Friday, October 31, 2008

I didn't think acid flashbacks were real.

Serial Crew - 'Need U'

But I totally just had one.


I was looking at the second picture on Scooter's post, and the Muttonheads remix of the above song was playing [it's really trancey and hypnotic] and I totally felt my brain 'go there'.


Now I have a major headache.

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I heart this pic.

From Lioux!

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What in my library would lead you to suggest and play this on my channel?

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How I Want To Commute

Reminds me of the office that has slides in it:

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Forgot about this.

Rhino Attack!

The Saturdays - 'Up'

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Maybe they shouldn't have used Nair instead of chlorine.

Swimmers at GW Pool Report Hair Loss, Severe Itching

'Several members of the George Washington University swim team said they suffered substantial hair loss and severe itching last week after swimming in the campus pool, according to the school newspaper.

The Hatchet reported that the athletes' hair loss and itching could be due to a chemical imbalance in the Smith Center pool.

The swimmers said the condition lasted for about five days, and one told the paper his teammates lost about 70 percent of their body hair.

'I don't want to sound insensitive, but I look like a chemo patient', the swimmer told The Hatchet.

'It's embarrassing: being in class with splotchy hair and having to constantly scratch yourself.'

Another swimmer said he lost all of his arm hair and the hair on his teammates' heads changed color and became thinner.

The company that monitors pool equipment for the university said there was a 'glitch in the (chemical) monitoring system'.


Today In - 'Some Ecards'

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Vader Goes For Coffee

Happy Halloween, y'all!

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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Ha ha.

Some of 'em.....not so hot.

Kinda gives 'Rhythm Of The Night' a whole new angle.

Cool Or Ugly?

Get Off The Lord's Bus If You Ain't Got Correct Change

East Hollywood Squares

'Huggy Bear for the win!'

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Ha ha.

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I wonder if that would be enough to get out of your lease.

Standoff suspect left notes saying he owed money

'DENVER - The man who took hostages after an extensive crime spree was planning a violent end to his life.

9NEWS sources say 39-year-old Steven Stewart left a will and suicide notes behind detailing that he owed a drug dealer money and would kill that person or himself.

Denver Police say Stewart took his own life at the end of the more than six-hour standoff at the Peachtree Apartments near Kendall Street and Hampden Avenue.

Police say in a 12-hour span on Tuesday, Stewart stole a motorcycle, carjacked three people at gunpoint, kidnapped and released a person and then started the standoff, holding at least one woman hostage.

The standoff began after 6 p.m. and police were able to rescue the hostage just after 10 p.m. Police then threw gas into the apartment and once they went inside they found Stewart dead.

Police released a picture of Stewart from 2001, which could indicate a previous criminal record.

Police are investigating if Stewart was responsible for six burglaries in the Coventry neighborhood in Littleton and Bow Mar on Sunday where he may have also stolen two vehicles.

According to records with the Colorado Bureau of Investigation, Stewart had 16 aliases and had been arrested more than 25 times since 1986. He faced a number of charges including theft, drug possession and selling, DUI, fraud and vehicle theft.

Shantel Rivas lives in an apartment two floors above the unit where Stewart allegedly held the family hostage. Rivas tried to protect her two children by putting them in what she thought was the safest room in their apartment.

"After they fell asleep, I put them in the bathtub and tried to stay in the bathroom," she said. "Just hearing he had a gun, I was afraid of what might happen."

Rivas and other neighbors say they heard glass breaking periodically during the standoff.

"I heard a lot of glass breaking and a woman screaming," said a neighbor who identified herself as Melinda. "I was so scared for her because she's our neighbor and they have little kids."

Police would not release the names of any of the victims involved. However, family members and apartment managers were seen Wednesday afternoon taking the family away from the apartment complex and to an area hotel. Workers have boarded up the windows of the apartment in which police say Stewart held the family hostage.'


Jim Gaffigan

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Today In - 'Useless Info'

The name pumpkin orginated from "pepon" – the Greek word for "large melon."


The top pumpkin production states are Illinois, Ohio, Pennsylvania and California.


Pumpkins are fruits. A pumpkin is a type of squash and is a member of the gourd family (Cucurbitacae), which include squash, cucumbers, gherkins, and melons.


Pumpkin seeds should be planted between the last week of May and the middle of June. They take between 90 and 120 days to grow and are picked in October when they are bright orange in color. Their seeds can be saved to grow new pumpkins the next year.


The largest pumpkin pie ever made was over five feet in diameter and weighed over 350 pounds. It used 80 pounds of cooked pumpkin, 36 pounds of sugar, 12 dozen eggs and took six hours to bake.


Colonists sliced off pumpkin tops; removed seeds and filled the insides with milk, spices and honey. This was baked in hot ashes and is the origin of pumpkin pie.

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Scenes From Public Transportation

It's the return of Mauxllet Guy! [Red arrow.]

And sitting behind him is Charlie! [White arrow.]

And behind him is Bod Mod Girl! [Yellow arrow.]

A triple threat!

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Where do squirrels in Denver get peanuts?

Every morning I see a few eating 'em and I find it strange because peanuts don't exactly grow in Colorado.

So that makes you think that there has to be someone out there feeding the squirrels.

But really, who has the motivation to go to the store, buy peanuts and then set them out for the squirrels?

And if they do, do they give them salted peanuts?

That can't be good for the squirrels.

I wonder if they get addicted to the sodium.

Maybe that's why they're so squirrely: high blood pressure.

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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

What Nighmares Are Made Of

[Click image to enlarge]

This photo kind of creeps me out.

I can picture a movie where some faceless mute children [or little people] go around killing people in their sleep.

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Run DMC - 'Mary Mary'

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Plants are on Twitter.

'After soldering it together, you simply shove it deep into your plant's pot, connect it up to with an ethernet cable, and when its moisture sensors detect that you've been a bit lax in watering it'll Twitter with a "water me please” prompt.

Ignoring it won't work as it'll step up the game with an urgent Tweet, and over-watering'll earn you a scolding.'

Now Even Thirsty Houseplants Demand Attention With DIY Twitter Kit

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Mars Phoenix is on Twitter.

Chuck Baldwin For President!

I saw it on my way home last night.

Tried to take a picture of it but it disappeared too quickly.

Bright meteor seen across metro area

'DENVER - 9NEWS was flooded with phone calls and e-mails on Tuesday night after a very bright meteor soared over the Front Range.

The meteor went overhead around 7:30 p.m., leaving a bright streak behind it.

However, there is no evidence it landed anywhere in the area.'

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Today In - 'Useless Info'

AMITYVILLE HORROR (1979) - The outdoor scenes of the movie were not filmed in Amityville, Long Island, but rather Toms River, New Jersey.

Local police and ambulance workers played extras.

The volunteer fire department was used to provide the "rain" during one of the exterior scenes.

If you look closely, you can see that it is sunny and not "raining" in the background, the next street over.


POLTERGEIST (1982) - During all the horrors that proceeded while filming, only one scene really scared Heather O'Rourke: that in which she had to hold onto the headboard, while a wind machine blew toys into the closet behind her.

She fell apart; Steven Spielberg stopped everything, took her in his arms, and said that she would not have to do that scene again.


A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET (1984) - Director Wes Craven claims to have named Freddy Krueger after a kid who bullied him in school and to have based his appearance on a disfigured hobo who scared him as a youth.


THE SHINING (1980) - Jack Nicholson ad-libbed the line "Here's Johnny!" in imitation of announcer Ed McMahon's famous introduction of Johnny Carson on U.S. network NBC- TV's long-running late night television program "The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson" (1962).

Kubrick, who had been living in England since before Carson took over "The Tonight Show," had no clue what "Here's Johnny!" meant.


PSYCHO (1960) - The Bates house was largely modeled on an oil painting at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City.

The canvas is called "House by the Railroad" and was painted in 1925 by American iconic artist Edward Hopper.

The architectural details, viewpoint and austere sky is almost identical as seen in the film.

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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Dave Pwns Lauren!

'Maybe you're the problem.'

Ha ha.


Ok, so speaking of Lauren and the ilk, I don't know to think if it's cool or sad that I even know who these boobs are.

When I find something like funny like this, and try to explain it to someone else my age that has no idea what the Hills, or 'pwned' or even Hulu is, I feel like a person trying to translate/explain some weird mysterious American concept to a fresh-off-the-boat immigrant.

Is it a good thing because I am still up on popular culture and young at heart, or a sign that I'm a big immature geek?

I like to think both apply.

It's like the disparity of friends on Facebook who do and don't update their status and check it daily [if not hourly].

It's so weird to think that people in my age group have begun acting like old fogeys.

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The Stones Roses - 'She Bangs The Drums'

MTV finally posted its archive of music videos.

And you can embed them!

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Dave Matthews Band - 'Ants Marching'

It's funny how songs can totally capture a period of your life like a mental cache file.

When this album came out, there was no escaping it.

Where I worked at the time [retail] we had Muzak and had the 'Alternative' channel.

So over the course of a shift, I would hear this song like 20 times.

I hated this song.

But now when it infrequently pops up it totally brings back not only a mental flashback of that period of that time, it brings back the smells from this era as well.

Like the smell of the coffee shop I worked at, the smell of Autumn as it descended upon the CU campus, the funky smell of that first apartment in Boulder, etc.

The brain is pretty amazing in that it can not only hold cognitive memories, but sensory ones as well.

And even though it was one of the best and worst periods in my life, now, filtered and tempered through 'nostalgia', I kinda miss that period.

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Quiz Time

You Are 54% Stereotypically Gay

You somewhat fit the gay stereotype, but not totally. If you aren't actually gay, there are at least a few people who assume you are. If you are gay, it's not much of a secret. Your mannerisms and phrases make it obvious.

How Stereotypically Gay Are You?
Take More Quizzes

Via Kevin Is The New Shirley!

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Ladyhawke - 'My Delirium'

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Man. Some people.

'"I have kind of a general feeling of near panic on occasion," says St. Gelais, a 48-year-old McCain supporter in Ormond Beach, Florida.

"The thought of Obama winning right now is scaring me to death. ... I'm just anxious and even a little depressed."

St. Gelais, like many, says she's not sleeping well, is watching television nearly all day, and "lives on her computer," following all of the polls and the latest news. If Obama wins, she'll be devastated.

"I would equate it to a death," she says.'

Dems, GOP agree on something: anxiety

Now she knows what us felt like when Bush won a second term.


'Sweet Dee's Dating A Retarded Person'

Audio NSFW

I love the Night Man song.

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Monday, October 27, 2008

The Cramps - 'Bikini Girls With Machine Guns'

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Ha ha.

Having eight kids would make me cranky too.

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SAS Parody Of A Parody

The did a good job of parodying this:

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Animal Drive Car!! Animal Drive Car!!

The Last Shadow Puppets - 'My Mistakes Were Made For You'

Cover of Rihanna's 'S.O.S.'

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Blurb Movie Reviews - 'Wristcutters - A Love Story'

Great movie.

Quirky and fun despite involving suicide.

Will Arnett is in it too.

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Friday, October 24, 2008

Since It's Been A While.....

One of my fave vids ever!

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Downside To Twitter

'Twitter is great for grassroots organizing—Obama and McCain both use it to relay biddings to acolytes.

That same, real-time insta-blast networking quality would also make it a jee-golly-awesome organizing tool for terrorists, according to a draft Army intelligence report.

Mix Twitter with cellphones and you've got highly mobile, connected terrorists using the same tools you use to tell your friends about the zit on your butt that just won't go away.

There are three scenarios the Army is worried about, and one of them is genuinely scary.'

Twitter Delivers Death to America 140 Characters at a Time

[Sidebar: I'm on Twitter as 'bonjourpeewee', 'natch.]

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Hee hee.

Today In - 'Useless Info'

In the three years I have used Netflix, I have watched approx 600 DVD's.

That's 200 a year.

Now say your average movie is 1.5 hours long, that means I have spent 300 hours a year watching movies.

That ends up being 12.5 days.

And that's not even including TV shows and movies that are longer in duration.

[Yes I am a big nerd.]

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Bear Vs. Twinks

Audio NSFW

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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Yo Momma....

Yo momma so old, you take her to dinner on yo lunch break.


New Feature! - 'Signs I'm A Little Touched In The Head'

My brain is constantly thinking.

The reason I have insomnia is because I can't turn off my brain.

One of the side effects of having over-active grey matter is I often get caught up or obsess about some random little thing.

Like having a certain song stuck in my head.

But more often than not, it is usually a word.

See, I have have this thing for language and words.

I'm fascinated by them.

This includes meaning, evolution, usage, and spontaneous creation due to error.

For example.

I was commenting on someone's post once and I accidentally misspelled 'lesbian' as 'lesbina'.

Well, that cracked me up, and it stuck.

For better or worse, now it's stuck in my vocabulary.

Most recently, was the creation of the phrase, 'I haven't done squish!'.

So yah, I'm a little odd.

Well, the last two days I have had this French word stuck in my head: 'nettoyant'.

Since it has been a while since I took French, it was driving me crazy what its English equivalent is.

For some reason I thought it was 'naturally', but also though that it meant 'annoying'.

Before I would get around to looking it up on a translator, a new thought would pop in my head and I would forget about it for a while.

Well, I looked it up today, and it actually means 'cleaning agent'.

Ha ha.

Figures with my OCD about cleanliness, that that word would be stuck in my brain.

Sidebar: So if bad Asian to English translation is called Engrish, what is bad English to French translation called?


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More like 'Mid-Life-Crisis-Zone'.


Wednesday, October 22, 2008


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Switches - 'Drama Queen'

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That's a lotta look.

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Tears For Fears - 'Head Over Heels' - Literally

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Maybe it's his brain surgery that made him loco in da cabeza.

Steampunk Iron Man

Steampunk Star Wars

Not sure what I think of this yet.

File here.

Not posting the name or the title of the track for obvious reasons.

What do you guys think?

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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

BFF Adam

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Now Glitter Free!®

Ha ha.

A package containing the new Sister Kisser's CD from Lioux!

He previously sent me a package with a butt-load of gold glitter that exploded when I opened the package.

It took years to finally get all the glitter vacuumed up.

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This was a picture of I-25 during RUSH HOUR when they blocked off the highway during Obama's speech at the DNC.

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I Will Eat Your Doggies!!!

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I Will Eat Your Babies!!!!

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Touched By The Hand Of God

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Today In - 'Useless Info'

John Adams was the first president to reside in the White House, moving in November 1800 while the paint was still wet.

When Adams and his family moved to Washington to live in the White House, they got lost in the woods north of the city for several hours.


Thomas Jefferson wrote his own epitaph never mentioning that he served as president.

His epitaph read, "Author of the Declaration of American Independence, Author of the Statute of Virginia for Religious Freedom and the Father of the University of Virginia."


John Quincy Adams regularly swam nude in the Potomac River.

The first American professional journalist, Anne Royall, knew of Adams’ 5:00 a.m. swims.

After being refused interviews with Adams many times, she went to the river, gathered his clothes and sat on them until she had her interview.

Before this, no female had interviewed a president.


Martin Van Buren was the first U.S. president born in the United States.

The presidents preceding Van Buren were born in colonies that later became states.

Van Buren was the first to be born after the adoption of the U.S. Constitution.


To set a good example for the country Rutherford B. Hayes banished liquor and wine from the White House.


Benjamin Harrison was the first president to use electricity in the White House.

After he got an electrical shock, his family often refused to touch the light switches and sometimes would go to bed with the lights on.

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'Does anyone mind if I dance?'

Audio NSFW

It sucks to be dosed with acid without your knowledge.

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Monday, October 20, 2008

Super Fantastic Fun-Time Animals

Tony Christie - 'Is This The Way To Amarillo?'

Raffi - 'Bananaphone'

Blurb Movie Review - 'The Signal'

Oh man.


Had an interesting premise, but gets very confusing as you don't know what 'reality' is.

It seriously gave me a headache.

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Say Hi To Your Mutha' For Me

Friday, October 17, 2008

Time To Move

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Obama is jurish, muslin, and is going to change the White House to a pyramid.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

'I Will Eat Your Babies!'

I heart Rob Huebel and Rob Cordry.

'Children's Hospital'

Megan Mullaly is in it too.

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I've been on a mini Beastie Boys kick this week.

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Whoa! That's Good Squishy!!

I was going through some old cassette tapes and came across one that a former paramour gave me.

It's a tape of all of the Simpsons songs up until the '98 season.

It even has one of my fave songs:

[My old post of this had the video pulled from YouTube.]

I must admit, I popped it in the radio in my bathroom recently, and listened to it whilst getting ready for about a week.

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The Simpson Family Smile-Time Variety Hour

Sweater Monkeys

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Woke up with this in my head this morning.

Kenny Loggins - 'Whenever I Call You Friend'

Don't know why.

Haven't heard it recently.

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'A German study showed that drinking cold water burns calories.

Drinking about 2 cups of cold water — no warmer than 72 degrees — used up roughly 25 calories.

About 40% of the burn was for bringing the water from drinking temperature to body temperature.

Drink a liter a day and you're losing 5 pounds a year.'

Drink the Pounds Away

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