Monday, April 30, 2007

Today In 'Bad Hair'

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If you haven't seen the British comedy Coupling, you need to Netflix it.

'Size Matters'

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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English Beat - 'Save It For Later'

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Reel Big Fish - 'Beer'

The Fish are awesome live. They joke around a lot. I still kind of have a crush on Aaron [lead singer].

Audio NSFW

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Buck-O-Nine - 'My Town'

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Mighty Mighty Bosstones - 'Rascal King'

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INXS - 'Elegantly Wasted'

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Creepy. It's pretty spot on.

'Your Most Personal Traits -- The Day-Sign of Your Birth

Here are your strongest and most obvious personality traits. The delineation below describes who you are and how you appear to others, at least on the surface.

In Aztec astrology this part of is your horoscope is your Tonalli, or Day-Sign, the form bestowed upon you by the Sun.

WindWind: You have an unusually active mind. [Darn tootin']

You are constantly thinking and this often intrudes upon any awareness of the intense emotional realities occurring within and around you. [Which is the cause of my insomnia. I have to take meds to turn off my brain]

To others, you seem very much alive and alert. [and retarded, but playful]

To yourself, you frequently feel confused and uncertain as to what information you should act on. [my ADD, ladies and germs]

Learning, speaking, reading, and other forms of mental communication appeal to you and you may have tried your hand at writing in one form or another. [I began speaking and reading at a real early age my mom said]

Others usually find conversations with you interesting and stimulating. [also true - i can spend hours talking about the most random things]

Most likely, you have more than one major interest or profession. [yep]

Because your mind is capable of grasping the similarities between seemingly different activities, you move from one to another with relative ease. [also, thanks to my ADD. I get bored very easily]

One problem you may have is in knowing both when and how to focus and thereby not spreading yourself out too much. [ADD again]

Music and the arts are of particular interest to you. [yep]

You tend to be very sensitive to the way things around you appear visually, including your own appearance. [heck yeah - one of the things I do on my commute is quick fire 'reads' of people and things - and I take great strides to reflect a proper appearance]

You have strong aesthetic sensibilities and strive to create art, dress fashionably or decorate your home. [yep again]

Because you are so versatile, you often combine styles or mix fashions and are regarded by others as eclectic in your taste. [yep - I have even received snaps on my new haircut - a funky combo of military buzzcut and angularity [but not emo]]

Your imagination is powerful and, when applied to human relationships, results in strong romantic inclinations. [to a fault]

Idealism, the obsession with a perfect future, is a special problem for you. [kinda, but i don't fret about what I can't change]

Having a relationship with an image created in your own mind, not the real person out there, usually leads to lovesickness and disillusionment. [oh gawd yah]

It is probable that you have experienced great disappointments in marriage or partnership. [big time]

Because of frequent romantic frustration, Wind personalities often seek various kinds of escapes from life, some healthy and positive, others not so. [it knows me so well]

Indecision is an important issue for you and is most likely related to commitment problems. [not really, as I get older - I make a decision pretty quick based on my instincts]

Easily swayed by the strong opinions of others, you often back away from leadership positions that are open to you. [actually, no - people can't easily sway me - I am kind of a bastard actually - but I do back away from leadership roles because I don't want to be held accountable for others actions [or inactions]]

Also related to commitment is the issue of responsibility.

You may be fearful of challenges involving responsibility, partly because you fear conformity and the obligations that arise from such situations, and partly because of self-doubt. [yah - I don't like groups - or conformity]

More than anything else, you need to believe in yourself. [word]

Your Deeper Self -- The 13-Day Week of Your Birth

Each of us reacts to the world around us in different ways.

Our reactions are mostly unconscious; they represent what our deeper self needs.

Our reactions both attract and repel us from things, people, and situations. What we like, what we like to do, and who we really are is shown by the 13-day week called the Trecena that we were born under.

Each of these periods begins with the number 1 and the name of the day-sign that starts it.

A number is attached to your position within the 13-day period that may be an important number for you.

This is the sixth day of the 13-day period that begins with 1-Earthquake.

Beneath your surface personality you are quite the dreamer.

Your imagination is very fertile and you may have found ways to make fantasy pay off for you. [yep - I live in my own world]

You may excel at one of the arts, or at least have a great appreciation for them. [aw shucks [also true]]

Your ability to find ways to practically apply your ideas, bridging the gap from fantasy to fact, is your greatest asset. [people have said that]

However, you are also somewhat unstable and need plenty of private time to rest and recuperate from the conflicting forces around you.' [oh god yes - there are times I just need to unplug from it all]

Thanks to Holy Girl!

The Maya-Aztec Astro-Report

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Funkin' Donuts

'One time she punched me in the face. It was AWESOME!'


Donnie Darko - Tears For Fears Scene

Gemini's Twin On TRL

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Gemini's Twin - 'I'm A Stewardess'

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Yay! They started construction.

Amyl nitrite? Really?

'By dragging social and political issues into the usually controversy-free zone of cooking demonstrations, book promotions and innocuous chitchat, she was fresh like a snout full of amyl nitrite. No wonder industry insiders are saying that whoever bungled the deal for ABC ought to be fired.'

Without Rosie, it's a prim "View"

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Kinda neato.

CU testing pay-by-phone parking spots

'BOULDER (AP) - Need to pay for parking? Forty parking spots at the University of Colorado now allow drivers to phone it in.

As part of a 90-day trial through June, coin-operated parking meters at certain spots have been replaced by machines that accept cash and credit cards.

For users who have set up an account through Verrus Mobile Technologies' Web site, payments also can be phoned in and billed to a credit or debit card.

Instead of rushing out to feed an expired meter, a driver can call to add parking time. The driver gets a text message when the meter is about to run out.'

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Tears For Fears - 'Everybody Wants To Rule The World'

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I don't see it.

Eric Bana did the part justice.

'Edward Norton is about to get smashed by a big, green, gamma-powered giant. In a bit of a surprise, Variety reported last weekend that Norton will take over the role of Bruce Banner from Eric Bana (who was not expected to return) in "The Incredible Hulk."

The signing of the Oscar-nominated actor is just another impressive catch for newly independent Marvel Enterprises, which locked down Robert Downey Jr., Terrence Howard and Gwyneth Paltrow for their live-action version of "Iron Man."

The studio says this new "Hulk" will be less serious than 2003's "Hulk" (directed by Ang Lee) and will be more in line with the comic book and TV series. Marvel also says the picture will leave the monster's origin story to the first movie as it picks up with Banner on the run trying to avoid capture by turning into that misunderstood green menace.'

MSN Movies

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Gemini's Twin - 'Damn My Dixie's On Fire'

Fits the mood today.

The Cure - 'High'

Instant flashback to Spring '92

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Saturday, April 28, 2007

New toy!

I was finishing up my articles for the magazine, when I realized I needed to get a shot for one of the pieces. My Kodak digital camera was ok, but with only 2 megapixels, it really wasn't capable of taking the types of images that can be print so well. [I was harped on about DPI].

So I went down to Wolf Camera and checked out Digital SLR cameras. I found this Sony CyberShot to be in my price range, and had the specs I needed.

I get home and start playing with it. It totally blew away my expectations. It's not only a camera, but a full on video recorder. Tons of options. And the photos are crystal clear. I can totally tell the difference. Here's some shots I took today. Who knows, maybe I will be like how I was in high school and start carrying a camera everywhere.

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Friday, April 27, 2007

Today In - 'Press Releases'

[click inage to enlarge]

My favorite part?

'Nude hula-hooper on fire'.

Cool be a cool band name, or the title of a Morrissey song.

Kevin Larson Presents

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Not sure what I think of this.

From a press release I received:

'Evoking the 51 million-year-old subtropical environment in which they flourished, authentic fossil fish, palms, stingrays and, occasionally, turtles and crocodiles are revealed in their natural limestone matrix by expert technicians in GeoDecor’s fossil laboratory.

Ranging in size from small, single specimens to expansive wall displays, the ancient treasures are framed in exotic wenge wood and fitted with a French cleat mounting system.'

Geo Decor

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Today In 'Bad Hair'

Taken from Famous Like Me's post 'Mugshot Monday'.

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I wouldn't mind 'running over' Jesse James myself.

Hubba hubba.

Fan allegedly tried to run over Bullock's husband

'HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. - A woman who authorities say is obsessed with Sandra Bullock was arrested after she allegedly tried to run over the actress' husband outside the couple's home.

Marcia Diana Valentine, 45, of Huntington Beach tried to run over Jesse James, host of "Monster Garage," with her silver Mercedes after Bullock asked her to leave the couple's home on Sunday, Jim Amormino, an Orange County sheriff's spokesman, said Thursday.

"She jumped in the car, put it in reverse and accelerated in his direction," Amormino said. "She attempted to hit him three or four times."

James was not injured, and Valentine fled before authorities arrived, he said.

Authorities said it was not the first time Valentine showed up at the celebrity couple's home. On several occasions, Bullock and James had found Valentine lying in front of their garage door, Amormino said.

Valentine was arrested Monday for investigation of assault with a deadly weapon. She was released after posting $25,000 bail. A court hearing was scheduled for May 22, and formal charges were pending, said Farrah Emami, spokeswoman for the Orange County district attorney's office.

"Both Jesse James and Sandra Bullock are fine, and it is now in the hands of authorities," said Cheryl Maisel, Bullock's publicist.

Valentine could not be reached for comment. It was not immediately known whether she had hired an attorney.'


That's pleasant.

Plague found in City Park squirrel

'DENVER – State health workers confirm that bubonic plague has been found in a dead tree squirrel near City Park.

A person had noticed several dead squirrels in the neighborhood and reported it to Denver Animal Control.

Workers with the Colorado Health Department tested a carcass that was collected on Wednesday and preliminary results were positive for plague.

The plague can be spread to humans by fleas or by direct contact with infected animals, such as rodents, rabbits and cats.

"Typically the symptoms will develop in about two to three days - include a really high fever, lethargy, malaise - I mean you're sick - you're can't-get-out-of-your-bed sick," said John Pape, a state epidemiologist. "Then within a day or so you develop a large swollen, very painful lymph node in the area which we call a bubo - hence bubonic plague."

Plague is found among rodent populations in rural areas of Colorado every year, but experts say it is unusual to find the disease in the center of a city.

Although the illness is potentially life threatening, human cases are rare and plague can be easily treated with common antibiotics when recognized early.

According to state health officials, there have been 58 cases of human plague since 1957 and nine were fatal. Colorado's last death from plague occurred in 2004.'

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The Homoeroticism Of David Decoteau.

A clip from 'Voodoo Academy'. David Decoteau makes really bad [REALLY bad] B-Horror movies. Most of his later films show his penchant for young dudes semi-naked throughout the film. Questionable content for work.

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Yay!! Someone finally posted it!

Harvey Birdman - 'Dabba Don'

Part 1

Part 2

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One of the worst movies, ever.

Finally somone posted it. Check out the koo-koo disco Cher song. And the black guy who 'jumps' the cans. He's totally in front of them.

'Roller Boogie' opening dance-roll scene.

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One of the gayest movies, ever.

Finale of 'Xanadu'

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One of the best basslines, ever.

A Taste Of Honey - 'Boogie Oogie Oogie'

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Don't know how this got stuck in my head.

It's cheesey, but I dig it.

Little River Band - 'Reminiscing'

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People need to chill.

Student charged for writing violent essay

High school senior says he was just following the assignment

'CARY, Ill. - Authorities have filed a second disorderly conduct charge against a high school senior arrested for writing an essay officials described as disturbing and inappropriate.

Allen Lee, 18, of Cary was arrested earlier this week after penning the essay at his northern Illinois high school. Lee contends he was just following the creative writing assignment he was given in class at Cary-Grove High School.

Lee initially faced just one charge, but an amended complaint filed Thursday cited a second passage.

According to the complaint, the essay reads, in part, "Blood, sex and booze. Drugs, drugs, drugs are fun. Stab, stab, stab, stab, stab, s...t...a...b...puke. So I had this dream last night where I went into a building, pulled out two P90s and started shooting everyone, then had sex with the dead bodies. Well, not really, but it would be funny if I did."

Another passage said, "as a teacher, don't be surprised on inspiring the first CG shooting," the complaint said.

The creative writing assignment in Lee's English class on Monday instructed students to "write whatever comes to your mind. Do not judge or censor what you are writing," according to a copy of the assignment.

"In creative writing, you're told to exaggerate," Lee said. "It was supposed to be just junk. ... There definitely is violent content, but they're taking it out of context and making it something it isn't."

Lee has been removed from school, and District 155 spokesman Jeff Puma said the district is evaluating Lee's punishment while he attends an offsite learning program in the school district.

"It wasn't just violent or foul language," Puma said. "It went beyond that."

Lee's attorney, Dane Loizzo, said his client was within the parameters of the assignment.

"A stream of consciousness seems to be the goal of the assignment," Loizzo said. He said Lee has never been disciplined in school and signed Marine enlistment papers last week.

His father, Albert Lee, has defended his son as a straight-A student who was just following instructions and contends the school overreacted. However, Albert Lee has said he understands the situation because of what happened last week at Virginia Tech when student Seung-Hui Cho killed 32 students and faculty members before committing suicide.

The charges against Lee could result in a possible $1,500 fine and up to 30 days in jail if he is convicted.

Cary is about 40 miles west of Chicago.'

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New Shoes

I got a new pair of Sambas, and since their not broken in yet, I keep tripping. Blegh.

Speaking of new shoes:

Nu Shooz - 'I Can't Wait'

I posted this before, but it's Friday, and fits the mood.

Paulo Nutini - 'New Shoes' [US Version]

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Bjork - 'Bachelorette' At Fashion Rocks

Lioux inspired me.

Bjork - 'Lowered Expectations'

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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Pee Wee Classics - 'Cruisenfreude'

Back when I was known as 'Bubba Barney'.

I even got sourced from Defamer, for The Toronto Star [link is dead].


I'm pretty sure....

the guy, John, on 'Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader?' tonight, did porn. [I wasn't watching 'Fifth Grader', I was channel surfing in between commercials].

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The worst part?

'Bachmeier wore a lime green prom dress that nearly matched the tractor.'

Forget the limo, senior goes to prom in tractor

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Take the money and run.

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Holy 90's Batman! - 'I Got A Girl'

By Tripping Daisy

Haven't heard this song in ages. Reminds me of working as a barista and the Muzak channel played this every other hour.

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Technical Difficulties

My computer is haunted by the ghost of Anna Nicole! It's slow and sluggish, and doing things I don't understand.

Please stand by.

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Tattoo Remover

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An oldie, but goodie.

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Today In - 'Mom Jeans'

I love the jingle in this:

'I'm not a woman anymore, I'm a Mom!'

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En Francais, Part Deux

Inspired by the Cailloux song of earlier, I am listening to a French Pop radio webstation. It's a nice change. And actually, the label is misleading. The music is more like Michael Buble, and swinging 60's music. In fact, they even played The Supremes singing in French!

I wonder if listening to it will rub off the way listening to the BBC totally affected my vocabulary.

Mince alors! 'Downtown' by Petula Clark, en Francais!

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Bring Your Brats To Work Day

Ah, that time of year again. I was reminded by all the kids on the commute in today.

The kids have got to be bored learning about The Corporation.

Last year, a co-worker's kid surfed the internet, and watched DVDs all day.

But then again, it's probably better than sitting in class.

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En Francais, s'il vous plait.

Oui Oui - 'Les Cailloux'

Video directed by Michel Gondry, of 'Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind' fame.

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It Pays To Look Down 2

On my way home last night, I found someone's ATM card just laying on the Mall sidewalk. Initially I walked past it, thinking 'too bad' for the person who lost it. But then, I remembered that I lost my ATM card earlier this week, and what a pain it has been without it.

So I turned back and picked it up.

I got home and did a web search on the dude's name.


Looked him up in the white pages.


I figured I'd give MySpace a shot since everyone and their gay uncle is on there.

There were two dudes with the same name.

I sent a message to both saying I called their bank and reported it lost, and that I was going to cut it up [which I did actually do].

Today I got an email from one of the guys expressing deep appreciation.

I know if someone found my card, I would rather have them do that, then use it and stuff.

I had to give him one piece of advice though; don't sign the back of the card! Put 'ask for ID' instead. You'd be surprised how many people actually check signatures now, with all the identity theft going around.

Previously: It Pays To Look Down

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Wednesday, April 25, 2007


The hottie from my birthday who, sadly, lives in LA. [Not the drag queen, although she's fab].

Versace Super Bowl Party

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For Crazy Eddie

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'I'm AWESOME!!! Call me Kooch!!!'

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Bring It On In, To Omeletteville-ah!

Pop-O-Matic reminded me of this.

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Here's a better pic of the Four Seasons project.

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Mutant Ragu

Normally I make my own tomato sauce for pasta.

But one night I was lazy, and bought a jar of Ragu from the local [they don't carry any other brands].

Last night I was perusing the fridge, trying to figure out what to make for lunch today [I wasn't sure if I would be in the mood for the filet mignon I posted about earlier]. I just got some three peppercorn fettucine, and fresh homemade italian sausage, so pasta sounded like a good idea.

I go to check to see if the Ragu is still any good.

I open the jar and 'Whoooosh!! Pop!'; the sound of gas escaping nearly blows my eardrums.

What was once a half filled jar of tomato sauce, was now a jar filled to the rim, with something that could only be described as tomato grout.

I smelled it, and it smelled ok. But there was no way in hell I was eating that.

The expiration date was just a few weeks ago, so it made me wonder, what the hell is in Ragu?

Instead of growing moldy, Ragu fermented and mutated into an alternate form.

Generally, I try to limit my intake of processed food, and this just reinforces that.

Suffice it to say, I ran to the store and got fresh veggies to make my sauce.



'The presentation was part of a contentious, four-hour public hearing over the proposed Pinnacle Station just north of Invesco Field at Mile High.

Developer A.G. Spanos Co. and Jefferson Park United Neighborhoods have negotiated for nearly two years without reaching a compromise.

A Spanos representative noted they turned in more than 400 signatures from neighbors who supported the project.

But Ed Kieta, a co-president of the neighborhood organization, discounted those signatures, saying, "The signatures ... were targeted for a certain racial group."

Asked to clarify his comments, Kieta explained, "None of the Caucasian people in our neighborhood were approached.

"To give it to you straight, they had a Hispanic translator walking around with a petition."

Councilwoman Jeanne Faatz replied: "I was hoping that wasn't going to be your answer. Because I was trying to think, 'Did you want me to discount the importance of these 420 individuals?' They have a stake in the community also."'

Apparent sun block stalls project

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Dig his work.

Chris Bruzelli via Woosta

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I had some leftover filet mignon that I was looking forward to having for lunch. Unfortunately, it must have been older than I thought. I had to toss it. Sigh.


I would have just bought a new pipe.

Police: Teen left pot pipe on bus

'Grand Junction - Charges were pending today against a Palisade High School student after she attempted to retrieve a marijuana pipe that a 7-year-old boy found on a bus.

Police said the girl asked a bus driver last week if he'd found her marijuana pipe, but the driver had refused to take it when the boy tried to give it to him.

The child then gave the pipe to a fifth-grade friend, who turned it over to his parents.

The bus driver told police he didn't realize what the pipe was at the time because he was distracted.

Authorities said a charge of possession of drug paraphernalia was pending against the high school student.

The student's name and age were not released.'

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It kinda sticks out like a sore thumb.

'DNA' makes me think of something else.

DNA on cinnamon bun nabs thief

'EASTPOINTE, Mich. (AP) - Norman O. Wheeler probably wishes he had finished that cinnamon bun. DNA evidence from the partly eaten pastry led to Wheeler's arrest in a 2004 car theft.

The 40-year-old Detroit resident already was serving time for another auto theft when authorities made the DNA match. Wheeler pleaded guilty earlier this month, and he now faces sentencing May 22.

Eastpointe Officer Ed Lulko was investigating the car-theft report when a witness described seeing a man arrive in one car and then break out the windows of the other car and steal it, according to police in the Detroit suburb.

"Officer Lulko found the partially eaten pastry in the car and sent it to the Michigan State Police crime laboratory with hopes that the DNA left on the roll could lead to the identity of the perpetrator," Detective Eric Keiser told The Macomb Daily of Mount Clemens. As a convict, Wheeler's DNA was on file, leading to the match and arrest.'


Bulldogs rule.

What's the point?

If you can't win, and you can't keep the money?

Reality show to search for '08 candidate

'LOS ANGELES (AP) - The online social networking site MySpace and reality TV producer Mark Burnett are teaming to launch the search for an independent presidential candidate.

The political reality show "Independent" comes with a $1 million cash prize and a catch: the winner can't keep the money.

The prize can be used to finance a run for the White House or can be given to a political action committee or political cause.

Contestants in the show, set to launch in early 2008, will meet the public and interact with supporters, protesters and others. An interactive "town hall" will give MySpace users and TV viewers a chance to rate their performance.

The show does not yet have a commitment from a TV network.

Potential candidates will audition for the show by submitting a video. Once the contestants are chosen, they will set up MySpace profiles to serve as their campaign headquarters.

The hope is that the show, with its Internet component, will engage younger voters in the political process.'

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'I've got to see a man about a horse.'

Drunk man parks horse in bank lobby

'BERLIN (AP) - An early-morning German bank customer had a bit of a shock when he found a horse already in line at the automatic teller machine in front of him.

It seems the horse's owner, identified only as Wolfgang H., had a bit too much to drink the night before and decided to sleep it off inside the bank's heated foyer, police said Tuesday.

The 40-year-old machinist told Bild newspaper he had had "a few beers" with a friend in Wiesenburg, southwest of Berlin, and decided to hit the hay in the bank on his way home.

"It was late, it was already dark and cold," he was quoted as saying.

Confronted with the lack of a hitching-post, he brought the 6-year-old horse, named Sammy, in along with him.

When a customer came across the horse and sleeping rider in the bank at 4:15 a.m. Monday, he called police, who then came and woke the owner up and sent him on his way.

No charges were filed, but there might be some cleanup.'

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Wonder if she'll relapse.

UNC student says Web site is unfair

'GREELEY - Brittany Bethel says she is in the midst of a personal battle. "It is the hardest thing in my life," she said.

Now she says she is battling a public embarrassment as well and blames a feature on the University of Northern Colorado Web site.

"I was hurt and embarrassed and very upset when I actually saw my picture on the Web site," said Bethel.

Bethel is on UNC's banned student list. The list of names and pictures were posted on the site this week. The school says it is a response to the shootings at Virginia Tech University, but it admits not everyone on the list is a potential danger.

"It is associated with the shooting at Virginia Tech, so it's being implied that the people on it are somehow a danger to someone else and I am in no way a threat to anyone else," she said.

Bethel says she was working at the UNC recreation center in September when she collapsed from complications from an eating disorder. She says she was then diagnosed with Anorexia Nervosa.

As a result, she says she was suspended from the university because she was considered a threat to herself which breaks the school's honor code of conduct.

It states that a violation includes, "Conduct which threatens or endangers the health, safety, or welfare of any person or university property."

The interpretation of "any person" includes being a danger to one's self.

So Bethel finds herself on a list with people who have been accused of criminal offenses. In fact, her picture is right next to Mitch Cozad, a former member of the football team accused of stabbing a fellow teammate.

"It is like I am being labeled a criminal," she said. "It is so hurtful to be labeled when you are struggling with something like this."

Nate Haas, a spokesman from UNC, says they cannot talk about a student's medical condition.

"The people are on the list for a wide range of reasons. They are not necessarily dangerous but they all violated the student code. They are not welcome on campus. We feel the Web site is important," said Haas.

Bethel wants the school to take her picture off the Web site or clarify that her suspension was based on a medical reason. She has not heard back from the university.

"I have been facing the hardest thing of my life. This is just adding a lot more stress," she said.'

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How are they to access the webpage...

if the power's out?

'KUSA - Residents across the state are waking up Wednesday morning to power outages.

Intermountain Rural Electric Association or I.R.E.A. is dealing with many outages and the company's Web site says the following:

"Due to the weather conditions, we have several hundred outages our crews are working on, they will stay out until all power is restored, the areas affected are: Conifer, Evergreen, Castle Rock, Perry Park, again I.R.E.A crews will stay out until all outages are taken care of."'

Power outages continue


The Shadows - 'Apache'

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You know what's annoying?

Software programs that make you change your password each month; and you can't use the same one twice.

The thing is, I only use this application once every two months, so I have to write the password down, which kind of circumvents the whole security process.

AND, it's a read-only ticketing system! It's not like I am logging in to equipment where I can accidentally reconfigure stuff, or take traffic down.


Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Mischa Barton's 'Mom-Jeans'


When did this come out as a single? It's been on my my mp3 player since October.

Amerie - 'Take Control'

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'Because there were so many cartoon characters in the bar at this time, all Captain America's were asked to go outside for a possible identification.'

When Capt. America Throws His Mighty Burrito



'Hot Fuzz'


Ordinary Boys - ''Lonely At The Top'

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Editors - 'Munich'


Edible Nutrition Label


I got a chin up bar for the abode, and I'm sore in some funky places. In addition to doing chin ups, I use it to do leg curls [?]. It's where you pull your legs up to your chest and try and hold as long as you can; or repeat the process in a series of reps.

So now when I get out of my chair to go somewhere, a new mysterious sore muscle makes its presence known. Who knew such a low tech apparatus could be so effective.

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My Chemical Romance - 'I Don't Love You'

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Ha. Oops.

Meck ft. Dino - 'Feels Like Home'


Today In 'Bad Hair'

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Daddy Dearest

Haven't heard this in ages.

Smart E's - 'Sesame's Treet'

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System F - 'Out Of The Blue'

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One heck of a Nic fit.

Police: Man rammed house after wife wouldn’t bring him a cigarette

'COEUR D'ALENE, Idaho (AP) - A north Idaho man accused of ramming his truck into his estranged wife's home Monday after unsuccessfully demanding that she bring him a cigarette has been arrested, police said.

No one was injured.

Eric D. Marienau, 48, of Sandpoint, was jailed for investigation of aggravated assault and driving while intoxicated after Coeur d'Alene police officers were called to his wife's residence in this lakeside resort community.

Caroline Marienau, who said she's in the process of getting a divorce, said Eric Marienau parked his full-size Chevrolet Silverado pickup truck next to her house about 7 a.m., police said.

He went to the home's fence and began shouting for her to bring him a cigarette, Caroline Marienau told police. She said he began pounding on her front door, telling her if she didn't come outside with a cigarette that he would return with his truck and ram her house.

"Eric returned a minute later and rammed the front of the house near the garage area at a high rate of speed. He then backed up and rammed the front of the house at least two more times," Police Sgt. Christie Wood said. "The impact forced a 1993 Ford Ranger that was parked inside the garage to be propelled approximately four feet through a wall into the interior of the bedroom."

Eric Marienau was not immediately reachable for comment and it was not known if he was represented by a lawyer.

Nobody was in the bedroom at the time but the house and both vehicles sustained major damage, police said.

There was a gas canister and gas-soaked rag in the bed of the truck, as well as another gas canister in the truck's cab, at the time of the ramming, police said. '