent


Cloverfield Comes To Denver

Oh My Gawd, Shoes

Passing Through A Worm Hole

Kirsten Dunst's Colorado Cousin [A.K.A The Girl Who Effused Eau De Juicy Fruit Gum]

Cherokee People, Cherokee Tribe

Untitled Digitally Manipulated Shot

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Oops, I meant Half-beard.

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Southern Baptist? Really? That pose?

Snake Charmer

Choke On Refreshment - Be The Dough.

Oh man.

Leo Sayer - 'Make Me Fee Like Dancing'

With intro by Captain and Tennille for J*O*E!

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Under Barack Obama

Goold Ol' Days

Bask in all of its 70's gloriousness...

Samantha Sang - 'Emotion'

Actually....she's kind of creeping me out.

And a MadTV parody of the Destiny's Child cover:

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I walk by this every day.

I always wondered how they stayed in business because they're never busy and no one is ever around.

Drug, prostitution bust at Denver hotel

'DENVER – Police have five people in custody after an almost two month investigation at a Denver hotel.

Denver Police say they have been receiving complaints about drug use and prostitution at the 11th Avenue Hotel, located at 1112 Broadway, for several weeks.

On Tuesday, police went to the hotel with arrest warrants for 50 people. Five people were arrested and taken into police custody. Police also uncovered crack cocaine.

"Any time the neighbors call in and say they observe criminal activity, it must be pretty blatant – out in the open. Any type of drug dealing and prostitution is dangerous business," Police Chief Gerry Whitman said.

Police hope to make more arrests in the investigation.'

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Player - 'Baby Come Back'

Every time I hear this, I think of the Simpsons episode where Homer lost Maggie.

It's the hold music when he calls to report Maggie missing.


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Night Scenes

This was stuck in my head this morning.

Lord knows why.

Yesterday it was this:

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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Scenes From A B-Movie - Out Of Context

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Scenes From Public Transport

Ain't It Funny How The Night Moves

Waitin' For The Handicapped


He was following me, so I followed him.


Cute but sad, forlorn looking girl.

Dog In Truck Staring Me Down

Surprised he didn't bark when I stared back at him.

Tunnel Vision

Staging Area

Pat Walking Home In The Snow

New Peeps On The 2

Cranberry Sweater Girl, who would not get off the phone, and Cantankerous Looking Old Guy [not to be confused with Wizened Frame Carrying The Weight Of The World Old Guy].

Beard Guy With Hoodie Hair.


This guy was playing on his cell the entire trip.

Maybe he was taking photos of unsuspecting strangers, too.

Soul II Soul Lady

Dreads and rasta colors and all.

Date Night

Sleeping Hipster

Who was actually kind of cute until I saw him leave the station.

He had teeny tiny chicken legs.

Blocking Motoristes

Huddled Masses

White Hoodie In Conversation

Hoodie Guy was a cute Armenian guy.

I don't know why I have a thing for Near-Eastern Dudes.

False Report

No snow my arse, weather peeps!

You said less than a 5% chance of snow.

You were wrong.


You suck.

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