Friday, February 29, 2008

C'est Super-Cool, Daddi-o!

France Gall - 'Laisse Tomber Les Filles'

Via Quakerjono!

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I'm wearing an orange shirt.

I ate a tangerine.

My blazer has orange lining.

My shoes have orange trim.

I have an orange backpack.


To see what I am talking about check out this post:

The beginnings of a movement...

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Star Wars As Explained By A Three-Year Old

Grand Theft Rut-ro!

Tunnel O' Death

Jet Ambulance

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Bad Day At The Acupuncturist

Ha ha.

[Brief shot of tetas FYI]

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Another Reason Why Going To The DMV Sucks

Office stays open after car crash

'LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) - A car crashed through a wall at a state revenue office without blocking the entrance.

That worked out well for employees and customers. They continued to go about their business, renewing drivers licenses and vehicle registrations.

No one was hurt when a 2006 Chrysler 300, driven by Fannie Lee Harris, 63, of Little Rock, burst through windows and a glass door at about 2 p.m. Wednesday, police said.

The office at the Ashley Square Shopping Center on North Rodney Parham Road in west Little Rock planned to stay open through repairs, office supervisor Franklin Furlough said.

"We're the state revenue office. We don't quit for the rain, sleet or snow," he said. "We don't miss a beat."

Harris told police she didn't know what caused the accident but said her leg might have "locked up on the gas." Her husband, Charles Harris, was in the car with her.

"I don't know what happened," he said. "We drove up to park, and the next thing I know, we were coming in ... it was kind of in slow motion." Harris said he was thankful no one was injured.

Cashier Carla Chase said a woman having her picture for a drivers license was just a few feet from where the car crash. The woman jumped over a counter to get clear of the vehicle.

"If it had kept going, it would have pinned her," Chase said. "The sound of it was the scariest part."'

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French Ska! Oui! Oui! Oui!

Les Skalopes - 'Chasse à L'enfant'

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German Ska!

De Hardheid - 'Angst'

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Today In - 'Band Photos'

Calvin And Hobbes

[Click image to enlarge]


Hotel From Hell

Ha ha.

Busted - 'Britney'

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Run, Rob, Run!

Rob Thomas - 'This Is How A Heart Breaks'

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They Might Be Giants - 'Particle Man'

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Cathy Dennis - 'Just Another Dream'

I used to think it was Rick Astley on backup.

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I thought of a drag punk band name....

Ida Dunhim and The Banger Sisters

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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Why I Didn't Get On To 'Project Runway' - Part 2

My inspiration was the gay flag and a toilet bowl brush.

I think I nailed it.

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Kiss My Ass!

Kiss My Homeless Ass!

[Click on image to enlarge.]

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Claire Daines: 'Kiss My Grits!'

We all should have seen it coming at this point.

The 'controversial' ending of Michael Jackson's 'Black Or White'.

And my fave, Tommy Davidson's parody:

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Madonna's Pepsi Commercial


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Back-Alley Boys

There's this group of white dudes that get together one Sunday a month, to throw up some fresh paint on this wall in my alley behind my abode.

Some of their stuff is really cool.

Like the time the sprayed a big Venom on a sparse black background.

They must have skillz because no one usually tags over their work.

I hate taggers and such, but I dig when graffiti has some art, and a thought behind it.

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Today In - 'Band Photos'

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Road Trip!

Clinton has a post that mentions road trips and in the comments everyone talks about their great treks across the hemisphere.

So, what was your longest road trip and how long did it take?

My longest road trip was from Denver to Miami.

Took 2 days with a one night layover at a friend's house in St. Louis.

I had to help with the driving and it was a stick as well.

I don't know how to drive a stick actually.

Needless to say, I only drove on the interstate.

Funny thing is I don't remember driving back.

Did we fly?


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'Geoffrey needs me!'

'Nice camel toe.'

'Somethin mo' like dis?'

Jerri Blank can't vote.

Today In - 'Useless Info'

'Crickets chirp at different rates depending on their species and the temperature of their environment.

Most species chirp at higher rates the higher the temperature is (approx. 60 chirps a minute at 13°C in one common species; each species has its own rate).

The relationship between temperature and the rate of chirping is known as Dolbear's Law.

In fact, according to this law, it is possible to calculate the temperature in Fahrenheit by adding 40 to the number of chirps produced in 15 seconds by the snowy tree cricket common in the United States.'


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Scenes From Public Transport


Whitley Sans Chapeau[!] And Hair Down

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Speaking of bus accidents...

While waiting for the bus last night, this bus, the 1, struck this guy's SUV.

He was pissed.

Didn't get to see him get in a kerfuffle with the bus driver because I had to go.

And then this is on the news:

Two hurt when RTD bus crashes into home

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It's a beautiful day out [finally].

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Suburban Decay


Oh man, I'd be pissed if I was one of those people.

Hepatitis C fear for thousands in Nevada

Officials urge patients to be tested for that virus as well as HIV

'LAS VEGAS - A clinic may have infected a handful of patients with hepatitis C — but about 40,000 more should be tested for that virus, as well as for HIV, health officials said Wednesday.

Six people who underwent procedures at the Endoscopy Center of Southern Nevada now have the blood-borne hepatitis C virus, the Southern Nevada Health District said in a statement.

Five of them were treated the same day in late September; the sixth is believed to have been infected in July, the district said.

An investigation determined that “unsafe injection practices related to the administration of anesthesia medication might have exposed patients to the blood of other patients,” the statement said.

Officials said the unsafe practices had been in place for several years and may have put others at risk. About 40,000 patients who received injections of anesthesia at the clinic will be told of the potential exposure in letters arriving next week.

Anyone who received anesthesia at the clinic from March 2004 to Jan. 11 should be tested for the virus, along with hepatitis B and HIV, chief health officer Lawrence Sands said.

“We are recommending all patients during this time frame to get tested because we cannot determine which patients may have been exposed,” Sands said.

Hepatitis C is a chronic, potentially fatal virus that can cause liver ailments, including cancer and liver failure. The health district says it typically receives reports of two acute cases each year. Three of the six cases reported this year are acute, it said.

The virus may have been spread when clinic staff reused syringes and used a single dose of anesthesia medication on multiple patients, the district said.

Endoscopy Center of Southern Nevada has ceased those practices, it said.

“All concerns noted by the health department were addressed immediately. We want to be sure that every patient who may have been exposed is informed and tested,” the center said in a statement.

To retain its state license and Medicare certification, the center faces increased on-site inspections and fines yet to be determined.'

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Snow Sharks


Didn't know there was a video for this.

Superman Lovers - 'Starlight'

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Mylo - 'Zenophile'

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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Why I Didn't Make It On To 'Project Runway'

That's my model L'a Sik'ah.

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OMG. Seriously!?!?!

The Heat is On, again!!!!!?

I may need to rethink using your app.

UPDATE: As I was pressing the 'skip' key and posting this, guess what song came on?

The Heat Is On!

I think I have offended the Glenn Frey gods.

I have 'banned' the song from my playlist.

Hopefully that resolves the issue.

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For Christopher!

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She don't luhv hurself.

Audio NSFW

I heart Brenda.

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Ha ha.

Professor: Yeah, my daughter's having a slumber party tonight. She invited eight girls, but one of them can't come because she's a Jew.

Grad student: Oh...

Professor: I mean, because there's a Jewish holiday this weekend she has to observe.

Grad student: Oh, okay. Not because you don't allow them in your home...

Overheard In The Office

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Madonna - 'Where's The Party'

I remember Night Tracks.


A different version:

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Outta nowhere....

Donny Osmond - 'Sacred Emotion'

this song popped in my head the other day.


I must have heard it on an elevator or something.

It's kind of homo-erotic for a Mormon video.

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Belinda Carlisle - 'Leave A Light On'

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Funny 'coz it's true.

Worker on phone: 'Yes, ma'am, we'll get you what you need right away...

Well, thank you, Linda*.

We enjoy your business.

You're one of my favorite customers.

Without you our company would suffer a tremendous loss.

Okay... Thank you.

[Hangs up.]


You fellow ex-call center workers now what I'm talking about.

Ha ha.

Overheard In The Office

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Bitch Is The New Black

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Love it.


Oh man.

I was listing to the 'Similar Artists to Prince' channel on, and friggin' Glenn Frey's 'The Heat Is On' comes on.


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Once a year. Period.

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This always reminds me of...

Urban Cookie Collective - 'The Key, The Secret'

...the ending of the original British Queer As Folk.

[S-Bomb is dropped.]

Speaking of Queer As Folk, I never watched the US version because I don't have Showtime.

And I was partial to the UK version.

But I have started going through the series on DVD.

I must say, I don't really like any of the characters on the US version except Emmet and Michael's mom played by the awesome Sharon Gless.

But is interesting to see the story of Stuart/Brian and Vince/Michael continue as in the UK version they only did two series and tie up all the loose ends.

Oh, and the chiropractor Michael dates is totally hubba.

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Darth Art

No soup for you!

I heart Blood Oranges.

PBR Jeans

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Ha ha.

Haven't heard this in ages.

Whigfield - 'Saturday Night'

And, ha ha:

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The Kinks - 'Lola'

If I have to be tortured with this song in my head, so do you.


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Happy Mondays - 'Wrote For Luck'

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SUV Wheelchair

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Today In - 'Extreme Ironing'

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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Kylie - 'Wow'

Kylie has The Tennille!

J*O*E is on to something.

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Janet's 'Super Sweet 16'

She spoofs other MTV shows:

I love the spoof of Brooke from Real World Denver.

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I got the new Janet, 'Discipline', and I like it, but she's not exactly reinventing the wheel.

She is still using the same vignettes between tracks.

The songs I like:

Rock With U [Not a cover of her brother's song]

Even though I like those songs, I don't really see a big chart topping hit on the album.

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For J*O*E!

Catherine Wheel - 'Black Metallic'

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Today In - 'Bent Objects'


Sue Wilkinson - 'You've Got To Be A Hustler'

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Andy Kim - 'Rock Me Gently'

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More Than A Pavlovian Response

Maybe I shouldn't have changed my ringtone to 'More Than A Feeling'.

Every time I hear that song now I feel the urge to answer my phone.

Ha ha.

And every time my phone does go off, I end up singing 'I see that Mary Ann walking away...'

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You can even eat the dishes.

Sammy Davis Jr. - 'The Candyman'

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Cher - 'Dark Lady'

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Cher - 'Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves'

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James Brown - 'The Payback'

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I don't even want to know.

Someone found me by a web search on 'hubba bubba squeeze pop & herpes'.

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Who's my reader from Hoboken?

Is that you, Lioux?

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Monday, February 25, 2008

'True Stories'

'Hey Now'

'Puzzling Evidence'

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Morrissey - 'Last of the Famous International Playboys'

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Morrissey - 'Sing Your Life'

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Morrissey - 'We Hate It When Our Friends Become Successful'

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Today In - 'Bent Objects'