Friday, September 26, 2008

I Heart Alec Baldwin

Head Of Skate

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A video showing a 24 hour period of worldwide air traffic.

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Rickmob Liverpool


Thursday, September 25, 2008

House Shopping

The Pick-Up Artist

The Bouncer

Bathroom Attendant

May I Be Blunt With You?

Yo momma...

Yo momma's so old, when she was young, rainbows were black and white.


Poor Guy

It's hysterical though.

Thanks to Digital Fortress!

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I'd be laughing my arse off if I was there.

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Glenn Frey For Bally's

The Job Interview

The Man-Cold

ABBA - 'Does Your Mother Know?'

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Get Thee To A Piggery

Pony-size pig holds woman captive, sent to stud

'A pony-size pig who held an Australian woman hostage for 10 days inside her home will be removed on Wednesday to a piggery, where his bacon will be saved by a stint on stud duties, rangers said.

The 176 pound pig, nicknamed Bruce, kept self-confessed animal lover Caroline Hayes, 63, in her farmhouse near Uki, in northern New South Wales State, with aggressive demands to be fed, even headbutting her bedroom door at night.

"I picked up a broom and poked him out with it and he snapped it in half with his mouth," Hayes told Australian media.

She said the pushy pig was as big as a "Shetland pony" and wandered onto her property 11 days ago after being let loose in surrounding rainforest by neighbors.

"One of its eyes it couldn't see out of, so I put cream in it and I fixed its back up. But apparently it's actually claimed my land and claimed my place," Hayes said.

Len Hing, a pest animal ranger from the local Tweed Lismore Rural Lands Protection Board, told Australian Broadcasting Corp. radio that Bruce was friendly, but his large size made him a handful when he was hungry.

"I wouldn't like to see the pig go as a pet anywhere because he could become a potentially dangerous animal," he said.

Rangers were to remove the pig on Wednesday and take him to a piggery where he was to be placed on stud duty, Hing said.'

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Yo momma...

Yo momma's so cheap, instead of buying a fire alarm, she hangs Jiffy Pop from the ceiling.


Yo momma...

Yo momma's house has roaches so big, the termites have to carry switchblades.


Yo momma...

Yo momma's so bald, she stunt doubles for Mr. Clean.


Yo momma...

Yo momma so cross eyed, when she has sex, she thinks it's a threesome.


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Ha ha.

Maybe NSFW: F-Bomb, Chicks In Undies, Gore

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Claymates React


These people really are clueless.

Sad to know that they are also probably going to vote in the next few weeks.

And my fave comment:

"Soul Patrol Leader Taylor Hicks: Yes, I'm Actually 52 Years Old"

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It's a recorded message of Britney's new album.

The Brand New Heavies make me feel all warm and gooey inside.

'Spend Some Time'

'Midnight At The Oasis'

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Simon Baker

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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Good Or Bad?

I was watching this 'The Acid House' and has to slap on subtitles because of their thick Scottish brogue, and it got me to thinking about how I can almost identify which area or what type of an accent a British person speaks.

This is due listening to BBC Radio 1 for years, in addition to all of the British TV and movies I watch.

My fave DJ's on Radio 1 are Sara Cox and Vernon Kay.

I wonder if it's because they're both from Bolton?

When different presenters come on to do the news, weather, and such, I always try and figure out which accent it is.

Also, some of the callers they get in to the show are hysterical because they are so regionalized.

[Weird. Google says 'regionalized' isn't a word. But the dictionary does.]

It's like the our variations over here when you can totally tell if someone is from the upper Midwest, of from Cajunland down deep south.

Any-ho, this guy does a pretty good job recreating the different accents, even though he's a tad annoying.

His Bolton and Manchester accents crack me up because they're spot on.

Oh, and here's a link about American English videos from a documentary called 'American Tongues'.

I still think it's funny I supposedly have an Northeast accent.

I think N'Orleans/Cajun accents are my fave American ones.

[Man, I'm such a geek, I could study this stuff all day.]

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Iglu and Hartly - 'In This City'

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I've had dreams like this.

John Legend Ft. Andre 3000 - 'Green Light'

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New Funked-Out Rubik's Cube

Holy Sheesh

'Be The One'

The Ting Tings actually lets us embed their latest single.

Previously they banned any embedding.

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Is this for real?

Monday, September 22, 2008

So....[An Update]

My mom is going to come out here for a visit.

The good news is she's not staying with me.

With that, I'm not as stressed out about it now.

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Seriously, skip it.


Prolly NSFW due to a naked corpse and language.

It's one of the worst movies ever.

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Ha ha.

Fantastic Plastic Machine - 'Theme Of Luxury'

This is off one of my favorite CD's.

'Dear Mr. Salesman'


'Different Colors'

'Take Me To The Disco'

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Georgie Fame & The Blue Flames - 'Yeh Yeh'

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New Fave Show


I'm glad they picked it up for another season.

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Friday, September 19, 2008

Yo momma....

Yo momma so stupid, she got locked in a mattress store and slept on the floor.


Yo momma....

Your momma so stupid she saw a big yellow school bus go past, and she said 'Twinkie, wait for me!'.


Yo momma.....

Yo momma's feet are so big, her shoes have to have license plates!



Cracks me up.

Watched 'They Live' the other night when I had a bought of insomnia, and this quote cracked me up.

Also, later in the film, Piper is aiming at a flying robot and says 'Momma don't like tattletales'.

Ha ha.


I remember seeing the movie as a kid, but now realize what a low budget film it actually was.

Or looks now.

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Sugababes - 'Girls'

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One Of The Worst Songs.....Ever

Even in spite of being from Denver.

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Exactly The Reason Why I Left

'When you're at NYU, you're lost amid the other grains of sand. And it's not any better if you're in a small department. Actually, it's worse because then your whole department gets lost occasionally.'

NYU Cancels Merrill Lynch Resume Workshop



How much coverage is the mainstream press given to the Palin email hack story?

It doesn't seem like much, and I read at least 3 news sites a day.

The only place I have seen a big stink about this is in the blogosphere.

Seriously, that is some f-d up shite if she was using personal email to work around the government whilst doing government work.

[She did this because all government emails and communication are required to be archived and available for investigation in case something shady happens.

Which we know Governess Ignoramus McBiznitchenhausen is being investigated for.]

Palin Email "Hack" Was Hardly a Hack at All

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Hate to admit it......

Alphabeat - '10,000 Nights'

But this song grew on me.

Thanks, Radio 1!

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Biffy Clyro - 'Mountains'

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Top Gun: The Musical!

An S-bomb is dropped.

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'The largest feet in the world belong to a Mr Matthew McGrory who lives in America whose feet are a whopping size 28½.

The 7ft 4in resident of Florida has to fork out a massive $22,745 for a pair of shoes to fit his unusually large feet.'

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Haven't Heard In Ages

N-Trance - 'Set You Free'

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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Accidentally Tripped Acid....Again

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When MTV Played Music

I wish someone would post a parody some show did of Matt Pinfield and how he would go in to his musical facts and trivia rants.

Ha ha.

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Hurts Like Brand New Shoes

Word, Sade.

Today is the only the second time I have worn these shoes, and they have tore up my feets!

It's been a while so I totally forgot how bad they mutilate my feet.

By the time I got to work, I was in excruciating pain.

In order to make it through the day, I had to stuff paper towels in my shoe to act as buffers to keep certain parts from rubbing my feets in to bloody stumps.

Should I toss them, or try and break them in?

I like them, but am not in love with them.

I don't remember how much I paid for them, so I think I don't think I'd feel bad for ditching them.

It would be worth it compared to the pain they cause.

I would give them to the charity shop, but I had to split the heel on one 'em to prevent it from grinding my Achilles tendon away.

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Lowest Grossing Movie Ever

'Zyzzyx Road'

Seriously, it only made $30.

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Also Awesome......


Table Of Awesoments

[Click image to enlarge]

From The Dapperstache.

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How did I not know about this?

I just read over at Jason's site that they're bringing Little Britain here on HBO.

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Old Skool Tune

Todd Terry - 'Keep On Jumpin''

Sooooo many good memories of this song.

Good times.

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Ike Pics

Click on images for full size.

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Junkie XL - 'Dark Territory'

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That's What She Said

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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

We Are Scientists....

Girls Aloud - 'No Good Advice'

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True Dat

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Amy Does Ska


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Mash Up! - N*Sync vs. Duran Duran

Altered Anthems posted it here.

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The Force Is Strong With This One

AKA Vader Love

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Tommy Davidson Stand Up

Audio NSFW

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The Pimp That Time Forgot

I Heart Frenchie

Rocky And Bullwinkle

Short Film - 'Chicken'

Audio NSFW

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Oh man.

Bananarama - 'Robert Deniro's Waiting'

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Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Darned if it ain't catchy tho'.

Lyrics by Miss Walter's Sunday School class.

And check out Ned Flanders on guitar.

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Noah And The Whale - 'Five Years Time'

I just realized that this song is in some Saturn commercial.

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'I Can See Russia From My House.'

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Feeder - 'Just A Day'

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Cosmetic Counter Girls

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Today In - 'Bad Jokes'

Why does Snoop Dogg carry an umbrella?

Fo' drizzle.

What does Snoop Dogg use to clean his rides?

His ho's.

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Like cinematic paella.

Finally got around to seeing 'Volver' and enjoyed it.

Almodóvar is one of my fave directors.

'Women On The Verge' was actually one of my fave movies as a kid.

Anywho, 'Volver' is complex because it's funny, dark, poignant, and sad all the same time.

I used to think Penelope Cruz wasn't that attractive, but she's actually pretty hot in this movie.

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I feel grody.

The boiler went out in my building and we haven't had hot water for two days.

It's sad realizing how addicted I am to running hot water.

If it's not back on tonight, I'm staying in a hotel.

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Friday, September 12, 2008

The Soup

The Blanket.....With Sleeves!

Ha ha.

From James!

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Butt Bandit

Lewd vandal leaves greasy imprints on Neb. town

'VALENTINE, Neb.—Boy, how people here wish their busiest vandal would find another way to make his mark. Beginning more than a year ago, some man has been skipping from one business to another at night, pressing his naked behind—sometimes his groin, sometimes both—on windows. Store owners, church workers and school janitors have had to wash lotion and petroleum jelly off the windows he selects.

"This is the weirdest case I've ever seen," said police Chief Ben McBride.

Some residents of Valentine, a town of about 2,650 people, find some humor in the strange vandalism and have taken to calling the perpetrator the "Butt Bandit." But they also can't help but cringe when finding his marks.

"We were completely grossed out," said Kalli Kieborz, who works in a downtown building. "One day I walked into the office and an employee said, 'Oh, my God, we've been struck!'"

The police chief is far from amused.

"It's not funny," McBride said. "We're worried about the next step."

It started in spring 2007, when the window of a Methodist church was greased with an imprint. McBride figured it was a high school prank. But the church kept getting hit, even after police staked it out.

The bandit struck business after business, window after window last summer.

Then he—and maybe, McBride said, copycat vandals—stopped over the fall and winter.

"People said he was done," McBride said. "Then he started back up this summer."

During one particularly brazen session, virtually all the windows at a local hotel were imprinted.

McBride said no one has reported seeing the vandal in action. The only clue is a blurry picture of him caught by a surveillance camera at the middle school last year.

The man was 6-feet-tall or slightly taller, and slender. He had a dark complexion, and McBride said the man's dark hair was styled in a "1980s, feathered look."

Valentine, in remote north-central Nebraska, promotes itself as "The Heart City." Downtown sidewalks are painted with hearts, and locals encourage people from around the country to send their Valentine's Day cards to the local post office so they can be mailed out with the word "Valentine" stamped on them.

"This is not normal behavior for Valentine," Cherry County Attorney Eric Scott said. "It's not funny or something people want to be exposed to."'


Eruption - 'I Can't Stand The Rain'

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Gloria Gaynor - 'Never Can Say Goodbye'

One of my fave disco songs, which is surprising since I can't stand Gloria Gaynor.

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Scenes From Public Transport

Dancing Grandma

Grandma here was rockin' some old big ass headphones.

Occasionally she would bust a move.

My concern for her was that she shouldn't be wearing headphones that totally cover her ears as it would make it easier for her to get jumped because she wouldn't hear someone sneaking up on her.

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Again? Really?

Just found out that a co-worker is no longer with The Corporation.

But what's odd is that this is the fourth time that this has happened to someone who has gone on short-term disability.

The first time involved this chick who went on leave for some health issue.

Nine months later she was let go, as come to find out, she was working at another job at the time.

The second time, a co-worker had to take care of some family business and never came back.

He just abandoned the job.

The third time involved this psycho chick who was bi-polar.

She managed to get away with 8 months of being paid whilst not working.

And now, the most recent guy was kind of lazy anyway.

He went on short-term back in April and was out until today.

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Thursday, September 11, 2008


My mom just informed me that she wants to come out for a visit in the next few weeks.

I'd rather she not.

You see, I don't really like my family.

A little background.....

My grandparents on her side died before I turned five.

My mom and her sister [my aunt] were both adopted.

My mom has no desire to find out who her birth parents are [which pisses me off because I would like to know what genetic oriented issues I have inherited from her side].

My mom and aunt have a total love/hate relationship which means I rarely hung out with her or my cousin.

I stopped talking to my dad at age 11 and have been estranged from that side of the family ever since.

Actually, my grandparents on that side died a few years back and I didn't find out until like two years afterwards.

Me and my brother are exact opposites and hated each other growing up.

So needless to say, I don't have the same concept of family togetherness that the majority of people do.

I see my family as just a bunch of people that I just happened to be blood related with.

Also of note, my mom is a notorious Gemini and can become psycho at the drop of a hat.

She once told some famous hockey player, Peter Forsberg, to 'f-ck off' because she thought he gave me a funny look at a restaurant.

[Seriously, she's not familiar with the concepts of sarcasm or subtlety.]

Top all of this off with her reaction to me coming out, and she is pretty much emotionally dead to me.

While growing up, she had gay friends and spoke about tolerance and blah blah blah.

In fact, we used to hang out and do stuff with her 'mos.

So when I came out and she didn't talk to me for a month and then disappeared for the summer [she went to Texas without telling me or my brother on a total whim] that was it.

I graduated high school and moved to my own place a month later.

Now, she has never supported me with anything.

I have been working since age 11 and paid for all my stuff for school through the years.

Hell, I even put myself through college.

So this whole, wanting to be one-big-happy-family concept doesn't mean shiite to me.

I could really care less.

These days I rarely talk to her; only the occasional email here and there, and the requisite calls on the big holidays.

Last time I went down to visit her and my brother, it was hell as I had to bite my tongue because they have turned in to the biggest ignorant Texans you can picture.

My brother seriously believe that Barack Obama is a terrorist in disguise and is related to Osama Bin Laden.

So for her to come out here is more a pain in the ass then anything else.

I don't want to have to babysit her, much less let her stay with me.

I've offered to put her up in a hotel, but how much you wanna bet she is going to get all psycho-bitch about that?

[I'll keep you posted.]

So, yah, most of you might think I'm a bastard because, hey, it's my mom, right?

Well, too bad.

You didn't have to grow up living with a freakin' psycho and emotional terrorist.

P.S. - That felt good to vent.

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Just Plain Wrong

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Hubba Hubba

Hunter Parrish

Maybe I should start watching 'Weeds'.

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I rarely wear my Trance Trousers.....

Push - 'Strange World'

but this is a classic track.

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Today In - 'Bad Hair'

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Caught this last night.

I think I fell in love with Keith Olbermann even more.

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[Click image to enlarge]

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Leif Garrett - 'I Was Made For Dancing'

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A Palin Supporter

You've Got Hepatitis.

Audio NSFW

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Brenda Lee - 'I'm Sorry'

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Do you like marshmallows?

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Wednesday, September 10, 2008


So anyone else notice how quickly real life is actually turning in to 'Idiocracy'?

I was in McDonald's the other day and now they have plasma monitors with non-stop loops of people enjoying the McDonald's lifestyle.

I was at the bank, and same thing, except about banking services.

And now with stores within stores within stores [i.e. Super Target], every thing is becoming so self-referencing in terms of total market saturation, that it's beginning to hurt my brain.

Not to mention how inane TV is, and how gullible and stupid people are [this whole 'lipstick on a pig thing].

I am so glad I haven't reproduced.

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Cebu Prisoners - 'Flo Rida's 'Low''

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Obama Roll'd 2.0

Matthew Sweet - 'Girlfriend'

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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

One of my fave 90210 scenes...ever.

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Shirley Manson: 'Urinalator'



Have someone with an overwhelming fear go on stage and on syndicated television, to be terrorized and laughed at.


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Who falls for this stuff?

[Click image to enlarge]

This was in my magazine email account.

I don't get nearly as much spam in my other email addies.

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Who knew my work would be related to this?

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Does anyone else remember the aisle in the grocery store with all the white with black text generic products?

I found this pic after reading C-Dawg's post on generic stuff.

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Damn. Now I want a Big Mac.

Man gets Big Mac attack — 23,000 times

'FOND DU LAC, Wis. - A 54-year-old man says his obsessive-compulsive disorder drove him to eat 23,000 Big Macs in 36 years.

Fifty-four-year-old Don Gorske says he hit the milestone last month, continuing a pleasurable obsession that began May 17, 1972 when he got his first car.

Gorske has kept every burger receipt in a box. He says he was always fascinated with numbers, and watching McDonald's track its number of customers motivated him to track his own consumption.

The only day he skipped a Big Mac was the day his mother died, to respect her request.

The correctional-institution employee says he doesn't care when people call his Big Mac obsession crazy. He says he's in love with the burgers, which are the highlights of his days.'

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Scary Clown

[Click image to enlarge....if you dare]


Thick 'N Chunky Basslines

Simple Minds - 'Promised You A Miracle'

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Monday, September 08, 2008

Michael Zager Band - 'Let's All Chant'

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Who knew?

Pervious is a word.

Google says it's not, but does.

It makes sense though.

It would be the opposite of impervious.


'I' In Team